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Well I've not done a proper post in awhile so here it is.

Well today I've woken up sick. Blah. My tummy feels like it's training to be an olympic gymnast, which is far from fun. It's not even fun adjacent.

Anyway. So gonna play catch up now with stuff I should post, which'll be a lot of random as a result.

First. When I had my Uni grant money this year I did two things with it. First, pay off the WiiU. Second was get an artist to do an art. I really love his work beause it's really twisted, so when I knew money was coming I asked how much a commission would be. It got posted a little while ago and here it is and I just think it's really awesome. I'm gonna fic something on it at some point soonish.

Second, new Who has started! Yay! I meant to make posts about this before but for some reason didn't. Ah well. Anyway, the new series has been pretty good so far. The second ep was better than I thought it'd be and I loved how there were so many new aliens. The first ep was also pretty good too.

I really think that they've been looking at the list of things I want back for the up coming episodes. Ice Warriors next episode, a Strax/Vastra/Jenny centric ep latter, Zygons and Kate for the 50th. So much awesome is ahead.

Third, the tiny pigs have names! The one with a little brown patch is Thor and the other is Loki. They are so freakin adorable together. I mean when you get them out they snuggle up together (either under the laptop or under my onesie thing) and at night they play chase with each other and they share carrots instead of snatching them. They're so much cute! I love them so much already.

Fourth is what happened Saturday. We went to Birmingham, because Forbidden Planet was doing another Who event. Figuring it'd be as awesome as the last one I decided to go with mum and just... ugh I wish I didn't. It was pretty much a disaster. First we missed the train, so were stuk in Wyrley for an hour (which has pretty much nothing). Then when we got there, first stop was (naturally) Forbidden Planet itself. While last time there was a lot of duiscounted stuff this time there just wasn't and what there was was overpriced. I mean at the last one there was a smiler figure for 1.99, this time the same figure was 2.99 and the flesh Doctor I got for 1.99 was 3.99. In fact no figures were 1.99 this time and there was hardly anything there by comparison to last time. I was so disappointed by it all. All I got was The Silurian Gift, a £1 quick read book (which I'd been looking for and was awesome). The ift bag this time was pretty sucky too. Last time you got a keyring, badges, poster, one of the little character building figures. This time it was just some jelly babies a badge (fairly sure it was the same one as before) and a poster. Boo. We had no luck with the draw either and it was done in a worse way than last time too. Boo.

The rest of the day wasn't terribly exciting. I got the new Who card folder, the Pokemon from game and had Mcdonalds but that was about it. It was pretty faily really.

Reading The Silurian Gift made me wanna watch the old Silurian eps so I got the boxset down and watched the first one last night (hopefully gonna watch the next one tonight). You can tell the person that wrote the book must've watched the episodes too because there were references to all three.

Well I think that's all the main stuff really. As always, I've likely missed something but I dunno.
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