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Collide Part 2

Pairing: Jason James/Jay James
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Prompt: 17: Torture
Warnings: Eventual torture, AU, non-con, BDSM
Notes: Part 2's taken awhile to get going but here it is. Hopefully part three will come easier (and be more torturey) however, I'll do a one shoot before that. Also wanna semi-dedicate this to lc_ffaf who awesomely got inspired by part 1 to do a fic, yay!
1: When These Two Worlds Collide
2: He's Making A List

I looked up, nervous as I heard the door open, signalling his return. I wasn't sure how long he'd been gone, but I guessed it as hours. My limbs ached from where the were stretched out and the slight flexing I could manage only provided brief relief. I chewed the remains of my underwear, eyes on the doorway.

He stepped into the room, a freshly lit cigarette between his lips and a bag in each hand. The bags were large and black, clearly weighted with something heavy. I swallowed, my mind racing. It could be anything in them, absolutely anything. He smirked, took a drag and let out the wispy smooke. "You know, for a dull little world like this I was able to find most of what I wanted." He set them down and looked me over. "Good to see you're just as I left you slut." He reached in the bag, pulling something out before coming over, running a finger along my chest. "We'll have some fun soon, don't worry." Then everything went black as he secured a blindfold over my eyes.

I heard him move away, followed by rustling as he opened his bags and took whatever they were out. Again, I wondered what they were. I had no doubt that at least some were sex toys after the way he complained about how I owned so few. So most likely there'd be restraints or dildos of some kind. I swallowed, feeling my dick twitch. Fuck I hoped he didn't see that. If he had he didn't make any indication of it. Instead there was more rustling, more movement.

For the longest time that's all there was. All I had to go on was the various sounds he made. Metal clicking, rustling, footsteps, the sounds of things hitting the floor. It made me shiver against the table and fuck, I just wanted it to start. This was killing me.

A touch, fingers on my thigh heading upwards, towards my aching dick. His fingers wrapped around the base, holding it upright. I was thankful I was gagged because I'd probably have made a noise. It was bad enough I was hard. I felt something slide down my length and I swallowed as it was pushed down, his fingers moving so it could reach my base. He moved his hand away from me and I shivered, feeling him run a nail up my aching dick. "My slut."

And then he left again.

I shivered, almost craving his touch. At least I knew where he was when he had his hands on me. Movement was all I could make out now. I closed my eyes behind the blindfold, trying to focus on where he could be, but it was useless. I found myself longing for him, for his hands on me, for him to do whatever he had in mind.

More movement, then words. "You're going to be a good slut and you're not going to fight. Got that?" I nodded a little, as best I could in my current position. His hands were on me again, this time on my arms, moving down to where they were cuffed. Click. Click. My wrists were freed. His hands left me again. "Sit up." I did so, sitting upright and rubbing my wrists blindly. His hands returned to me, this time moving down my legs. Fingers undid the restraints holding me, freeing me from them too. "On all fours. Now." He growled the words out and I did what he asked, awkwardly rising from the table and getting down on my knees. I flexed my fingers a little more before setting them on the floor before me.

I felt something encircle my neck and it was pulled tight, it being buckled in place behind me. He moved around me again and pulled my legs apart, securing something between my ankles. More movement, and something similar was buckled around my wrists. I swallowed and heard him chuckle above me, his hand running down my back. "Much better."

I heard him move, smelt the familiar smell of smoke as he lit up, then heard him move in front of me. He pulled the blindfold up and I was greeted by his smirking face. "Before we move on to more... interesting activities I want to show you something." He held up a sheet of paper, with a list of names on it. It seemed his hand writing matched mine too. "Recognise any of them?" I felt my brow wrinkle a little as I studied the names, looking for ones I knew. Many were complete unknowns to me, while others seemed vaguely familiar. A small handful, though, were people I definitely knew. I swallowed, unsure if I should respond right away, but it wasn't as if he was asking for specifics or anything. So I nodded.

"That confirms what I suspected." He smirked and blew out a cloud of smoke. "Ah the fun I will have making them scream all over again." His eyes went a little dazed as he dropped the paper on the table behind me. "But for now, you." He paused and took another drag. "You see, you're going to be unique, to me anyway. I was never one for keeping boys for very long. Some masters did, but I was never one for keeping pets. With you I'll make an exception though." He smiled, raising my chin with one finger. "So I guess I should set about rules. That's what the others did to theirs anyway." He looked thoughtful for a moment, taking a drag.

"First, I'm your master. You do what I tell you, when I tell you. You cum only if I let you." He smiled, licking his lips at the thought. "Same with standing, talking and, well, everything." He stopped and looked thoughtful for a moment, taking a drag. "Huh, well I guess that's covers everything. Well, that didn't take long at all." He grinned, looking from me to around the room. "Obviously I'll need to make a few changes to this place before I get started properly." He paced a little, eyes darting around before returning them to look at me.

That smirk returned to his face and he reached down, undoing his flies. "But that's the future, you should focus on the present and that involves my dick." I nodded, looking up at him as he pulled his dick out. Unlike before he pushed his trousers fully off, stepping out of them and staring down at me. "I'm going to fuck you again." He moved behind me, removing the dildo from inside me and tossing it aside. "I hope you got used to that slut, I've got something bigger and better to replace it."

And with that he slammed back into me, balls slapping against my arse. I groaned, eyes lidding, my cock aching as he started pounding me. His hands were on my hips, gripping onto me for leverage as he slammed into me. "I'm going to have so much fun with you." He let out a growl and I felt myself squeeze around him. "Ah, little slut likes it." Fuck he was right. I did. I liked being fucked and being fucked by him, as odd as it was, was really hot. I couldn't deny how much the thought of him doing this to me, and more, turned me on. Fuck it was wrong, but I didn't care. I pushed back against him and he chuckled again. "That's a good little slut." He growled and reached down, around my face, ripping the tape from my lips. "One more thing slut, you call me sir or master. How about you start now?"

I spat my underwear out , flexed my jaw a little and then moaned. "Yes master, harder, faster, fuck." The words tumbled out of my mouth and he groaned, slamming harder into me my body shaking. I looked down, noting at last how I was restrained. Spreader bars. "Fuck... master."

He growled and I felt him cum, groaning as he pulsed inside me. "Yes.... fuck..." His nails dug into my sides as he filled me. I felt his body lean ver me, becoming flush with my back and he purred in my ear. "Keep up acting like that and maybe, just maybe you'll earn me playing with this." He ran a finger along my aching, stiff shaft.

"Y... yes master." I rocked until his touch and then it was gone. He moved back, his dick sliding out of me with a wet pop. It was replaced by a new dildo, bigger than the last, making another moan escape my lips. He left me and moved before me, sitting on the sofa and spreading his legs.

"Now come here and clean my cock whore, you did such a god job last time." I nodded and crawled the short distance, the motion slightly awkward due to the bars between my limbs. I got between his legs and leaned in, running my tongue over him. I kept my eyes on him, watching as I licked him clean, my tongue making long swipes along his softening length.

"Good whore. We're going to have so much fun together." He smiled, running his fingers through my hawk. "Now, let's see what passes for entertainment in your dreary little world." He picked up the remote and turned the tv on, resing his feet on my back as he flicked through the channels. As I heard bursts of various shows I realised how oddly content this was. I guessed, deep down, I'd needed this. Someone to do this to me.

"Ah this'll do." I smiled a lttle as I heard screams from the tv, probably from some horror film or another. I didn't care to check, content to be his foot rest for the night.
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