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Bullet For My Valentine

Bullet For My Valentine
Pairing: Moose
Rating: NC-17
POV: Moose
Warnings: Toys
Notes: So this fic is completely the fault of this, which was obviously gonna get ficced at some point, but I wanted to wait until I got one (and the first got lost in the post so ugh). It probably woulda been easier making one of them a girl or pairing them with one but here it is

I sighed softly at one of the latest e-mails that had turned up in my inbox. Honestly, you buy a few pairs of womens underwear a couple of sex toys and you're on the mailing list for life. I clicked it open anyway, look through the new items. This one was filled with Valentines related items. Rose petals, fuzzy handcuffs, lube and... wait. I blinked and clicked the item, pulling up it's page, my eyes widening and a smirk crossing my lip. It was a small bullet vibrator in a heart shape package but it was the items name that caught my eye. Bullet For My Valentine. I grinned and instantly added several to the bag.


Just before the tour they arrived in a simple black package, which I quickly tossed aside, though I'd check the catalogue later. I'd gotten four in all, one for each of us. The package was simple, just a backing card in a heart shape with what looked like rose petals on it, although it also opened like a valentines card. The bullet itself was just a little smaller than my middle finger and it was covered in red hearts on a darker red background. Obviously it was toosmall for fucking which I'd have to remind the others. The base was silver with a large red button, which was obviously the on button. I examined it in my hands, pressing the button and expecting the shudder... but nothing came.

"Fuck..." I grumbled, twisting the base off and peeking inside. Of course, there was a small bit of card blocking the circuit. Fuckers. Why did they do that? I shook my head in annoyance, casting it aside with the rest of the pacakging before screwing it back into one piece. "Now let's try again..." I pressed the button and was met with a shiver as it vibrated to life. When I let go it stopped and I smirked. Yes, this would do.

I set it on the bed and stripped, eager to try the thing out. Honestly, I had no idea if it was going to do anything for me. After all, it wasn't exactly designed with a dick in mind. But if you're going to name a sex toy after our band then you'd be damn sure we'd use the thing regardless of what it actually was.

Once I was naked, I laid back on the bed and lazily reached down, teasing myself to full hardness. It didn't take much really, I'd had plenty of practice. Once I was fully aching I reached over and grabbed the bullet, twisting it in my fingers for a moment to get a decent grip on it. It's size didn't do it many favors. I was used to handling bigger things. Hell, even Matt was bigger than this. Still, I managed to get it between my legs as I kept pumping my dick.

I ran the small toy down my length and over my balls and then pressed the button. The trouble was, nothing happened. I frowned, quickly realising the problem. The rubber of the button made it difficult to press it down right. It took a few times but I eventually got it right. I buzzed briefly against me and I tested it out against a few places. The base of my dick, my shaft, my balls and the skin behind them, my hip. Honestly, I wasn't terribly sure what to expect. The buzzing made me tingle but that was it really. Maybe it would be better if someone else was doing it and I was certain that it'd do more for me if I was a chick. Thinking that though, it felt like it was going to slip out my hand so how would it be if I was a chick?

I swore again in annoyance as it didn't hum to life, so I just dropped it to the bed beside me and did things the old fashioned way. Ah well. At least I tried it and it made for an amusing novelty if nothing else. I stroked myself faster, letting my mind drift to all the perverted thoughts that usually came to mind. Many were personal experiences, an advantage of being part of a perverted band. Padge passed out with a bottle stuffed up his ass. Matt sprawled over the loune of the tour bus jerking off while watching cheap porn. Walking in on Jay on his knees in front of Calvin, sucking his dick like a demon.

"Fuck..." That image went especially went straight to my dick, so I just let my mind go with it. Jay was a champion cocksucker and if it was an olympic sport he'd get gold every time. Seeing him suck a guy off, or being at the recieving end, pretty much guaranteed a quick orgasm. I fisted myself quicker, picturing his pretty little face plastered in cum as he bobbed up and down on my length, his pretty eyes looking up at me. I jerked up and my cock pulsed, shooting across my inked belly.

I opened my eyes and looked down, smiling as I let myself go, scooping some of the pearly fluid up and licking it off my fingers. I glanced sidelong at the toy. Maybe it'd be more fun using it on him. Maybe I'd have to give him a call soon...
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