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Collide Part 1

Pairing: Jason James/Jay James
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Prompt: 17: Torture
Warnings: Eventual torture, AU, non-con, watersports, BDSM
Notes: This is one of the random ideas I got when I was at Bullet's gig. This is inspired partially by the Axewound song of the title. Hopefully this'll become my first multi-part fic in awhile (and first proper twisted one in awhile too) but we'll see how it turns out. This whole thing will cover the prompt (moreso when it gets going).

I hummed to myself as I got home, feeling in a pretty good mood. Well, I was now I was back home. Now I could just get in, pop in some food and have a nice, lazy weekend. I smiled at the thought, stopping just before slipping my key in. I was sure I could hear something, like someone was inside. I frowned a little, but shrugged. My friends often let themselves in unannounced so it was likely one of them. Assuming that was the case, I unlocked the door and let myself in.

Sure enough there was someone making a noise. I shook my head, toed of my shoes and headed towards it's source, shaking my head. "You know the least you could do is be..." I froze at the sight as I stepped into the living room.

"You know I don't understand you people here." The man in the room spoke, in a voice like mine, with a face like mine. "No pleasure houses, no torture rooms. You just all seem so fucking dull." He turned and looked right at me, my own eyes staring back at me from this man's face. He loked like me, exactly like me, except the hair. His was different. While mine was currently in a mohawk, his was long, hanging to his shoulders. He held my gaze, looking me over as I did the same. He wore black, black leather jeans, plain black tee and a pair of black boots. "You look pathetic."

"W... who are you?" I managed, taking a deep breath as he stepped closer. Fuck he even had my tattoos.

"I'm you. Or rather, you're me. Depends on your point of view really." He looked me over, circling me slowly, like a predator. "You're even more pathetic than I thought you'd be."

"What the hell are you talking about?" I uttered as he came back into view, completely confounded by what was going on. "What's happening?"

He looked me in the eyes again and shrugged. "Honestly? I don't fucking know. I was having a nice stroll one night, stalking this pretty little slut boy and then bam! Next thing I know, I'm in this world." He sneered, his voice dripping with disdain. "First thing I do is what anyone would, I came home. But what do I find when I come in? Your things. Not mine." He paused, starting to circle me again. "So I had a look round and then I found that." I saw his arm point towards the table. On it was a picture of me. "And then I realised smething." He leaned in close, so close his breath was hot against my skin. "I'm not in my house, I'm in some goodie goodie's house. Someone who looks just like me."

I shivered, not sure what was going on, my brain playing catch up with his words. "We could, try and get you back..."

He laughed, the sound making me shudder. "And how exactly would you? You don't even know how I got here! Even I don't!" He chuckled and I felt his hair brush against me as he shook his head. "At first I wanted to go back, but then I got to thinking." He leaned closer, his tongue swiping across my neck, my body shivering. This was just so fucked up. I shuddered, not knowing what to do and my body not seeming to know either. "This is a whole new world, but the same. Every one of those boys I've had fun with is here, for me to make scream again. And, best of all, there's you."

I swallowed again. "Me?"

"You." He breathed on my neck and then his teeth graze the sensitive skin there. I jumped away, twisting to look at him.

"What the fuck are you doing?"

He lughed, shaking his head and licking his lips. "Take a guess." He smirked, nodding up. "I know you like cock. I've been in your room." I felt my cheeks flushed and watched as he pulled a pack of cigarettes out of his pocket, removing one and lighting it up quickly, with lighter from his other one. He popped both lighter and pack back in his pockets once it was lit. He took a drag and blew out a cloud of smoke. "Though I must say, you seem so fucking... vanilla." He sneered at the word with disgust. "We'll soon change that." He took another drag and I watched him as he took a step towards me. My body responded by taking a step back which made him smirk.

"What does that mean?" I asked, though I was fairly sure I knew the answer already. This was so fucked up. It had to be some twisted dream, there was no other explanation. Well, other than I'd eat or drank something that'd been spiked, though that seemed less likely.

He took another drag and blew out the smoke, his hazel eyes meeting my own. It was like looking into a twisted mirror. "You know exactly what I mean." He took another step forward, then another and each one made me take a step back until the backs of my knees hit against the coffee table. I stumbled and then he was right there, pushing me back against the glass surface. I gasped and he smirked, standing over me. "You will learn your place." I stared at him, wide eyed as he leaned down over me, kissing me hard. I didn't know how to react so I just let him, his tongue forcing it's way into my mouth. It was pierced, I realised as it lapped at mine, like mine had once been. I hissed, jerking back as I felt extinguish his cigarette on a bare patch of skin on my arm. The smirk that graced his lips returned and he kissed me again, the taste of smoke filling my senses.

I didn't kiss him back, but didn't push him away either, feeling his hands on me. His hands were on my arms and I didn't think much of it, his tongue lapping at mine and making me melt into his touch. He I felt him grasp at my arms, not thinking anything of it as he pushed them off the edge of the table. Click. Click. The sounds filled my ears and he pulled back, a renewed smirk on his lips. I tried to move my hands, finding they'd been cuffed to the table. My eyes widdened and he grinned, licking his lips. "You taste pretty good considering." His eyes darted down to my arms and he swiped his tongue across his lips. "Stop struggling. It won't get you anywhere." He grinned and moved away and I tried to kick out, the only thing I could do. I didn't make cntact with him and he tutted. "You really are a fucking idiot aren't you?" He moved around the table, grabbing something from the floor and tying my ankles to the the table legs, with an ease that had to have come from practice.

"Let me go!" I struggled, but it was useless. The most I could do was rattle the cuffs and wiggle my torso against the glass.

He chuckled, shaking his head and looking me over. "Now why would I do that?" He shifted away from me, reaching for something off the sofa, holding it up soI could see. It was a knife. A large carving knife. I swallowed and instantly stilled, which made him grin. "It's amazing the effect a blade can have on a person, even just the sight of it." He came closer to me, leaning down so he loomed over me. "It's not even close to you." He smiled, running the tip over my leg, not close enough to touch me. He paused it's movements, the tip hovering a few millimeters above my thigh and he smirked, looking like he'd slam the blade into me any moment. I kept so still, biting my lip so as not to whimper, terrified that he'd do it. "Pathetic." He whispered, bringing the knife down...

The pain didn't come. Instead the sound of clothes ripping did and I looked down, watching the blade tear through my t-shirt. He cut up one side, then up to my neck, moving around me to cut through my left side in a similar fashion. He did it all so deftly, without the blade so much as scratching me, that again he had to have done this before. He pulled the torn material from me, leaving my chest exposed and he licked his lips again. He reached down and ran his fingers over my chest. "Much better." He murmered, looking me over with sparkling eyes, his fingers flicking my nipple. "Now to get rid of the rest." The knife cut through my jeans, first going down the right leg and I felt the material start to sag. He cut the left just as quickly, the material crumpling to the floor beneath me. He tutted, shaking his head. "Underwear, can't have that." He smirked and cut through my boxers, the material dropping to the floor, leaving me bare before him.

I shivered when he set the knife aside, his eyes on me looking me up and down, the look in them oddly hungry. I wasn't sure what he expected to see, I mean he was me, how different could my body be? Or maybe that was the point, he was looking for differences between us. As far as I could tell the only differences were his hair and his attitude. He nodded a little and smiled, seemingly liking what he saw. I swallowed as I watched him, too scared to speak, lest he get the knife again. That resulted in a silence that was uncomfortable, at least for me, with the only sounds being us breathing.

He took out another cigarette and lit it the same as before, blowing out a cloud of wispy smoke from between his lips. "When were you last fucked?"


He looked at me, eyes narrowing. "Don't be shy slut. Tell me."

I swallowed, knowing there was no point lying or stalling. He'd probably only find some way to get it out of me if I did. "F... friday."

He tutted and smirked. "Almost a whole week without dick huh? Well you won't have to worry about that any more." I shuddered and, despite myself, I felt my dick twitch. He clearly noticed as he tipped his head back and laughed. "See, you like the sound of that. You're such a whore." He reached down, running his fingers up along my thigh, his eyes meeting mine. Another drag, another cloud. "If you be a good boy, I'll let you cum." He smiled, taking my length in hand and starting to slowly stroke me. "Don't get me wrong though. I want you to scream and bleed like the rest. But..." He licked his lips, giving my cock a squeeze and I pushed up into his touch. "Slut."

He smirked and released me, reaching down between my legs, his fingers brushing my balls. The tips of his fingers brushed against my crack and he smirked. He pushed them deeper until he found my opening, forcing two of them inside, a pained groan leaving my lips. "L... lube."

He lughed, shaking his head as he thrust his fingers in deep. "Why the fuck should I? You're lucky you're getting a fingering." He pulled his fingers back and thrust them hard, emitting a choked cry. "More than enough." He roughly removed his fingers from me, spitting on my chest. He took a last drag, then extiguished the remains of his cigarette on my hip, the burn sending a spark of pain through me. He flicked the butt of it away, before wiping his fingers over my chest amd stepping back.

I watched as his fingers set about a new task, reaching down to undo his fly. He took his zipper between them, dragging it down so that his dick was freed from it's confines. It looked just like my own. "Expecting something else slut?" I looked back at his face and he smirked. He stepped forward, between my bound legs, a hand on his stiff length. I bit my lip as he entered me, pain filling radiating outward from my arse. I closed my eyes as he started moving, not letting me adjust.

This was so fucked up, it had to be a dream. What did it mean to dream about being fucked by yourself? Fuck a therapist would have a fucking field day with me. I cried out as his head slammed into my spot, my body jerking. A spike of pleasure amongst the pain. He chuckled and dug his nails into my thighs at my reaction. "I knew it. Knew you were a pathetic little slut." He growled, slamming into me at every other word. Each thrust made me cry out, which only made him thrust harder. "And now you're mine, my pathetic little whore."

I shuddered at his words, but couldn't deny them. For one I was all bound and couldn't do anythig. Second, he was clearly crazy so if I said anything he'd do something. Lastly, well. My dick did ache when he fucked me. I didn't let myself verbalise any of that though, just managing a groan. That seemed to be enough confirmation for him as he smirked down at me, spitting on my chest between growls.

It was so strange watching him fuck me. I couldn't help but wonder if that's how I looked during sex. I mean, not that I'd fucked many people. I was much more a taker. I loved having a dick buried deep up my arse. I'd tried being fucking someone like he did, just to see what it was like but it didn't fit. My thoughts were interrupted as he slammed into me hard, a low growl leaving his lips. "Yes, you look so fucking hot you slut. Just think how you'll be soon..."

"Soon?" I managed between groans, his clothed hips slamming against me.

"Yes." He looked down at me and grinned, his movements becoming slightly shallower. "I'll be making some changes to you. But that's all to come. Focus on the now whore." He licked his lips, spat on me again, then resumed his relentless pace. I decided to take his advice and let my eyes lid, focussing on pleasing him by clenching around him and pushing back the limited amount I could manage. "Slut..." He gripped my thighs tight and let out another growl, his head tipping back. I hissed as I felt his cum hit my torn insides, my dick twitching but not releasing itself.

I watched him as he pulled back roughly, a sneer on his face as he looked at my hole. He grabbed something from out of my sight and lifted it up, examining it almost critically. The only dildo I had. It was black, smaller than my dick and fairly plain. "This'll have to suffice for now." Without another word he slammed it home. Another cry left my lips and he smirked, circling the table like a predator circling it's prey. I was fairly certain that's exactly what he was wherever he came from.

He grabbed my chin when he stood before me and yanked my head back so I was confronted by his dick. A small part of my mind reminded me that this was my dick too and this was the closest I'd ever been to it. I swallowed and mentally shook the thought from my mind, not needing to think how fucked up this was again. "Clean me off slut." He growled from above, shoving his stained length towards my mouth. I parted my lips and took him in as best I could at this strange angle, twisting my tongue and ignoring the taste and the teeth of his fly pressing against my face.

He yanked back after a few minutes, his length soft and as clean as I could make it considering. I expected him to step away, but instead he kept a grip on my chin and let out a soft sigh. With no warning he started to piss and I had just about time to close my eyes as the stream landed across my face. I spluttered as some landed in my open mouth, but he growled aand squeezed his fingers so I didn't dare close it. I heard him chuckle as my face became soaked in his piss and when it finally subsided, he wiped his length in my hawk and stepped back.

"You should get used to that slut." I opened my eyes, my lashes wet and I looked from his soft, wet dick up to his face. "I'll be doing that a lot to you." He looked me over, smirking as he released my chin and zipped himself up. "You really do look so pathetic like that. It suits you." He licked his lips and stepped back and I swallowed, the taste of piss still strong on my tongue.

"What... what are you going to do to me?" I managed to whisper, voice soft.

"So much." The seemingly-ever smirk graced his lips as he traced my cheek with his fingers. "But now? You're going to stay right where you are. There's bound to be somewhere in this pathetic place where I can get what I need." I let the question as to what he was after die before it left my lips. It wasn't something I'd want to know most likely.

He grabbed the tattered remains of my jeans and pulled out my wallet, opening it and looking inside. "Yes, this should do." He chuckled, pulling out my card and flipping it between his fingers. "We even have the same signiature." He pushed it back in, then stuffed the wallet in his pocket. "I'll return soon slut." He picked up the remains of my underwear, wiped it against my arse, then stuffed it between my lips. "Have fun." He smirked, tearing a length of duct tape and using it to secure the material in place. I watched, helpless, as he turned towards the door.

He stopped himself before moving away, his eyes skimming over my body, taking me in. "On thing first. I assume your card number it the same as mine. 3796." I didn't confirm or deny it right away, which made him reach between my legs and take my balls in his hand. "Yes or no. If you don't answer then I'll just have to do this." He squeezed my soft flesh and I cried out behind the tape, tears springing to my eyes. "Well?" He asked, easing off his grip on me and I nodded, not wanting to get any more pain. "Good." He squeezed me briefly, then let go, stalking towards the door.

I heard the door open, then close and knew he was gone. I lay there, my limbs aching and just, thought about this. How fucking fucked up this all was. I closed my eyes, taking a deep breath through my nose, the scent of piss assaulting my senses. Part of me still wondered if this was all a dream but now, now I wasn't so sure. I'd had some pretty realistic dreams before but nothing where I ached the way I did now.

I glanced towards the door, wondering and waiting. What the fuck was going to happen to me when he got back? I closed my eyes, not entirely sure I wanted to know.
Tags: 35 fics, bullet for my valentine, fic, jason james, jason james/jay james, jay james, kinkverse, slash

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