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60 Questions for writers

So I saw this earlier and figured it'd be interesting to do so here it is.

60 Questions To Fiction Writers

1. Your pen name?
Shadowhive/shadow_hive for the most part. (With my backup writing journal being bloodeyesockets.)

2. Please introduce yourself to us in a manner you introduce your characters.

He sat in front of the computer, fingers quickly typing responses to the random questions, occasionally pausin to eat one of the crackers that made up his lunch.

3. You occupation?

4. How long have you been writing ?
Since 04, so 9 years now. Fuck.

5. You hobbies? (except for writing)
Gaming, watching tv and films. As well as gigs, music (listening only) and general geekdom.

6. Favourite genres?
Ficwise, most of what I read/like reading is porn basically. But I also like sci-fi/horror/gory stuff. Book/filmwise is mostly that.

7. Favourite writers?
Non-bookwise. I don't really read many things by the same author. I think the closest person is Joe Screiber who I'll get to in the next qustion. Ficwise, I dunno. I'd probably say Nat, cause she's awesome.

8. Favourite books?
My favourite book are Death Troopers and Red Harvest (the latter holding the distinction of being the only book I've read in a day). They're two books set in the Star Wars universe and they involve zombies, which is what makes them so awesome. There's another book that I read ages ago called Exquisite Corpse, which is really good too.

9. Favourite movies?
Star Wars! That's always the first answer I give (and by that I mean all 6 of the films so far). Other than that, there's so many. Avengers Assemble is one I could watch over and over, I really got into the Harry Potter films. I love the Resident Evil ones too.

10. Favourite cartoons?
The Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad. In terms of kids cartoons Pokemon and Invader Zim.

11. Favourite TV shows?
Doctor Who

12. What kind of music do you listen to?
Rock/metal stuff for most part. I also do like soundtrack stuff (like the Star Wars and Zelda ones).

13. Your favourite line ever?
I don't think I have a favourite line in a fic or anything. Nothing springs to mind right away anyways.

14. How many books do you read a month?
Very few sadly, less than one. I fail at book reading.

15. What kind of books do you read aside from novels/fictions?
I have loads of Star Wars reference books and love reading them. Plus science ones.

16. Do you think you're a quick reader?
I don't know. I mean I can be. It depends on what I'm reading and if I'm doing other things and stuff.

17. What program do you use, if you write on a computer?
I use wordpad. It's what I've always used and I don't see a need to change, despite it's flaws.

18. What was the title of your first ever fiction? The main idea of it?
The first main one I did was called Trinity. It was a threesome with three members of Blue.

19. How do you decide the title of your fic?
It really depends on the fic. Sometimes I start with a title in mind (like if it's based on a particular song/lyric) and so I end up with that. Mostly, though, the title is the last thing I do. Sometimes it's actually the hardest part of the fic, other times it can be fairly easy.

20. You write mostly?...(genre)
I write mostly porn fics, though I am going back into my old territory which was doing gory killer fics.

21. Do you usually tell your story in first person or in thrid person?
Usually first person. I did do a few in third to begin with, but then got into doing it first and never really went back.

22. Long ones and short ones, which do you prefer writing?
It's hard to say. Most of the time I don't go into it thinking 'this'll be short' (and when I do, sometimes it ends up longer). So I have no preference really, just as lon as when I'm writing I get into it.

23. Do you think you are a quick writer?
It depends. One of the last fics I did was a werewolf one and that took a few weeks. Other times I can sit down, get really inspired and have something done in a night. It depends.

24. How detailed do your stories get before you write them down?
Often not really. When I get an idea (even a vague one) I note it down. Most don't get past the note but if one sticks, I end up just writing it. With longer fics I'd make a notepad file solely for that fic (like my Killjoys one). With the Killjoys one it had who was who, a timeline of the fics and a vague idea of what was going to happen. But most others don't get like that.

25. Do you do research before writing? For how long?
It depends what it is. More often than not I don't have to research, but if I do it's normally brief.

26. How do you improve your writing skills?
Keep writing. I know everyone says that, but it's true. For the first fic question I got a glimpse of what I did and I know compared to my stuff now it's real... well. But an important thing too is to try and do new things or work with new people.

27. How do you deal with writers block?
Mostly by cursing it. If I can't write at all. Sometimes all you need is a break though, so I watch something/go on a game etc. Other times it's you have block for a specific fic, in which case writing something else can help.

28. Your influences comes from...?
Hmm. Well I dunno. I guess mostly from music maybe, and other fics I've read. Sometimes seeing a picture (either of a band or an object) influences. Or rps can, or general talking.

29. Are you satisfied that you're born in this time? If you can choose, when do you want to be born?
I think I am. I've never really thought about being born at any other time so I guess that answers that.

30. Where will you like to live?
Wales probably but I'm fairly content here. The Uk is my home though and I really wouldn't want to leave it. Sure I'd want to travel and holiday and stuff, but this is my home.

31. Do you like travel? Where do you want to go?
I do and don't do it enough. If there's somewhere I'd love to go, it's Japan. I would love to go there someday. But I would like to see other places too. The jungle, Australia, etc.

32. What do you usually think, when a character dies in a story?
It depends on the fic and manner of the death really.

33. Are you unsatisfied with the world?
Yes, I'm am due to homophobia and other human stupidity.

34. What job did you want to do when you were young?
I never, evr, had a job in mind. Everyone else did, but I just, didn't.

35. Your goal of life?
I dunno. I would like to get a picture with Jay James though. Not much of a goal really but I can never seem to find the pretty.

36. Describe what you see out of your window.
The front garden, which isn't special really as everything's growing since we put in new stuff a bit ago. And a hedge.

37. Do you like writing essays on writing?
Ohno. I don't like essay writing about anything! Does anyone though?

38. Do you like Chinese (in your case, English, of course) as a subject when you was a student? What are your other favourite subjects?
No, I hated english. It always seemed so dull and whenevr we got to do any form of creative writing, there was always like... a stranglehold of it so it wasn't really creative. I think science was my favourite subject.

39. Do you like going to school at all?
I hated high school as a whole, mostly cause of asshole bullies.

40. Are you good at sports?
HA! Hell no.

41. Do you hold your pen "in the right way"?
No idea.

42. What kind of magazines will you buy?
Music and gaming magazines mostly. Though now I'm subscribed to a marvel thing too.

43. Do you draw?
I have no drawing skills whatsoever. I really, really wish I did. I just saw a work in progress o an art I've had commissioned for me and fuck, it's like a million times better than naything I could ever do.

44. Do you have a lover?

45. Do you contribute your stories? The results?
I post everything I write when it's finished (I have a few that just... never got too far though). Results are generally good.

46. Do you write diaries?
I did briefly. I keep an LJ but that's it.

47. How long do you sleep one day?
It depends really. Usually 6ish hours+.

48. What will you think about in bed before you fall asleep?
It depends. Usually pervy stuff. Though sometimes my mind drifts to Star Wars or Doctor Who stuffs.

49. Do you have personal experiences that can make great writing materials?
I don't think so.

50. Why do you write?
I dunno. Mainly bcause it's a creative outlet and I just, really like to do it once I get going.

51. When do you enjoy writing?
Whenever I'm inspired.

52. What's the hardest thing about writing?
Getting block. Titling when it doesn't have an obvious one. Getting started.

53. Do your friends and your family know you write?
My friends do (most I've met through it) but family, nope.

54. When do you think you'll stop writing?
I think I only will if I lose the ability to type.

55. Do you feel tired facing your computer all day long? How do you deal with it?
No I don't.

56. This kind of fic is unforgivable! (have you ever had this kind of feeling?)
I dont think there is a specific type of fic that I feel like that for. However, I do have a few peeves. Mostly when a fic is written in text speak and there's no breaks or full stops or anything. Those make me head hurt.

57. Are you satisfied with your own works?
I don't think there's been nything I've done that I've seriously thought 'I wish I'd not done it'.

58. If possible, do you want to be a professional writer? Why?
i dunno if I could write enough on one thing to be professional.

59. Please recommend one of your stories.
Well I'll link to one of the latest ones, The Pack. Which is a werewolf fic with Bullet For My Valentine

60. Say something to your readers.
Hi and thanks for reading and commenting and stuff.
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