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I've Seen Another Side To You

I've Seen Another Side To You
Pairing: Padge/Rich Boucher
Rating: NC-17
POV: Padge
Prompt: 27: Split personality
Warnings: BDSM
Notes: This fic was inspired by Bullet's new song Dirty Little Secret, although it doesn't go quite as far as that does. This is for lc_ffaf partly because, well, every Rich fic is causa her and partly because the prompt was hers and partly because she had a bad day and hopefully this helps.

"So, where've you been hiding him?"

"Hmm?" Gav asked with a smile and a quirk of an eyebrow as he took a drink of his beer at the bar after his show.

I nodded vaguely towards the stage. "Your bassist."

"Rich?" He laughed, grinning. "Always had him." He looked me right in the eyes, waggling his eyebrows. "Why, you want him?" I shrugged, trying to make it little less obvious. Who was I kidding though, he was hot. He downed another mouthful of his beer, grinning. "Sure! He's easy mate, a right slut for cock. I'm sure he'd take yours in a heartbeat!"

"Is that so?" I smiled, reaching down and giving my crotch a squeeze. I'd been hard ever since I'd properly noticed him and this just make me ache more. "Maybe I should..."

Gav smirked at my reaction and turned, waving him over. "Come on Rich!"

The bassist came right away, almost like a puppy being called my it's master. The thought made my dick ache all the more. "Rich, this is Padge. I'm sure you've met before, but with all the booze Padge drinks its a wonder he remembers his own name." I punched him in the arm and Rich smiled, looking me over. From the look in his eyes I didn't look familiar to him either, which made me think Gav must be playing with me. "Now why don't you two go make nice." I noticed Rich's gaze falling on my crotch and his eyes sparkled, a grin forming across his face. "Padge doesn't live far from here do you Padge?"

I swallowed, nodding and downing the last of my beer. "Yeah, if you fancy it." His answer was to grin, take my hand and pull me away towards the door, which made Gavin laugh.

"Lead on big boy." He whispered as we entered the cool night of Bridgend. His words sent a shiver straight to my cock and I smiled, tugging him towards my place.

"Gavin says you're a slut for cock, that true?" I asked as we made our way there, it being the first thing to come to mind.

"Of course." He smiled, swaying his hips and licking his lips. "And I can't wait to have yours." I bit back a groan, so fucking glad my place was so close. I don't think I could have handled waiting for him for too long.

"Me either." I smiled, fishing in my pocket for the keys. "You guys did an awesome show tonight."

"Thanks." He grinned, eyes sparkling. "I'm glad you thought so."

I smiled as we arrived at my door. Keys in hand I opened it up, pushing the door open quickly and gesturing inside. He made sure to press up against me as he slipped in, and I felt his bulge. It was very... noticeable. I swallowed, closing the door quickly, smiling. "Do you want a drink first or...."

His lips on mine served as his answer, kissing me hard and eagerly. "Where's your bedroom?"

I was a little breathless when he pulled away but nodded, pointing upstairs, leading him up to my room. It wasn't much and it was a bit of a mess due to touring recently, but it was enough. It didn't seem to bother him either as he kissed me again, his hands reaching for my clothes. Fuck, Gav wasn't kidding about this guy was he? Not to be left out, my hands reached for him, tugging his t-shirt off. I licked my lips at the sight of his skin, shifting to suck his neck. Our hands shifted, undoing zippers, pushing down jeans and my fingers caught skin.

"Fuck." I whispered against him, pulling back to look down, smirking at what I saw. No underwear. "You really are slut aren't you?" He grinned and kissed me, his hands working my boxers down as our tongues danced. Something had surprised me though. His dick was so big, bigger than a regular slutty bottom but that just made me harder as he rubbed against me.

His lips left mine and he smiled, swaying his hips. "Want your dick." He whispered, voice breathless, lips wet and shiny. He wrapped his fingers around me, giving me a firm stroke. I moaned, leaning into his touch, my eyes meeting his.

"Where do you want it slut?" I pretty much gasped out the words as he gave my cock a brief squeeze, licking his lips. He sank to his knees, swiping his tongue over my head and then he was swallowing me down. Holy fuck he was good. My fingers tangled in his sandy hair as he started bobbing up and down, taking me like a pro. He was definitely among the best guys to have given me head. In the top 5 at least. I groaned as his tongue wiggled against me, the motion changing my assessment as he sucked me. Top 3.

But fuck, it didn't last, nowhere near long enough. He slipped off my cock and gazed up at me, flashin me a smirk. "I want you to fuck my arse." I smiled and nodded, watching as he stood and moved to my bed, bending over it, his arse pushed out. And fuck. There was another thing that proved his slutiness. It was the end of a black rubber plug, the sight alone making my dick throb. He must have worn it all night, all through the show. Fuck.

I practically ripped it out of him, tossing it vaguely towards his clothes before slamming into his warm heat. He probably could have done with a little proper prep, but fuck it. We both wanted it and neither of us cared. He was soon moaning like the whore he was anyway. I gripped onto his hips and fucked him like a demon, the pair of us groaning into the night.

It was all so fuzzy though, because it all felt so good. Between the booze and how amazing his ass it all felt like it was going to end far too soon. I came and I came hard, content that his clenching hole meant he was too. I rode out my orgasm, grunting out his name, my nails digging into his skin.

Fuck, we'd be doing this again. Definitely.


We did too. We fucked on a semi-regular basis, but touring meant it wasn't as often as I'd like. It was a shame, but necessary. But every time was a night to fucking remember.


Between writing our last album and an even more hectic tour scheldule, it meant I'd not gotten to see Rich for awhile. So I was surprised to see him when our latest tour started with Funeral For A Friend. How did I not know he'd joined them? Gavin should have told me that fucking bastard. But fuck, did he look amazing. He looked different than before, something I couldn't put my finger on, but he still looked amazing. "I'm busy now." He purred in my ear, voice low. "But meet me at the hotel after the show."

I nodded, feeling myself get hard just at the thought of what could happen tonight. "Fuck.... yeah, I'll be there."

He flashed me a smirk, and then he was gone.


The night couldn't come fast enough. I practically raced to the hotel as soon as the show ended, leaving the others behind with confused faced as to why I wouldnt stay and drink with them like usual. I couldn't, I had a night of thrusting into Rich's arse waiting for me. It hit me then, as soon as I was outside his door. We were touring together, so this could be every night. Fuck. Sex with Rich was turning out to be like waiitn for a bus, none for ages and then loads all at once.

He came a short time after me. Sweat made his shirt cling to his chest and fuck, he looked much more muscly then he did last time. He kissed me, hard without a word, pressing me against the door while using one hand to open it. He managed it surprisingly easily, better than I would have as I returned his kiss, feeling his length against mine. The door swung open and he pushed me inside.

His lips left mine, long enough to turn the lights on and shut the door before they were back on me, pushing me towards the bed. It surprised me a little how he was taking the lead, but I just put down to the eagerness of a horny slut. I fell against the sheets and then our hands were on each other, just like that first night. Clothes came off, material flying carelessly across the room until we were both naked. Yeah, he definitely was more muscular, with more ink too. But that just made all this hotter.

I was about to reach down his body, to take out the plug that was surely then, when he took me by surprise. His hands gripped my wrists, pinning them together above my head, then he held them in place single handed, his other taking a belt from the bed and wrapping it around them. It took a few moments for my brain to catch up to what was happening. "Rich what're you doing?"

He smirked, finishing securing the belt. "What does it look like?" He licked his lips at the sight, then flipped me over so I was face down. He leaned over me, and I could feel his chest press against my back. "The slut Rich you knew is dead." He purred against my ear, a hand sliding up my side. "I'm in charge now. Now suck." He presented two fingers to me and, as I opened my mouth to speak, he stuffed them inside. I sucked them, more out of instinct then anything. I'd sucked things before, sure, but not as often as he had. "Good boy." He purred, his voice sending shivers through me. His fingers slipped out and he moved, the wet digits trailing down my back, towards my crack.

Again, I wasn't a blushing virgin, but I wasn't as experienced as some. He held my ass open with the other hand, working his fingers into me with ease. I groaned as he thrust them, movin them in and out quickly. "Such a slut..." He purred, spitting on my cleft. "I always knew you'd make a filthy whore." He spat again, curing his fingers so they caught my spot on the next thrust, a groan escaping my lips. "Now who's the whore?"

He chuckled as he removed them, a whimper leaving me at the loss. "Now, now slut, you're getting something much better now." He pushed my legs apart, lining himself up. His head rubbed along my crack and he spat again, thrusting into me. My bound hands gripped the sheets and my eyes squeezed shut at the feeling. Fuck, his cock was huge, much bigger than anything else I'd ever had inside me. I swallowed, biting back a moan, my eyes teary. He stayed still for moments once he was fully inside me, a groan leaving his lips before he started fucking me.

He didn't take it easy on me, he was fucking relentless, but my cock ached all the same against the sheets. His hands held onto me tightly, his hips slamming against my arse. "Fuck, I should've claimed your arse from the start." He growled, thrusting harder, which I wouldn't have thought possible until he did it. He snaked a hand around my waist, a finger running along my length. "Such a whore for it."

His hand shifted back to my hips and I rutted against the sheets, the friction not as good as a hand or arse, but it would have to do. Combined with his dick hitting my spot, it was enough to make me spurt across the sheets. He growled behind me, thrusting a handful of times before I felt him fill me.

When he pulled out he moved me down the bed, growling. "Lick up your filth slut." He pressed my face against the cum stained sheets. I lapped it up, not having much choice and dazed from my orgasm, the salty taste barely registering.

His fingers tangled in my hair the second I was done, pulling my face towards his softening cock. "Clean me." His words came out as a clear order and I did so without protest, my arse aching as I did so. His cum tasted stronger than mine and there was a faint mix of other things too, but I licked his whole length, gazing up at him.

"Good boy..." He purred, combing his fingers through my long hair. "We're going to have such fun..." I shuddered at his words, but a small part of me was curious about what he meant and what had caused such a sudden change in him. Maybe I'd find out.
Tags: 35 fics, bullet for my valentine, fic, funeral for a friend, padge, padge/rich boucher, rich boucher, slash
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