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Well this is pretty muh what I posted on tumblr last night.

I'm on a stupid course now, which is ehish except theres this reaally fucking hot guy which is driving me made with his pretty. Just... guh.

So yesterday I went to Birmingham for Bullet.

Well other than perving on the pretty at course (which is certainly the best reason to go… well, that and free biscuits). It was not too busy in Cannock. Like, all I did was go to the post, then course thing, then get bus pass and get on the train. Never actually caught one from Cannock before now.

Birmingham was mostly uneventful. I wandered around a lot and didn’t get anything until I went in Forbidden Planet 1. There, they had those 1 comic bag things, so I got one with The Simpsons, one with a Who and one with Star Wars. From Forbidden Planet A I got the Let’s Kill Hitler character building set, but only because it was £2.99 instead of £10. They also had the clear Tardis for the same but I’m not fussed by it so.

I had Mcdonalds and got a happy meal toy because of the cute, then joined the queue. More uneventfulness.

Twoish hours later I was inside and, as you seen, went to merch first. Alas, none of the tees took my fancy enouh. The Riot one almost did cause fisting, but I decided agaisnt it. I got the wristband, keyring and post instead.

Now to something that grinds my gears. Why aren’t venue floors sloped? That way people can all have a better view. While the floor is flat, pretty much everyone can hve their vew obscured, which I did several times (I dunno how the few girls nearby coped, being shorter than I.


The first act were ok. Nothing fantastic reallly. Halestorm were better, but that could be becaue I recognised them. For some reason I thouht the singer would look totally different (I could be thinking of someone else though).

It was amusing watchin Calvin on stage setting up and being pretty.

Anyways. Bullet came on and they were pretty awesome. The main annoying thing? I had an aweful view of Jay because I was on Pdge’s side and fucking heads kept getting in the way and not the kind Jay likes near his mouth.

Anyway, the good things. They seemed to have evened up the number of new songs they played (compared to what Nat said the Cardiff gig was) which was good though I wished they’d played Tears part 2. Matt did a solo version of The Last Fight which was pretty good. Pdge’s gutar solo thing was fucking awesome and Jay (what I saw) was hot. Sadly I missed his and Calvins interactions because he seemed to do it when the lights went low. Boo. And I had a pretty good view of Moose. Surprising since I usually give up hope on seeing drummers and fuck, he’s maddeningly hot. (And, of course, Tucks hair is ridiculous). Also during Dirty Little Secret the Halestorm chick came on and did surprise singing which was pretty cool. I lve that Jay came over and played with Padge and like... leaned ito him. Guh.

So it was a pretty awesome night. I left with inspiration. One which may also be due to rereading old rps and the other just.. random. So I'm working on one a bit nw.

Today I slept mostly, which was good.

Anything else? I dunno. The only other recent thing is about Ian, which it looks like will be drawn out absurdly but you know what? I'm inclined to believe his innocence.
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