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The Pack

The Pack
Pairing: Jay James/Matt Tuck/Moose/Padge/werewolves
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Prompt: Writer's Choice 32: Werewolves
Warnings: Gore, non-con, knotting
Notes: This is much longer than I expected. It all came about cause of an off hand comment I made and the idea just... stuck. Anyone that reads this all the way, you deserve a cookiee because this is one beast of a fic and fuck am I pleased with how it's gone.

I groaned as I followed the others. We'd been walking for fuck knows how long and I had no idea how close we were to our destination. I couldn't really believe that this was Matt's idea, that this was his solution to our troubles. To go on a fucking camping trip. And no it had to be in the wilderness. It couldn't be at a camp site or in a cabin or something. No, we had to 'get back to nature'.

Whatever that meant.

"Here we are!" He spoke up as we reached a clearing and the rest of us collectively breathed a sigh of relief, dumping our bags from our shoulders. I looked around and smiled a little. It did look nice. The clearing was an open space that was more than large enough for all our stuff. I could hear ruing water from a stream or something nearby and it just looked. nice. "Come on let's get set up!"


The next hour was spent setting up the tent and everything else. Naturally the time was filled with a mix of groans of exertion and pretty much every swear word. But now, now we were done and the tent was up.

It was one of those large green tents, big enough for the four of us and with enough space to move around in. Now that we we done we were all inside of it with Padge handing beers out as we sat on our sleeping bags. After slugging all this out here and setting this up, I'd say we deserved a rest or at very least a break.

"Well this has turned out pretty great." Matt spoke up, gesturing with one hand at the tent around us. "Tomorrow we'll go hiking." Padge groaned, tipping his head back clearly sharing my opinion on walking so soon. "But tonight..." He grinned and took a long drink from his beer.


I smiled around Padge's length, bobbing up and down. The tent was thankfully spacious enough for us to have some fun and fuck this felt good. For too long we'd been disconnected, almost unable to be in the same room with one another. That meant this was something I'd missed. We'd been too caught up in our own shit to just... bond. Hopefully this would mark the end of all that.

I groaned around him, feeling fingers pull my arse up into the air. Those same fingers gripped my cheeks,prising them apart so a tongue could slip between them. I moaned again, unable to tell if it was Moose or Matt. "Fuck..." Padge rumbled, his fingers tightening in my hair from the sight. I let my eyes lid and resumed sucking him off. The tongue on my ass lapped at my hole, working in small circles against my opening before slipping inside. The technique gave him away. Moose. He really knew how to work it, darting it in and out of my body, twisting and circling it steadily within me. Each jerk of his soft flesh made me ache, my dick bobbing against my belly.

He pulled away, breath hot against my senistive skin. I let out a whimper around Padge's dick, which came out as more of a gurgle really. I suckled on Padge more, squeezing my lips around him. Duck it felt good to have his dick loded down my throat again. Right even. Padge held my head still and I kept up the suction, feeling Moose shift behind me. His head pressed against my hole and I stilled enough so that he could thrust into me easily, a choked groan leaving my lips. I felt complete like this, filled with my bandmates. I was capable of taking all three of them, but the tent wasn't the place to try something like that. Instead Matt was elsewhere, watching most likely. I couldn't exactly see him from my position.

"Fuck..." Padge mumbled above me again, hips thrusting up to meet my face. He was close I could tell, so I increased my movements. I bobbed faster, flicking my tongue more against his heated flesh. He throbbed in my mouth, his hands gripping me tighter. I let out a low groan around Padge's dick as Moose slammed against my spot. The vibrations through Padge's dick were enough to send him over the edge. I swallowed him down, hearing him grunt as he came, the jets hitting the back of my throat. His fingers held my head in place as he rode out his orgasm, losening only when his dick pulsed it's last. "Fuck..." He whispered, voice breathless. "I'd forgotten just how fucking good you were with your mouth."

I smiled as I slipped him out of my mouth, kissing his balls. Then Moose thrust into me, bringing me back to focus on him. I grunted, resting my head on Padge's thigh. His fingers combed through my hair as Moose pounded away at me, my dick aching and swaying from the motion.

"Come on man, shift." I looked up, watching as Matt came into view, taking position beside Padge. Matt's fingers took over from Padge's, tugging my hair, pulling me to him. My lips parted and then I was back to having a mouthful of cock. I sighed, inhaling his scent as I easily took him down as he was smaller than Padge was. I sucked on him just the same as I'd done before, bobbing up and down while Moose pounded away at my arse. I heard them both groan, Matt's hips jerking up against my face and Moose's slamming against my arse. My eyes lidded again and I focussed on pleasing them both, squeezing around Moose's length while suckling on Matt's.

I groaned around him, my head bobbing up and down his length, my tongue lapping him in the same way I'd done for Padge before him. He moaned, gripping my hair tightly as he fucked my face with the same force as Moose.

I felt a hand slip around my waist, fingers grasping at my length. "Come on our little band slut." Moose growled, pumping me roughly. "Cum for us." Fuck he was good with his hands, always so fucking good.

Everything became a blur of pleasure as their dicks thrust into me, moans leaving the three of us. Moose's head slammed against my spot at every thrust, sending me closer to the edge. "Fucking hell..." Matt mumbled from above me, jerking forward against my face for the last time, his dick twitching as he spilled down my throat.

It didn't take long for me to follow him, shooting over myself, groaning around Matt's softening cock. "That's it slut.. fuck just like that..." Moose dug his nails into my skin and I knew that he was shooting too, riding out his orgasm inside my twitching hole.

"Fuck that was awesome. Why did we ever stop?" I smiled, glad that the feeling was shared by the others as well.


After our fuck we slipped clothes on and sat round the campfire, sharing beers and telling stories. "Yeah man." Moose continued, after taking a drink from his bottle. "All those stories about Thailand are true. The things we saw." He grinned, licking his lips. "Ladyboys, girls firing golf balls, everything man." He turned to me, flashing me a grin. "You know, you'd make a sexy ladyboy. You'd look great with tits." The others laughed and I wasn't sure weather to hit him or flip him off.

"Yeah I can see it now, you on all fours with a pair tits swinging as we boned you." Matt added with a smirk.

Padge chuckled and nodded leering at me and licking his lips. "Fuck the lot of you." I replied at last, sticking finger up at them.

They laughed and Matt shook his head. "The other way around you mean."

When the laughter dissipated Padge looked up at the star filled sky. "Maybe we should tell each other ghost stories instead of your seedy adventures." I nodded in agreement. Talk of what they did reminded me and likely Padge too, that they went out there alone.

"Alright then, anyone got anything?"

"I do." Matt spoke up. "But it's not really a ghost story." We all turned to look at him and he smiled. "Well near here there's old camp ground and it was shut down in the 70s." He leaned in closer to the fire. "There was never a reason given for it, nothing official anyway. But there were rumors rumors that people had vanished in the night, with their tents being left in tatters." He lowered his voice so it was close to a whisper. "Every so often people still vanish without a trace. No bodies just tattered tents and blood. Some say it's a monster, some say it's a family of serial killers while others say it's the ghosts of those the first disappeared..."

There was a short silence, with the only noise being the crack of the fire until Moose broke it by laughing. "Nice one man. Like we'd have anything like that over here."

Padge nudged him and looked at Matt. "Is there any truth to it?"

Matt leaned back, taking a drink from his beer before answering. "Mostly. There is an abandoned camp ground and people did go missing."

"Bull shit!" Moose laughed, shaking his head. "Like you'd bring us to camp near place like that."

Matt shrugged and smiled, looking us over. "Hey, if we didn't go to places because some bad thing or other happened nearby at some point, we wouldn't get fucking anywhere would we?"

Moose opened his mouth, clearly about to make some quip or other but there was a sound, which stopped him. It was a howl, or sounded like one and it made me shiver. "The fuck was that?"

"Sounded like an animal." I replied, my eyes darting to the darkened woods that surrounded us but I saw nothing. Who knew how far away it was? Sound could travel far in places like this. "It kinda sounded like a wolf or something."

"Yeah..." Padge whispered, doing the same as I did, gazing into the darkness that surrounded us.

Moose snorted shaking his head. "We're in the middle of nowhere man, of course there's gonna be some wild shit." He turned to Matt, a grin on his face. "See what your story did, it turned them into pussies!"

"Fuck off!" Padge punched him in the arm. "And don't pretend it didn't freak you out too, I saw your face when we heard that howl."

Moose responded by giving him the finger and taking a drink, laughing again.


I lay in the tent, staring up at the ceiling of it. I couldn't sleep. Not after Matt's stupid fucking story and that howl. It hadn't even been that scary a story really, it was the howl that did it. The howl had sent shivers up my spine and throughly creeped me out. I froze, hearing it again. It seemed, I dunno, closer. "Fuck..." Padge's voice. Seems I wasn't the only one creeped out by it all.

"You awake too man?" I whispered, sitting up a little, watching Padge do the same.

"Yeah... just that fucking howl."

I nodded in agreement. "Yeah." I slipped out of my sleeping back and scooted over to him, lipping inside his and wrapping my arms around him to provide comfort for us both. "I'm sure it's..."

There it was again.

I felt myself shiver and Padge did too. "That's it, we're leaving tomorrow." I whispered, nodding to myself. "No matter what Matt says, we're out of here." Padge nodded his agreement and I held onto him, looking at the tent walls, at the shadows of the trees that played on them. Curse that full moon.

I closed my eyes, willing myself to ignore it. It was silly really, being scared of nature like that. All we had to do was make it through the night. Just a few hours and we'd be on our way out of here...

I froze, hearing a rustling sound outside, feeling Padge do the same. We were grown men and we were scared, scared by what was probably nothing more than a deer or something. I guessed it didn't help that we were in the middle of nowhere either.

I swallowed, deciding that the best way to take our minds off it was doing what I did best. I covered his lips with mine, kissing him, running my hands over his back to soothe him and me. I let my eyes lid as my tongue slipped into his mouth, feeling him respond to me. Yeah, this helped, me at least. His hands worked along my back, stroking at me like I did with him.

I broke the kiss when I heard another howl, but Padge held my hair, pulling me back for another kiss. It was to distract him, to keep him calm as much as it was for me. I tasted the beer from earlier on his lips as I kissed him, smiling a little against him at the taste.

I seperated from his lips, shifting to kiss down to his neck. I brushed his hair away, sucking at his skin gently, my teeth grazing against him. I pressed my hips against his, feeling his length twitch. Maybe a good blow job would calm us both down better. I smiled aginst his skin, getting ready to shift down the sleeping bag to do just that.

A sound stopped me. It wasn't a howl this time, though I wished it was. No, this was a rip. I turned to the source of the sound, my eyes widening at the sight. There was a tear in the tent, actually several, like the tent had been slashed. "Guys, wake up!" Matt and Moose both jerked awake, in time to see the second slash happen. It was from a claw, a large furry claw. "The fuck is that?"

"Isn't it obvious?" Padge whispered, gruff voice tinged with fear. "It's the monster from Matt's story."

We moved closer together, eyes on where it had slashed. "There's four of us and one of it." Moose spoke up, reaching for our bags. "I say we take the fucker!"

"We don't even know what it is!" I replied, looking at him. "It could be anything!"

"So? I say we..."

He was interrupted by another claw tearing at the tent, and another at the other side. Suddenly it became clear there was more than one of these things. They kept slashing, tearing the sides of the tent to shreds and I froze, not knowing what to do. Moose was swinging a frying pan wildly in the general direction of the nearest set of claws. Not that it ws doing any good. Padge was the same as me pretty much, his head turning at each new tear the claws made. Matt grasped one of our discarded bottles and held it up, swinging it towards another of the claws. I looked around, looking for something I could use too. I heard a clang as Moose hit one of the claws, which was followed by a snarl from outside.

One of the claws reached through the torn holes and grasped at Matt's leg. Matt screamed as the claws dug in, pulling him out into the night, thowing the bottle towards the... whatever. I heard it smash, though couldn't tell where. "Matt!" The sight caused something in me to stir inside me and I wiggled out the sleeping bag, my hands grasping the metal pot.

By the time I had it raised off the tent floor there was another scream and I snapped my head back, watching as the bag I just vacated was being pulled out with Padge still in it. He was trying to pull himself out, but the blood around the claws meant they'd pierced his flesh.

I heard more of the tent rip and had just about enough time to swing around before it was my turned to scream, claws grasping my foot and pulling me out. I tried to kick with my other foot but that just resulted in whatever it was gripping that too. It pulled me out, like the others had been, but I kept my hold on the pot. The second I was pulled out through the torn hole in the tent I swung the pot out at my assailent. The second I got a good look at it I wished I hadn't.

It was big, bigger than any of us and it towered over me as it stood on it's hind legs. It was covered in grey hair and had a head like a wolf. In fact I'd have said it was one if it wasn't for the sheer size, that and the way it grasped with it's claws. It growled, gazing down at me with it's deep blue eyes. It slashed at me, easily knocking away the pot from my hands, it clattering across the floor out of reach. I stilled again, not knowing what to do. I could fight, but this beast was both clearly bigger than me and it had those claws. Claws that could easily due significant damage. I swallowed nervously as it dragged me along the floor, dumping me in front of the tent.

I darted my eyes around, catching sight of the others. Matt and Padge lay on the grass beside me, eyes wide as they stared at the beasts that stood above them. Next to them, a fourth beast dragged Moose's body out of the remains of the tent dropping him to the ground.

"What are they going to do to us?" I whispered, my voice trembling as I returned my gaze to the creatures.

"Isn't it obvious?" Padge whispered back, voice hushed and frightened. "They're why those people disappeared." He hissed and I looked down, noting the back had by now been ripped off him.

Before the other others could speak up, one of them growled. The one above me, that looked slightly bigger than all the rest. Maybe it was the leader, or at least the... wolfthing equivelent. I swallowed, my eyes on it and it seemed to return the gaze. It snarled, drool falling from it's sharp front teeth, landing on my face. I trembled, backing up against the grass, terrified by this thing.

It slashed across me, the claws tearing my clothes to shreds. It tore my t-shirt with the first swipe, then my oxers with the second. I yelped from both of them, even though the claws never really broke my skin. It flipped me over so I was face down, then it slashed again. Once on my upper half, once on my lower. I stayed still through the whole thing, trying not to react and so get more pain.

I swallowed, gripping onto the grass beneath me. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. It snarled again, this time so close it made me shiver. So close I felt it's hot breath on the back of my neck. And then I felt something, something lower. Against my ass. I swallowed again, feeling it press against me. I knew what it was. It was the creature's dick, pressing against my opening. I shivered, a groan escaping my lips as it thrust into me. I cried out, feeling the beast's body become flush against my own, the fur tickling my skin.

I glanced sidelong at the others briefly. The beasts were glancing at the one inside me, as if waiting for some sign. The one inside me snarled and then they began, slashing like he had. That confirmed my thinking, that he was definitely in charge. I gripped the grass tighter, feeling him start to thrust, his slick dick pounding me easily as hard as Moose had earlier.

Despite being a cockslut, and Welsh, I'd never actually had the dick of an animal inside me. I'd thought about it a few times, mostly while drunk, but never had I actually gone through with it. So I didn't know what to expect. Although fuck, who knew what to expect with something like this? It slammed into me again and I cried out, it's tongue snaking wetly across the back of my neck.

A scream and my eyes darted towards it's source. Matt. I couldn't quite make out what had happened to him, between us Padge was being fucked harshly into the ground, but I could see blood. He could've been slashed or bitten, but I couldn't tell which or how badly. All I could tell was he was in pain and that I hoped it wouldn't happen to me.

The front paws of the beast inside me were rooted to the ground, just above my heas, so I doubted I'd be clawed at from those. Bitten, maybe. But if I stayed still and let him get on with it maybe, just maybe, he'd not do that to me. A voice deep down told me I was kidding myself, that in the end we'd most likely end up like those from Matt's story. Just another bunch of people who went missing in the woods, with all that was left behind was a tent and supplies wasting away out here. Would anyone even know? I shook such thoughts away, returning my focus on keeping still. I didn't want to even squeeze around him, not sure if that would be a good idea to do so.

I felt something press against me on his next thrust and I gulp, not sure what it was. It felt like like some kind of... swelling at the base of his cock. He pressed against against me urgently, growling behind me. I hissed as I felt it push into me after another thrust and then something strange happened. It was like it locked him in. He didn't thrust anymore, but instead humped against me, his dick rutting againt my spot. It was that which made me realise, despite myelf, I was hard and aching against the grass and dirt.

Another scream and I snapped my head over. Of course I couldn't see anything. Between the limb of the beast inside me and the one on Padge, my view was pretty much obscured. The scream, however, was Moose's. I was fairly sure of that. Fuck what was happening to him?

The creature inside me snarled, it's breath hot and wet against my neck. I'd never been more scared in my whole life. A whimper escaped my throat as it kept humping against me, each thrust making my own dick react. I cursed my body for that, wishing his movements didn't make me ache but I couldn't help it. It was just hitting my spot in all the right ways and I knew I'd cum sooner or later, even though I could feel it had torn me.

I cried out, my hips slamming against the ground from it's movements and I was sure it was speeding up. Could this mean it was almost over? I certainly hoped so. I'd have prayed it would if I believed anything would actually pay attention. "Fuck!" I screamed out, jerking forward as I released across the ground, the last movement of the beast enough to send me over.

Thankfully the beast seemed more human than I could have hoped. It howled as I came, the clenching of my arse enough to send it over too, my insides burning as I felt it spill. It stayed still, the... lump thing keeping us linked together as it rode itself out. I squeezed my eyes tightly shut and fuck, how much did this thing cum? It felt like it was going forever. Seriously, it felt more like hose than a dick. When it did finally stop he didn't pull out as the lump was still there, tethering us to one another. Instead it rocked against me, almost leisurely as it began to soften. I panted, my eyes opening as my senses return to me and if things had been different I'd probably be aching again. Thankfully my body didn't betray me this time.

The beast finally softened enough to pull out and it did so with a grunt, my body falling forward against the ground. The first thing I did, now that the paws had moved out of my eyeline and I was back to my senses, was to look to the others. It was the same problem as before. The beast on Padge blocked my view of the others, although from the looks of it it wouldn't be like that for long. It was making low howls and seemingly rolling it's hips against him. From beyond all I could make out was faint pained sounds, though I was unsure if they were coming from Matt or Moose.

Although the beast was out of me, I could still tell it was above me so I didn't want to even risk running. And there was no way I'd leave the others even if I thought there was any chance. Instead I remained still, waiting and watching.

Padge's beast was next, pulling away like my one had. The movement meant I got a decent look at Padge so I took the chance to give him a quick look over. Thankfully, he seemed to be ok for the most part, with only a few scratch wounds and a seemingly torn asshole like mine. I glanced up at through the gap between them, trying to catch sight of Matt or Moose, hoping they were in similar shape.

What I little I could see of them made me think otherwise. Matt was covered in a mass of fur and there was blood, but I couldn't make out anything specific. I leaned up to try and see, but the beast behind me just snarled, planting a foot on my back, it's claws digging into my skin, enough to make me cry out in pain.

Padge turned to face me and I could see his face was wet and his eyes red. "I'm ok..." I whispered, offering him a weak smile to try and reassure him. "Can you see the others?"

He turned away from me briefly, then back, his face paler. "I can't see Moose but... fuck..." He swallowed and closed his eyes. "It's bit Matt in the..." A growl and the creature above him, pushed his head down with a paw, clearly not liking us speaking. I swallowed, deciding it was best not to respond, lest something happened to us. I mean these things were bigger than us, clearly stronger than us, plus had teeth and claws. I didn't want to piss them off and give them an excuse to tear us to pieces.

I heard movement, probably from the creatures out of sight. Maybe that meant this was over, that they'd disappear back into the night and never return. I had a feeling, though, deep down that was too much to hope for. I mean if people had survived this they surely would have told someone right? There'd have been a hunt for these things and it'd have made the news. I swallowed, trying to shake the sinking feeling that accompanied such thoughts.

The foot on my back moved and I swallowed, turning to look. The paw on Padge's head moved too and the beast snarled, taking a few steps back. On the otherside of him I saw the same thing happen to Matt, getting my first good look of him since the tent. Unlike me and Padge he was face up... and he had blood covering his chest, a noticeable bite wound on his neck. I swallowed again, daring to look at Moose. He was face down and he seemed more like Padge and me. Just a few claw wounds, nothing as noticeable as Matt's bite.

I reached for Padge, taking his hand in mine, giving it a quick squeeze. He smiled a little at the action, returning it but otherwise remaining still. Hope returned to me that this may be it, that we'd all get away and this would make for the stuff of nightmares.

That hope melted away pretty quickly.

It all happened so fast that it took a little while for my brain to catch up. They moved, faster than I'd have expected them to and three of them were around Matt. Moments later he was screaming and the beasts were tearing at his flesh, one on his right arm, one going for his chest and one on his left leg. He screamed, his body jerking up and his untouched limbs flailing at them. It made no difference at all. "Fuck! Get off me!"

I swallowed, watching with wide eyes, ensure what to do. I wanted to help, to beat them off, but a paw returned to my back reminded me I wasn't alone. Padge squeezed my hand and I looked at him, seeing his eyes shut, trying to block it all out.

I looked back at Matt, who was still screaming and failing, even though blood was spraying from his wounds into their fur as they... fucking devoured him. That's when I saw something, behind them. A figure rising to his feet. Moose. "Run!" With that he swung the frying pan, catching one of them in the face hard enough to make him snarl. The beast that remained, the one that had me, growled and left us, tackling Moose to the ground.

I took his hint, scrambling to my feet and pulling Padge up too. Moose's scream joined Matt's but I knew we couldn't do anything for them. Instead I ran, pulling Padge along with me as we ran into the dark wood. It was hard going. We were bare footed and we had poor visibility, with trees and branches everywhere and just the light of the moon to go on. If we could find the stream, we could follow that somewhere. I heard them snarl behind us, but kept running. I knew if they started running, well, we'd be finished. They were likely faster and better adapted than we were.

A howl and movement. Running. My heart sank, but we kept going, both of us almost stumbling but the other holding us up. I didn't know how much longer we could keep this up, especially as I felt we were going deeper into the forest, completely the wrong direction from where I hoped we'd be. We were just going on adreneline now, acting on the fight or flight instinct even though it seemed hopeless.

I groaned, my foot getting caught in a root, my body toppling to the ground, bringing Padge down with me. I heard the running, the snarling beasts after us. How many had given chase? I reached down, grabbing blindly, trying to wrench my foot free of the tangle, but it was too late. By the time I freed my foot from the root, they were here. Two of them, dark eyes staring at us, blood dripping from their sharp teeth. The blood of our friends, our brothers. I expected them to go for us, to start devouring us right here among the roots and fallen leaves. But instead they grabbed at us like they had before and pulled us back. I groaned, my chest being hit by every branch, every stone, every root that they pulled us over on the way.

The place was even worse than we left it. Blood was splattered everywhere, but there were no scrams. Just the sound of the two beasts gorging themselves with occasional sickening crack of bones breaking. Our bodies were dumped on the floor, closer to the remains of the tent, which had completely fallen in on itself now. The second we were dumped, Padge's beast went, but the one that held me remained. It was the beast that had fucked me, the largest of the four stayed with us. Not that we'd be trying that again.

I spared a glance to the others, although I instantly regretted it.

Matt's body was torn apart and barely recognisable. His right arm was down to the bone, the remains of his inked skin cast aside and covered in blood. His chest was completely torn open, exposing his organs and ribcage. Some were missing, already devoured. His other arm hung limp, useless clawing at the ground. But worst of all was his head, his cold, dead eyes staring out of a face twisted in pain.

Moose waas in a lightly better state, much more intact with only a few random chunks of flesh missing, blood splatters covering his skin. There was a faint amount of light in his eyes and he gurgled, his gaze on us. The last thing he'd see would be us, ready to become just like Matt. Food for these... things. I fought back tears, one of the creatures leaning down and tearing his chest open. There was one more, last gurgle from his lips and I knew it was over.

I tore my eyes away and burrowed my head into Padge's neck, holding him close as he sobbed against me, his bpdy shaking. "Is...is that going to happen to us?"

"I hope not." I replied, but honestly I didn't expect us to do any better. They'd most likely feast on our friends and then us.

The beast that watched us moved closer, I could feel it's hot breath on us and I trembled, tightenign my grip on Padge's body. I yelped as it bit my side, it's teeth digging into my flesh but it didn't tear it away. I watched as it did the same thing to Padge, hearing him cry out from it. The beast snarled and I felt it hit my head and then everything went dark.


When my eyes opened again I hoped it was all some terrible nightmare conjured up by my feverish imagination. But it wasn't. I was still here in the darkness, still holding Padge's shivering form. I looked over my shoulder and I saw my friends in the state they were before, though Moose was a little worse now.

But now, there was something strange, something inside me. Something that willed me over. I let go of Padge, crawling towards Moose. I could sense the beasts. They were here still, watching us. I stopped, looking down at Moose's body, at his torn open chest. I swallowed, the feeling growing deep inside. I looked up, feeling their gaze burn into me, then back down.

I felt shuffling nearby and looked over, seeing Padge sitting beside Matt's open body. We shared a look and I just knew that he felt it too. I looked down at Moose's body and then just pressed my face into it, my teeth tearing at his flesh to satisfy this new hunger.

I didn't need to look up to know Padge was doing the same to Matt's body, tearing at his flesh with the same ferocity I was.

Around us, the beasts howled.
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