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The one they left behind

Time for a happier post methinks.

Well it's been a week since Bullet's album came early (some thoughts here) and I do love it. I'm puzzled at how they've managed to sign the back when all they had in the signing pics were the covers (and it seems to have happened to more than just me).

Before that I got an amp ink tee, which came with a badge and signed pick from Jay, yay! I has things he touched.

What else?

I finished the main game of Mario Wii U so I'm now working on Darksiders again every so often.

I've not been feeling too great the past week+. Not just causa feeling eh, but also causa feeling sicky. My head and stomach have been killing me, ugh.

I'm gonna be trying to go to the Kerrang gig in Birmingham tonight, although pretty much doing it solely for BVB (I dunno the rest so). That is if I don't feel worse. I was gonna try and go see FFAF on Tuesday, but looking into it properly it looks unworkable due to the venue being so far from the station and I don't wanna be stuck which I feel is what will happen if I go. Boo.

I started some fic which I hope to finish this weekend. I was hoping to get another done before hand but the thing I've needed for it hasn't come. So yeah expect something soon.

Oh and thanks Moose for saying you and Tuck saw ladyboys and generally being a perv.

Gonna try and see Wreck It Ralph Monday.

Started watching Pokemon from the start Monday. Already watched the first 9 episodes, woo!

Anyway, gonna head off in an hour or two. Ashley better get topless.
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