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Pairing: Jay James/Moose
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Warnings: None really
Notes: This is all based on an old Welsh tradition of sending your love a carved spoon called a love spoon.

I stared at the block of wood that I'd secured in place before me. It wasn't the only one in the room. In fact, there was a small stack of them piled against the wall. There were nine others, bringing the total to ten. A nice, even number.

I swalllowed and looked at the assorted tools gathered across the table. Some were old but most were new, purchased the same time as the wood. How hard could it be? After all people had been doing this for years. Ok. I could do this. I swallowed and set to work.


Two hours later, I was on block six. The remains of block's one through five were discarded behind me. They showed a definite state of progression, but all ended up being fucked somehow with flaws that resulted in starting the whole thing over again. "Fuck!" I growled as part of it broke off, thumping softly against the concreate beneath my feet.

"Fuck this shit." I growled again, tossing it with my other failures before storming off into the house. A break, thats what I needed.


Two days and eleven more blocks later (after getting a fresh supply) and I was left with something I was pleased with. I cradled the wood in my hands, carefully taking it inside, away from the wooden laiden disaster that the garage had become. I set it on the table, going it a once over again before nodding. Yeah. It'd do.

I returned to the garage then, leaving it there, to clear up the piles of wood chips and shavings from my work.


One week had past since I finished it and now I was ready to give it him. "So what's this thing?" He asked, voice tinged with enthusiasm. I'd made him close his eyes and stick out his hands, so he knew something was coming.

"Wait and see." I replied with a smile, opening the drawer I'd hidden it in and taking it out, swallowing. this was it. No backing out now like I'd done the last two times I'd almost done this. I took it over to him, taking a deep breath as I set it in his outstretched hands. "There you go."

He opened his eyes and, studying what was in his hands as I gnawed at my lower lip, waiting for him to respond. He examined it, moving the wood around in his hands, studying it from every angle. It wasn't perfect, the edges were a little rough and the curves were slightly crooked, but I tried my best. "You... made this?"

I nodded, cheeks flushed slightly. "Yeah. It's a..."

"Love spoon. I know." He smiled, it lighting up his face as he turned it in his hands. "You made this yourself, didn't you?" I nodded a little and he grinned, pulling me close. "I love it." I smiled as he held me, his lips pressing against mine briefly. "This is the sweetest thing anyone's ever done for me." He smiled, whispering the words against my lips and I felt my cheeks flush. He grinned and kissed each of them, then my lips again. "It must've took you ages."

I nodded a little and blushed again. "Two days."

He grinned and pulled back from me bringing it up and examining it again before looking me in the eyes. "It really is wonderful. Thank you." His eyes lit up, the way they did when he was really, truly happy and he smiled brightly. It was all worth it for that.

"It's ok." I returned his smile, my cheeks still flushed. I was just glad he liked and appreciated it.

"I love it." He planted a kiss on my lips and smiled. "And I love you for making it." He wrapped his arms around me, licking my cheek. "I think your efforts deserve something." He flashed me a grin and pulled me away, toward the bedroom. Once we were inside, he smiled and let go of me, gesturing towards our bed as he set my creation carefully on the dresser top. He then turned and smiled, stalking back over to where I lay on the bed. His smile was different now, one which always made me squirm because of what it meant.

He reached down and spread my legs, running his hands up along my thighs. I felt myself shiver, watching as he leaned down, taking my fly between his teeth, pulling it down. I squirmed slightly, his nose brushing against the bulge of my cock. His hands pulled my jeans down, moving away just enough for him to remove them completely, tossing them to the floor. His hands made short work of my t-shirt next, pulling it up and off in one quick, practiced notion.

He bent down over me again, his breath hot against my boxer-clad crotch and I wished I'd not bothered putting them on. He looked up at me and smirked, before gripping my waistband with his teeth. I watched, gripping the sheets as he dragged the boxers down, the air hitting my aching cock.

My boxers soon joined my jeans on the floor and then he was on the bed between my legs, his head hovering above my cock. "So beautiful." He whispered, running his tongue from the base of my length to my tip. I shivered a little, my length twitching. It wasn't often that he did this, I was usually the one between his legs. He kept his eyes on me, his tongue circling around my head.

I shivered, watching as his lips parted, taking my head into his soft, warm mouth. My eyelids futtered closed as he took more of me down his throat. I gripped the sheets tighter, feeling him bob up and down my shaft, his tongue fluttering against my sensitive flesh. His lips squeezed me and I let out soft sounds of peasure, my head falling back against the pillows.

I whimpered when his lips slipped off me and all I coud think was that it was too fucking soon. I mean why start and just stop like that? His lips were on me again, kissing down my length, tip to base. I shivered as I felt his hot breath on me, tickling my curly hairs, his lips moving down towards my balls. His lips parted again, taking my balls between them one at a time. He rolled each one with his tongue, exploring the soft skin for a few moments before he was away again a whimper leaving my lips again. His lips continued their journey as he kissed down, swiping his tongue over the patch of skin behind my balls before stopping at my crack. He didn't ask me to move or roll over, he just darted his tongue quickly between my the gap between my cheeks.

His tongue retraced the journey his lips made moving first back up and tracing the skin of my sac. I groaned again, resisting the urge to buck up as he ran it along my dick. "Fuck..." I felt his smirk even though I didn't see it. I could just tell he was. I groaned again as he took me back between his lips and I managed to watch as he swallowed me down. He bobbed again, a little faster than before, his tongue twisting urgently against my heated skin. "Fuck Moose..." I groaned as his speed quickened his lips and tongue working on me, my head tipped back again and my eyes lidded. Words escaped me now and I just made incoherent noises as he sucked me off. On each downward motion he took me down to the base his nose buried in my hairs. At the peak of every other suck he stilled, twisting his tongue around my leaking tip before sinking down again.

A gasp left my lips as I felt myself get closer, my hips jerking up to meet his face. A hand held my thigh down, letting him continue to go at his own pace, which now just seemed bordering on frantic. "Fuck Moose I'm...." I groaned, feeling myself let go, my hips jerking as I came down his throat.

I collapsed against the bed and, in a daze, felt him kiss and lick up my body, up along my belly, stopping to flick each of my nipples before he came face to face with me. I could still taste myself on his lips when he kissed me, the contact lasting briefly as I caught my breath. "Thanks..." It was all I could manage at the moment and I was lucky to even manage that much.

He flashed me a grin, laying beside me and drapping an arm across my chest. "It's the least I could do for what you did." He planted a kiss on my neck and I felt him smile against my skin. "I mean it. I really do love it."

I smiled at his words, but could manage none in return, not yet anyway. Though a voice in the back of my head said 'if this is the thanks I get for doing that, I best get more wood in!'
Tags: bullet for my valentine, fic, jay james, jay james/moose, moose, slash
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