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An Unexpected Night

An Unexpected Evening
Pairing: James Hetfield/Lars Ulrich, Jay James, Matt Tuck, Moose, Padge
Rating: NC-17
POV: Padge
Warnings: Fucking machines
Prompt: 31: Writer's choice: Fucking machines
Notes This is a sequel to a fic on rockfic by cobrasnaps called Garage Itch (read it here). Believe me, I'm as surprised as anyone to be doing fic with Metallica because... what? It's solely because of her and yes, there may be a promise of Bullet porn which was semi incentive but still....

I sighed at the sound of the phone ringing, regretting it before I'd even pressed the call button. After a few rings, a voice answered. "Hey man. How're you doing?" The soud of his voice made me smile and made what I was about to say all the worse.

"Hey I could be better. I... have some bad news."

"Oh?" He asked voice quizical with a hint of concern.

"It's Matt his voice is fucked so we won't be able to come tour with you guys. I'm so sorry you know how much we'd love to tour with you again..."

"Hey man, it's ok... I completely understand and it's fine. Don't worry about it one bit." I coud practically hear the smile in his voice as he ssaid that. "You guy's just worry about Matt and him getting better."

"Thanks Lars."

"It's ok man. Really don't worry about it. I'm sure we'll see each other again soon." His words reassured me and put me at ease instantly improving my mood.


I still couldn't believe we were doing this. The thought filled my head as we pulled up the driveway. I could still hear Lars' voice in my head. 'Hey, I heard you were in Cali so why don't you come over to James' place?' So now here we were, parking up in front of James fucking Hetfield's house and it was just so... surreal. It shouldn't,especially since we'd toured together but my inner fanboy was screaming.

I swallowed as I reached down, undoing my seatbelt, looking out at the house. Fuck. I took a deep breath before getting out noting the others were doing similar things. They were all likely thinking the same as me.

When we were all out we just stood there, staring at the building before us. "We can't stand around all day."

I nodded and headed to the door, taking a deep breath as I rang the doorbell. I took another deep breath, almost jumping when the door opened. James greeted us with a grin, wearing jeans and a white vest which showed off his arms. "Ah you made it, come on in." He stepped aside, letting us inside. The four of us stepped in and I looked around, taking it all in.

Lars flashed us a grin. "Glad you could make it." He lead us into the spacious living room and my eyes were just looking everywhere. This was all so incredible. I mean when we'd first started we did covers of their songs and now we were here. In James' fucking house, about to sit on his couch and do whatever.

"So tell us how your tours are going." James asked as he came to us with drink, gesturing for us to sit.


A few drinks later and we were much more relaxed, talking shit like old friends rather than guy's with two of their idols. After the third round of beers, James spoke up, standing. "You guys wanna see something?"

The four of us nodded and we stood, following him as he lead us towards a door. "This is actually why I wanted you guys here. You look so... hot."

My head was swimming a little from the beer but did he just really say that? He led us into a dark room and waited until we we all inside before shutting the door and turning the light on. The room at first looked like an ordinary garage and I had to wonder why on Earth hed bring us in here. To show off a car?

And then I saw them.

"Fuck..." Jay whispered from beside me and I nodded, unable to make out the words. There, in a row along the floor, were what was obviously fucking machines. There were ten of them. My eyes widened at the sight and I just... fucking machines. My cock twitched at the sight of them but I just... James fucking Hetfield has a fleet of fucking machines in his garage.

"Now, you are going to take off your clothes." James said, his voice calm and commanding. I swallowed, a little disbelieving that he said that. Jay was the first, pulling his t-shirt off with his usual eagerness. The rest of us just folowed suit, getting naked with practised ease, even though this was far from normal. So far.

When we were naked, he spoke again and I noticed Lars icking his lips. "Follow me." He led us across the concrete towards the end of the row of machines, pullling off a large cover. Beneath was a set of four fucking machines linked together and there were tubes dangling by each one. "This is my own creation and you're going to be my guinea pigs." He smirked, looking us over. I couldnt help but feel slightly proud that he chose us for this, to be first. "Get on all fours in front of each dildo."

We did it without saying a word in response, each of us taking a position. This was so fucking weird. I mean wed fucked before, what touring band hasn't? but we'd never done anything like this. James went and grabbed something, while Lars came over, restraining us in our positions. We all shared a look and I coud tell we all thought the same thing: how surreal this was.

Fingers probed against my opening and, with Lars still in sight, I knew that meant James was fingering me. Holy fuck. This would be something that would stay with me. I watched as Lars moved behind Moose, starting to do the same to him. I groaned, both at the sight and feeling, my dick aching. One finger became two and fuck, my cock jerked hard at the feeling.

He retreated them all to soon, moving back and angling the dildo at my hole, pushing the head into me. I shivered as I felt the sheath attached to the tube that hung beside me get attached to my cock and I groaned, realising what it meant. Satisfied, he moved to Jay who was beside me, doing the same to him as Lars did Moose.


The pair of them stepped aside when they were done with us, looking us over. "What do you think babe?" He whispered to Lars, softly so I almost missed it.

"It's awesome." He smiled, kissing his cheek.

"Then prep yourself." Lars nodded and took his clothes off, while James picked up a control and pressed a few buttons. Two things happened, for me anyway. The sheath around my cock started pulsing and the dildo started to move inside me. I imagined the same was true of the others from the way they moaned. The dildo moved in and out of me, slowly at first as James removed his clothing before us.

Lars was already naked, with a hand behind himself, obviously working himself open for James. "Fucking hell..." Jay murmered from beside me and I followed his eyeline. James was naked now and... fuck, his dick. I swallowed at the sight of him, a hand stroking himself leisurely at the sight of us.

He pressed another button.

The speed of the dildo increased, fucking me harder, sending shivers through me. Fuck this was so good. Weird, but good. It wasnt quite as good as being properly fucked though but it wasn't bad.

Lars removed his fingers and James pointed to a spot on the floor before us. "Right there." Lars nodded and got on all fours before us. I watched as James messed with another tube, but instead of sliding it around Lars dick, he set it up above his face. The fuck?

I didn't have much chance to think as he turned it up again, the dildo slamming into me even harder. The others moans meant the same was happening to them. A fifth moan joined our own and I returned my gaze to Lars, swallowing at the sight. James was buried inside him now, all the way. Fuck. He had the control resting on Lars' back and his eyes were firmly on us as he started to fuck him. He smirked ad pressed the control again, the dildo fucking me harder now, my head tipping back.

Ok I take it back. This was better than a person. A person couldn't fuck this hard,, not for long anyway. The others were moaning too and I could hear them utter various things. Matt was practically screaming fuck at every thrust, while Moose was making sounds more akin to grunts and Jay was moaning like the whore we all knew he was.

"Fuck!" I practically screamed it as it went even faster, even harder and everything felt like it was spinning. I voice in the back of my head, in the part that was still clinging to coherency, screamed that 'we need to get one of these'. I'd argue with that voice, but a hard thrust silenced it.

The pounding of the dildo became too much and I saw the others start to fall apart. Matt was the first, shooting into his tube, followed seconds later by Jay, cumming with a loud cry of pleasure. It was now, in the daze of thrust, thrust, thrust, that the tubes made sense. the cum was being sucked along them and then.... Fuck. I watched as the combined loads of Jay and Matt wet down the tbe, the fluid landing in splotches across Lars' face.

I came with a low groan, my eyes lidding at the sensation, but I forced them open, watching as my own cum combined with Moose's, our loads joining our bandmates. Fuck. That was just, so fucking... ugh! I lost all remaining thought as he turned it up again, the dildo slamming into me harder still. My eyes lid again, moans being drawn out the others as they felt the same. The sheath around my dick kept pulsing, kept messaging me and fucking hell if it didn't feel like I was cumming a second time.

Unfamiliar cries of pleasure filled the air and then everything slowed. The pulsing and the thrusting went from being insanely wild to being slow and steady. They didn't stop, not completely and I was finally able to open my eyes as James pulled out of Lars, his face stained white with our cum. Fuck...

"Fucking hell..." I mumbled, breathless and panting. The others, I heard, were voicing similar things.

"Did you like that babe?"

"Mmmm that was amazing. Thank you." Lars smiled, darting his tongue out to swipe at the nearest patch of white. James smiled and kissed his forehead, easing out of him slowly.

"Can... can we have one?" Matt asked, voice shaking as he nodded to the other fucking machines. Obviously thinking the same as me.

"No. Get your own." He grinned, licking his lips and taking the control. "But I'll tell you what, how about you stay there all night?" He smirked and I had to admit, I wouldn't say no to that.

Matt looked between us and nodded, the dildos whirring back to life the second he did.
Tags: 35 fics, bullet for my valentine, fic, james hetfield, jay james, lars ulrich, matt tuck, metallica, moose, padge, slash

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