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When In Finland...

When In Finland...
Pairing: Jay James/Tundra, Matt Tuck/Moose/Virta, Padge/Vreth
Rating: NC-17
POV: Padge
Prompt: 6: Orgy
Warnings: Sex times, skirts, watersports.
Notes: This is a sequel to Nats fic You Drove Me To This which is awesome (though it's not necessary to read to understand the fic). This is the first sequel fic I've done to someone else's fic so I hope its good. Also this is dedicated to her for finishing exams, yay!

I looked up at the door as a loud knock sounded from it. We were in our room backstage at the venue of the current festival. It had a Finnish name, one which didn't exactly roll off the tongue easily, so I just thought of it by the simpler term Finnish festival. Much easier to remember than whatever the actual name was anyway. We were sat drinking. Well, me and Moose were. Matt had gone off to scout the venue and try and find our wayward bassist. He'd missed our flight so had arrived later than us and Matt was certain he'd gotten himself lost. We'd elected to stay here in case he showed up at our dressing room. That and we had booze here.

The door banged again and Moose sighed, setting his bottle of beer down and getting up, crossing the room to it. He grasped the knob and pulled it open, probably expecting to see the same thing I did, either Matt, Jay or both.

Instead there was a large man looming outside our room, curls cascading down his shoulders. "I believe I have something of yours." He spoke in a Finnish accent, deeper than I'd have expected from his looks.

"Oh?" Moose asked and although his back waas to me I could tell he'd likely raised an eyebrow.

He stepped back and pushed Jay in. A very much dishevelled Jay, his underwear between his lips and jeans around his wrists forming makeshift bondage. I bit back a groan at the sight of him. "That is yours is it not?" Moose nodded and he smiled, nodding to himself. "I hope you've learned your lesson." The man muttered, clearly to Jay, who simply nodded in response. Before either of us could question him he was gone, leaving us with our bassist and a lot of questions.

"Looks like someone's been getting to know the locals." Moose grinned as he undid the loose knot holding Jay's jeans in place. "Though a little notice would've been nice."


With our new album out we had embarked on the festival circuit again and this weekend was the turn of Finland. Unlike last time Jay was with us all the way, constantly wheeling around his bag. Even now, that we were at the venue itself, he'd wheeled it along into the backstage room.

"Ok, I give up, what's with the fucking bag man?" I asked, looking right at him. "You've been dragging it around everywhere like you have the crown jewels or something."

He smiled a little and shrugged a little, pushing the case to the floor. "Just something I thought we should wear for the gig is all."

I raised an eyebrow, intrigued as he crouched beside it and unzipped it, pulling it open. There was clothing folded up within and it looked like leather. He grabbed the one on top and lifted it up, the material unfolding as he did so. Matt instantly scoffed. "You expect us to wear those?"

"Yeah." Jay nodded, looking at us as he held it against his waist. "It's not as if we'd be laughed offstage. Have you seen how many of the other bands on the bill wear skirts?" He made a gesture with his hand, letting go of the skirt to do so. "It's like a culture thing almost."

"He's right. When were last here I saw that Sonarta Antartica and they wore skirts." Moose spoke up, looking the one Jay held over. "And they look nice." He grinned, licking his lips. "I'm in."

I chuckled, knowing he would be. I considered it for a moment, looking the one Jay held up and down. "Sure. Why not? When in Rome huh?"

Jay smiled and we all turned to look at Matt. "Come on man. What's the worst that could happen?"

Matt raised an eyebrow and shook his head with a sigh. "I guess if the rest of you are I will too. But I'm having a drink first." He reached over, grabbing the nearest bottle of beer, popping the top and downing a big gulp.

I watched as Jay handed the skirts to us and Moose was already undoing his flies which made me chuckle. No surprise there that he was the eager one. It was Moose after all. Jay may be the band slut but Moose was definitely the perv. He had the skirt on straight away, looking down and admiring himself. "Good job it's not too short or I'd be flashing everyone." He grinned, swaying his hips.

"I thought you were only meant to go commando in kilts."

Moose shrugged, his eyes sparkling at me. "True, but it's more comfortable without. You should try it."

I smiled and shrugged, reaching for my own fly. I grasped the metal between my fingers and pulled it down, popping open the button and pushing my jeans down, stepping out of them and nudging them aside. My boxers followed a few moments later, then I grabbed the skirt and pulled it up. It was heavier than I expected, though I hadn't been too sure what to expect. There was a belt thing around the waist so I used that to secure it in place. "Mmm it does feel good." It was rather freeing actually, my dick and balls hung unrestrained between my legs. I licked my lips and nodded to myself, aching. Yeah, this did feel really good.

I glanced over at Jay, who was in his skirt too by now, which certainly seemed to suit him. Matt didn't even try and put his on until he finished his beer. Unlike the rest of us he kept his underwear on and he ooked himself in the mirror as he smoothed the material down. "If they laugh us of stage..." He jabbed a finger at Jay, who smiled back at him.

"I'll do anything you guys want after this anyway, regardless of how it goes."

Matt kept his eyes on him in a narrowed glare, but said nothing else, instead reachig for the mini fridge.


The show went surprisingly well. All things considered. The crowds reaction was wild though that was usual for us by now. It was strange playing in skirts though with the air and the material occasionally swishing. And then when we put our feet on speakers like we usually do, forgetting that meant people might be able to see right up. But it was fun and it was different. And I was definitely keeping mine.

I couldn't wait to return to our room though. The show made me even hornier than usual.


When we got to our room three figures waitig for us. The middle one I recognised. from when we were last here. He was the one that had bought Jay back in that state. We still didn't know what exactly happened to him that day, despite attempts to find out from all of us to find out. He wore a black t-shirt and a skirt similar to the ones we all wore. Curious.

To his left was a man with dark hair in similar attire to him, with braids in his hair in amongst the curls. To his right was a man who just wore a skirt, with long brown hair and strange face paint. In fact looking at them now they all had it. It was a strage sorta... line thing, with bits branching off.

The middle one smirked and spoke, his voice deep and his eyes locked on Jay. "So I see you got some of your own."

Jay's cheeks flushed and he nodded, casting his eyes down. The man chuckled, licking his lips. "In your room, now." He spoke, voice insistant and commanding.

I shrugged, opening the door to our room and leading everyone inside. I had to admit I was curious what this was all about and they weren't half bad looking. My cock ached from the show, yearning for attention and maybe this would give me just what I wanted. The others filed in behind me, spreading out once we were inside.

Once the seen of us were inside Matt spoke up. "Ok, who the fuck are you?"

He turned to Matt and smirked again. "I am Virta." He nodded to the topless one. "That is Vreth. And that is Tundra." He gestured to the other, then stepped towards Matt, looming over him. "As for why we are here. Fun of course." He stepped in front of Jay, reaching and running a finger along the side of his face. "It'll be interesting to see if the rest of you are as slutty as this one."

The one he called Vreth scoffed, looking us over. "They don't look that slutty."

"They will when they're full of dick." Virta smirked tongue darting across his lips, looking us over. "Take off your shirts."

Matt looked at him, indignant. "No fucking way we're not..." Virta slapped him around the face hard enough to silence him.

"You will do as I say slut. And that includes no back talk." Matt looked at him, cheek turning bright red and he said nothing. "Better. Now do as I say." When Matt and Jay pulled their t-shirts off, me and Moose did the same. Virta admired us all nodding his approval at the sight. "Better." He smirked at Matt, licking his lips. "Now to make better use of your smart mouth."

Hands went to Matt's hair, pushing him down to his knees before him, pushing him under his skirt. It wasn't long before I heard the familiar sound of sucking from beneath the skirt. I glanced sidelong at Moose and Jay, unsure what we were expected to do. After all. There were three of them and four of us. So if each of them was expecting a blow job what who was doing who? And, more than that, what woud the remaining one do? Watch?

The one called Tundra spoke up, the language unfamiliar to me. Finnish maybe? His voice sounded uncertain, though it was hard to tell without knowing what was being said. Virta looked at him and replied in what I assumed was the same language. tundra nodded and pointed at Jay. "You, do that." Jay nodded and desended to his knees, lifting his skirt up and shifting under it, the sounds of sucking filling my ears.

So that left me and Moose with the unattended Vreth. He looked between the pair of us, as if sizing us up. His eyes eventually settled on me and a smirk crossed his lips. "You look like you'd be the best cock sucker. Now get on you knees and prove me right."

I swallowed, but followed the others, giving Moose a quick glance before descending to my knees and slipping under his skirt. The first thing I realised was how much the sounds were muffled down here. The second was his cock, which was a pretty good kinda size from what I coud make out. I took him between my lips and started to suck on him, bobbing up and down on his length. I heard faint sounds from beyond the skirt, though I was unsure if they were from him or the other two. Still, I did the best I could. I was a fair cock sucker, being in a band with those three ensured that, but not as good as Jay was in that area.

I heard someone speak, Virta I think, but couldn't make it out. Possibly he was saying something to Moose but what was unclear.

For now, my world had become just me and Vreth's cock which wasn't exactly unpleasent. I'd probably not admit this sober, but I did like to suck a strange new cock. I loved the others, don't get me wrong, but someone new was always... exciting. So I explored his dick with my tongue, testing and prodding it, lapping in places I knew others enjoyed to see which worked for him. It was hard to tell what he liked, since I couldn't clearly hear him and his hands weren't in my hair, so all I had to go on was his hip movements.

Suddenly, I felt the skirt lift up and hands on me, shifting my body so my lower half was outside the skirt. My own skirt was lifted and I felt hands parting my cheeks, followed by a tongue running along my crack, making me moan. Moose. It had to be. I groaned around Vreth's cock, sending vibrations through him as Moose's tongue pressed into me, circling around my insides.

It was agonisingly brief though. Soon he was pulled away, his fingers inside me instead. Which meant that this was prep work. If it was up to Moose he'd have his tongue buried up there for a lot longer than a few seconds. I closed my eyes, feeling him work me open with first one, then two lubed fingers. Again, it was quicker than he usually would and it made me wonder if he done the others too.

Virta spoke again and Moose's fingers retreated from me, followed by Vreth stepping back and away, his cock leaving my lips and the skirt falling from around me. The others had done the same. "On all fours, face forward."

The three of us all did as he said and I got a glimpse of the other two. Faces flushed, lips wet and swollen. They looked so hot like that. It was obvious what was going to happen next. Skirts got pushed up and I felt Vreth's cock against my crack. I gripped onto the floor as he thrust into me, a moan leaving my lips as he did but that was drowned out by similar moans from Matt and Jay.

It took a few thrusts for me to realise something: Moose was out of sight. I turned and looked for him spotting skirted legs sticking out from under Virta's skirt before Vreth grabbed my head and turned my head round. "Who said you could look around bitch?" I bit my lip as he thrust into me hard, my whole body shaking from it from the movement.

I clenched around Vreth's cock, my own bouncing, untouched between my legs and I heard him moan. That's all the room became from then on. The sounds of skin on skin, the rustle and creak of the skirts and moans leaving our lips filled the air. Fuck it was amazing and each noise made my cock leap. There was nothing like a good gang fuck.

I closed my eyes, resting my forehead against the floor, clenching around Vreth again and soaking up every noise that made. I wanted to touch myself, but knew that was probably a bad idea. He'd probably slap it away if I reached down anyway.

There was an especially loud groan, followed by mumbling in that language again. I figured, judging from where it came from, that meant Tundra had came. The first. Surprising really. If I'd bet, I'd have said it'd have been Virta, solely because he had Moose's tongue up his ass. Then again, Jay was a talented fuck so maybe it wasn't so surprising.

Nails dug into the flesh of my arse cheeks and that was followed by a similar moan from behind me and I felt Vreth's cock pulse up inside me, his hips stilling as he unloaded deep inside me. My cock still twitched and ached, hard and needy, but I didn't suppose he'd get me off now.

Another similar groan, another rush of words I didn't understand. Virta's turn to shoot now. "So worth it." He spoke the words, sounding only a little breathless. There was movement and I heard him speak again. "Clean them up." I knew he spoke to Moose, the familiar sounds of him licking filling the air and I squirmed, clenching to keep Vreth's cum inside me when he pulled out.

More shuffling, more movement, more licking. Jay's turn.

It seemed to take forever, but Moose got back to me again, his tongue diving right into me, circling around my insides and collecting all that cum, taking longer than before to lap inside me.

He pulled back after awhile, a whimper escaping my lips. "So what are we going to do with them now?" Vreth asked from behind us and I heard Virta chuckle.

"Look at them. All so hard, all so needy. I think they deserve some release." Virta spoke again and I shuddered at his words. "I believe the term for what you should do is 69ing."
I let out a low groan, Moose rolling me onto my back and getting above me. Before his skirt covered my head I noticed the same thing happening to the others, with Matt on top. Moose shifted my skirt up and I took his dick just as he did mine, bobbing up and down instantly.

Fuck Moose was good with his tongue, but it didn't matter much either way. Even a crappy blow job would do right now. I groaned around him as I felt myself get close thrusting up as I came, filling his mouth. It wouldve been embarrassingly fast if I'd not just gotten fucked. I sucked him sloppily but that didn't seem to matter. He still came all the same, coating my tongue not long after I'd released in his.

He rolled off me soon after and we lay there, panting, sweaty messes. Jay and Matt were in the same state, obviously both cumming pretty quick too.

Virta smirked at us, licking his lips. "Good boys." He steped towards us, lifting his skirt up and taing hold of his soft dick. He stood over the four of us and then, surprisingly, he started pissing, directing the flow so it landed across us all, his aim mostly at our hair.

"Now." He spoke again, as his flow subsided, the last drops landing across Jay's face before he dropped the skirt back down and let go. "We have to go onstage now, and you are going to be good slut's and stay here. No showers, no changing clothes." He smirked and turned with the others, not waiitng for a reply as he went, leaving us breathless.

Matt broke the silence, his eyes on Jay. "I guess now we know what hapened the last time we were here."
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