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Darkness There And Nothing More

Darkness There And Nothing More
Pairing: Loki/Thor
Rating: NC-17
POV: Thor
Warnings: BDSM
Prompt: 7: Blindfold
Notes: Set vaguely after Thor/before Avengers Assemble. For bloodyhands cause I failed and got mixed up over birthdays.

Darkness. I opened my eyes and there was darkness. I blinked several times, like that would make it better but it didn't. Something was covering them. I closed my eyes, trying to feel the state i was in and what happened. I was naked and I felt myself restrained, my hands chained and my body being held up.

I tried to think back on what happened, how I got here.

It started with a note. It was with a location and a simple message 'come here alone'. I knew it was him. It was his handwriting. I couldn't not go. The last I'd seen of him was him falling and I had to. If he was ok, I had to see him. So I'd come, not thinking, my only concern knowing if he was safe.

So I'd walked right into this. As soon as I was deep enough into the cave at the location everything went blank. I didn't know what happened, but that was all I could recall.

"Brother, you came after all." I shivered, not able to place where his voice was coming from. "I knew you would." I felt his fingers on my chest, chilling my skin. "Now I have you right where I want you." He whispered and now I was certain he was before me.

"Loki..." Before I could continue I felt something press between my lips, sealing my mouth.

"Hush brother." He whispered, and I felt him buckle it in place behind my head. "I don't want you for your words."

I shivered again, wondering what he did want me for, but then it hit me. It was obvious really. After all I was naked and I could put two and two together. His fingers trailed across my body and I heard and felt him circle behind me. "What I want from you is something else." He whispered, voice close to my ear, his fingers sliding along my cheeks. I swallowed behind the gag, his fingers pushing between them. "Just like old times." He whispered, voice soft as he pressed a finger into me, the tip slightly slick. I squeezed my eyes shut, taking a deep breath through my nose at intrusion. He pressed the digit deeper into me, my body jerking against my bonds. I heard him chuckle, his breath hot against my bare skin. He eased his finger out, only to replace it with two. I grunted behind the gag as he worked them inside me, preparing me for him. "This is what I missed with your banishment, the chance to claim you as my own." His tongue swiped across my shoulder. "Perhaps I should have bought you back in secret, kept you locked as my prisoner." He whispered, his fingers thrusting in and out of me. "Then perhaps I could have kept the throne."

I shivered at his words, his fingers curving inside me. He was probably right, if he'd done that his position would have been unchallenged and Asgard would still be his. Despite myself I felt my length twich and he chuckled, whispering in my ear. "See, you'd like that. You'd like to be my desperate, needy little slut. And soon, you'll get your wish." I shivered again, wondering what he meant exactly by that. Why say soon when he had me now?

I didn't get chance to think on it further. He quickly removed his fingers, replacing it with his length, filling me in one firm thrust. "Don't try to think dear brother, it doesn't suit you." He swiped his tongue across my neck. "Just focus on my dick." His hands gripped onto me and he started fucking me, the chains causing my body to sway from each thrust.

I closed my eyes to focus on him, the way he always made me feel full with each thrust, the way he hit my spot without even trying. I'd be crying out if I didn't have the gag. His grip became icy, sending shivers through my body. "Just you wait. I'm going to have such fun with you soon." He purred againt me, thrusting harder into me. His hands released their grip, inching closer towards my length. I gasped behind the gag as he wrapped his fingers around me, pumping me. "Enjoy this brother. I won't be so generous in future."

I shuddered slightly as he stroked me, his fingers tinged with coldness. I could practically feel him smirk against me as he increased his pace, his hand stroking firmly, his lips dancing along my shoulder and neck. "You're going to be a good boy and you're going to cum for me." He purred, his tongue licking around the shell of my ear. "And you're going to cover that chest of yours with it." I trembled slightly. I didn't realise I was that close but his words... his words seemed to be having an effect on me, bringing me closer than just his thrusts alone. I choked back a gasp, my head tipping as he purred again. "Cum for me brother..." I felt myself arch as I came, almost from his words alone, feeling it land hot and wet against my skin.

He released me, but maintained his thrusts for awhile. I wasn't sure how long. The intensity of my orgasm and being blindfolded left me dazed. What I did know was that he followed me with a groan and soon after, things went blank agin.


When I awoke I was still naked, but the chains, gag, blindfold and, most importantly, Loki, were gone. I was in the cave where all this had started and, thankfully, he'd left me with at least my clothes. Otherwise, there was just darkness and nothing more. Though something bothered me. Why not just take me? Why say soon? What was he up to?

I shook my head. He was definitely up to something andd something big. I guess now it was up to me to try and work out what it was. With a sigh, I heaved myself of the floor towards my clothes and began to dress.
Tags: 35 fics, fic, loki, loki/thor, slash, the avengers, thor
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