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Pairing: Calvin Roffey/Jay James
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Warnings: BDSM
Prompt: 23: Corset
Notes: Ok so the other night this was said and I knew then I had to do something with it so this is it. I also blame lc_ffaf for this (well, blame and thank in equal measure).

"So, how do I look?" I turned to Moose and he smiled, looking me over.

"Fuck Jay..." He whispered, his tongue darting across his lips as his gaze roamed over me. He'd not seen what I was going to wear. No one had. The outfit was black for the most part, because there was no way I'd wear white. it was meant to be a symbol of purity, which I sure as hell wasn't, and it was also traditional, which was what this ceremony wasn't about. my upper half was contained in a corset, which Moose was going to finish securing on me. My lower half my covered in a skirt that reached the floor, made of black leather. Beneath I wore a pair of lacy panties, purple and tight around my length, though he couldn't see that. It held a plug, which was firmly seated in my arse. Completing the outfit were a pair boots that went half way to my knees.

"Moose, finish me up." He smiled and came over and I felt his hands over the rubber corset before he set to work on it. I gasped as he pulled the purple cords tight, the corset constricting my breathing slightly. I groaned as I felt him finish up, turning to him and smiling. "Thanks Moose." I kissed his cheek and he returned my smile, his eyes lustful. I wasn't sure how he could be after the night he'd put on for me, but that was Moose all over.

"You look beautiful."I smiled at his words, noting how his boner made a noticeable bulge in his own outfit. His was much simpler, just leather trousers and boots. It meant his chest was on display, which was always a nice sight.

"Thanks. So do you." He flashed me a grin, then turned, heading to his stuff. "If you put one of your fucking hats on I'll burn them all." He turned to me, flashing those puppy eyes of his, but I growled. "I mean it!" He nodded and relented, the sight of me clearly distracted by me again. "Now let's go."

Matt was in the room outside, similarly attired to Moose. It was clear Padge had already gone. "Woah..." He muttered, practically gawping at me. He quickly swallowed and shook himself. "Er... Darran called, everyone's waiting for you. I was just about to see if you were ready." He swallowed again. "I er... I see you are."

"Almost." I smiled and nodded. "Just one last thing." The pair of them groaned at the last item I picked up, a rubber hood, which I slipped over my head. Now it was time.


We made our way down to a large room two floors down, stopping beside the door. "Ready?" Moose asked with a smile and I nodded, watching through the tinted lenses of the hood as he waved into the room, music filling the air. Not the traditional musi either. I swallowed and, with them flanking me, I entered the room.

There were a few people seated in the chairs. On the left were Funeral For A Friend, plus Darran and Luke Johnson, the latter on Moose's request. On the right were most of the members of Smoking Hearts and a few others. All of them wore the same as Matt and Moose, bar Darran whose penchant for rubber shone through.

Padge was at the front of the room, along with one other. Calvin. I smiled at the sight of him. He looked so pretty, his long hair framing his face. His attire was more elaborate, than the others. Black leather trousers and boots, with straps criss-crossing his inked chest. He grinned and the sight of me, his face lighting up. He looked beautiful.

I stopped before him and he reached up, removing the hood and looking into my eyes. "You look amazing." He whispered and I smiled, mouthing 'you too' back to him.

The music stopped and I looked sidelong at Padge. Thank fuck I'd talked him out of wearing thaat priest outfit he'd worn on Halloween. Instead he wore a jacket which was open enough to expose some skin. I wondered how much I'd drunk to agree to him doing this. He grinned at us, then began. "We are gathered here today, yada yada. I ain't gonna bother with the traditional thing. After all, nothing about this is traditional right?" He grinned and I heard faint chuckles from some of them. "You guys all know we're here for Calvin and Jay, for their freaky decision to get married. So we'll let them get on with it." He nodded to Calvin and he smiled.

Calvin reached up, threading his hands through my hair and pushing me down to my knees. "Like your song says, you looks so beautiful down on your knees and I know it's the place where you belong." He smiled and licked his lips, his fingers running through my hair as I looked up at him. "And I promise to keep you there as often a possible." I leaned forward, nuzzling the bulge of his cock, a groan leaving his lips. "My good little slut." I smiled, licking along his bulge, watching as he made a motion with his hand.

Matt stepped up and handed him something, Calvin's hand tugging my head back. he bought down the collar he'd been handed, wrapping it around my neck. He didn't utter the words, but the meaning was so clear it was unecessary.

"Thank you sir." I responded in a soft purr, kissing his crotch. "I promise to always do whatever you ask, regardless of how degrading or humiliating it may be." I ran my tongue along the outline of his dick, feeling it twitch as he let out a small groan. I turned from him to Moose, who smiled and handed me a collar. This one was simpler than the one I wore and made of metal, which I reached up and slipped around Calvin's neck, the metal even clearer against his inked skin.

"Ok then." Padge spoke up, my eyes turning to him. "Well I guess that means you're now..." He wrinkled his forehead slightly, as if searching for the words before eventually shrugging. "Well, whatever the fuck you two are." He grinned and licked his lips. "You may now perform your first official fuck together."

I smiled, Calvin's hands back in my hair and he pushed me towards his crotch. My teeth gripped his zipper, pulling it down steadily, releasing him almost immediately. He'd not bothered with underwear, which made me ache in mine. I parted my lips, taking his full length with practised ease. I swallowed him whole, glancing up at him. Fuck his cock felt perfect in my mouth. I mean, he certainly wasn't the biggest dick in the room nor was he the smallest. He still felt nice though. I purred around him, twisting my tongue around his length to wet him. I heard the faint sounds of zippers, knowing without having to look that pretty much everyone would be wanking.

Calvin pulled back, his wet cock sliding out with a whimper from my throat. I knew I was gonna get it up my arse, but I still made the sound on instinct. I heard him chuckle above, stroking my hair. "On all fours my little slut."

"Yes sir." I smiled and shifted into position, raising my arse up. As I did he moved around me and I felt his hands run under my skirt.

"Mmmm my little slut's got panties on." I practically heard the smirk in his voice as he hooked his fingers in the material, pulling it down my legs to my knees. "And a plug too." I felt his fingers grip the end, giving it a quick twist before removing it from my body. I heard him cast it aside, then his hands left me. "I know you didn't want a ring, but I could't resist." I felt him slip a hand under me, a groan catching my throat as I felt a ring slide around my cock, the cool metal fitting snuggly around my base. A perfect fit. He leaned down and purred against my ear, giving my length a squeeze. "I used the mold of your dick to get a custom one just for you." He squeezed it again, purring as he shifted back. I felt him lift the skirt up lining himself up with my entrance. He ran his dick along my cleft teasingly, before pressing into me and I groaned at being filled.

His hands gripped onto the sides of my corset as he started to move, fucking me hard right away. I groaned at each thrust, his dick purposely angling to catch my spot. I could feel my strangled dick ache and twitch as he did, thr force of his thrusts making my body tremble.

I looked up as I felt shadows fall over me, my eyeline filled with dick. I knew their owners without having to look up. The biggest was obvious Rich's, while the smallest in view was Matt's. The other two belonged to Padge and Ben, Calvin's bandmate though his was the oneI was least familiar with. I parted my lips, ready to lean in and offer myself to them, but a hand tangled in my hair, pulling me back. The angle toldme it was Calvin's and I whimpered. "Remember boys, over his face, don't let the little cocksucker get even an inch of dick between his lips." They all made affirmative noises, their hands working their cocks. It was a mesmorising sight and my eyes flickered between their lengths, trying to work out who was closest. It was a tough one to call, but at least it took my mind off my own ache.

"Do you want him gagged?" I heard Moose ask from somewhere to my right. "Cause I mean we've got a fair few over here."

For a moment I wondered why he had such things, but then it hit me. Gifts. Pretty much the only traditional thing about this, but it was one tradition I was on board with. Calvin slowed his movements, seeming to consider his words. "Hold em up."

There was a few moments where the only movement came from the men before me jacking their cocks. It seemed to last for both a long time, yet not that long at all.

"That one." Calvin uttered and I heard the sound of something being thrown, him letting go of me to catch it. The next thing I knew there was a set of metal rings between my lips, straps being pulled and buckles secured behind my head. I wonder who'd got this. I let out a whimper not at the gag, but at the loss of Calvin's dick, feeling his hands move to fully removed my underwear, the material quickly being stuffed between my open lips.

It was when that the first load of cum landed across my face, though Calvin's dick re-entering me took ensured my focus wasn't on it. When he was back in a rhythm I noticed Matt was gone and no one had yet took his place.

Second was Rich, who came across my face in thick splatters shortly after I gained my focus. I let out a groan, which came out as more of a gurgle and watched as he moved away, chuckling softly.

Calvin hit my spot then, my eyes lidding at the sensation and i inhaled the scent of cum. My dick ached once more, my body becoming aware that I'd not be shooting myself anytime soon. When I opened my eyes again another had took Rich's place, Pat I think judging by the size, and I heard the familiar wet sounds of dicks being sucked. As I turned to try and see, Calvin's hand shot back in my hair, maing sure my face was forward.

"That's not for you slut. Keep your focus." I nodded a tiny bit, gurgling again and focussed on him. My eyes lidded again and I turned my attention solely on him, squeezing my muscles when he thrust into me and making the occasional gurgled sound which I knew was turning me on. During that time a third load hit me, the grunt accompanying it indicating it was Padge's, followed by another soon after. I didn't open my eyes to check who it was, keeping my focus as Calvin had asked.

I felt his hands shift back to the sides of my corset, my body shaking from his harsh thrusts again. I tried to keep my head up as best I could, my lids becoming sticky from the loads the others shot over me which made it easier to keep my eyes shut. I was now completly lost, unable to tell who was doing it and when, the only proper feeling being his thrusts and his head catching my spot.

He seemed to last forever, but he did cum inside me, groaning my name out as he rode his orgasm out, his thursts becoming more languid as he did so. Fuck he was amazing. I cracked one eye open as he let go of me, catching a dazed sight of the few last wet dicks shooting streamers over me, another gurgle leaving my lips and then I closed it again.

I only opened my eye again when he pulled out and I heard him move before me. "You should seem yourself, you look even more beautiful." I smiled a little around the gag and he waved Moose down who held a camera. Had he recorded the whole thing? He flipped the screen around and I saw myself, my face completely caked in thick, white cum. Calvin smiled at my expression, reaching down and pulling the underwear from my lips, the lacy material completely sodden now, and he cast it aside. I watched his fingers as they ran across my cheek, collecting a mixture of the pearly fluid on his digits. He smiled at me, slipping both fingers into my mouth, my tongue instantly lapping at his fingers, eager for the taste.

He leaned in close to me, running his tongue across the mixture covering my other cheek and purred one word in my eat. Just one.

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