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Pairing: Darran Smith/Tundra/Virta
Rating: NC-17
POV: Virta
Warnings: BDSM
Prompt: 9: Rubber
Notes: For the awesome lc_ffaf (who did an awesome prequel to this that can be found here). This is a sequel to this fic. I'm really happy with how this turned out.

I watched as Darran went into the kitchen to prepare some food, casting my eyes down to Tundra. "So this was why you insisted we tour and have time off here." I smiled, licking my lips. "You could've said something." His cheeks flushed a little and he smiled sheepishly.

"I..." He chewed on his lip, his gaze flicking away from me. "I didn't know how to bring it up." I nodded, not really surprised by that. I'd not even know he was into anything like this. I patted his head, reaching down and tucking my dick away and zipping myself up with my free hand.

I looked up as I heard movement from somewhere upstairs. Clearly Darran had left the kitchen, though I could definitely smell something cooking. I couldn't help but wonder what he was doing up there. Was he getting something or setting something up? I guess we'd know soon enough.

He returned after a few minutes, smiling at me. "If you're going to stay you need to be ore appropriately attired." He tossed me something and I looked at it a it landed on my lap. It was a rubber skirt. "Put it on." He gave me a look, one which made it clear he wouldn't take no for an answer and that he'd stare me down till he got what he wanted. I shrugged a little and stood, undoing my flies again and pulled my jeans down, stepping out of them and setting them beside me. "Boxers off too." I raised an eyebrow, but hooked my fingers into them anyway and oushed them down, leaving me bear from the waist down. I picked up the skirt and stepped into it, pulling the material up my legs. It wasn't that different to the other skirts I'd worn really, except it was a little tighter and the black rubber was shinier than the leather I usually wore. What surprised me was that it was lighter. I looked at him and he smiled, nodding in approval.

I returned to my seat, watching as he headed into the kitchen, my eyes on his rubber-clad body. It clung to his kin in all the right places and, if I'd cum not so long ago I'd be aching again. Instead all my dick could manage was a twitch against the skirt.

He returned after a few moments, carrying plates for all of us. Pizza and chips. That'd do.


It was pretty good. We'd ate, drank, talked a little. Seems he'd been in a band awhile back, but had gotten weary of it. Now he DJ'd, which seemed to make him happy. It seemed that him and Tundra had been interacting online for quite sometime too, almost a year. That would explain why they'd been so comfortable right away.

Once we'd done he went took the bottles and plates in the kitchen, then returned to us with a smile. "Let's head up shall we?" I nodded and the three of us headed up, Darran taking the lead. His room seemed normal enough, which was a little surprising, but I hadn't know what to expect exactly. I took a seat on the room's chair, watching as Darran led Tundra to the bed. "Like we discussed."

Tudra nodded, the movement making his hair sway. He got on the bed and laid down, face down with arms and legs outstretched. Darran smiled, moving around him. Rubber straps attached to the bed secured his wrists in place. He then shifted around the bed and pulled Tundra's rubber trousers down, removing them fully from him. His ankles were then strapped in just as his wrists were. I swallowed at the sight, my dick reponding, my length swelling beneath the skirt.

"Mmmm look at you, such a pretty little slut." He smiled and threaded his fingers through his hair, combing them through his locks. Hr turned to me, catching me by surprise. "Come here." He beckoned me with a finger as he spoke and I came over, uncertain as to what he had in mind. He smiled at me, picking something up from the bedside table which I immediately recognised as a dildo. It was black rubber, matching their outfits. He returned to me, hooking his fingers in my t-shirt andd pulling it off, tossing it aside and running his han over my body. "You have such a nice body, it would look so good covered in a layer of rubber." He smiled, licking his lips and handing me the dildo. "Stick it inside him and fuck him with it."

I blinked, looking at him bewildered. As hot as this was I'd never done anything like this before. "It's easy." He took my wrist and guided it towards Tundra's ass, angling the dildo to his hole. "Just like this." He smiled, pushing my hand so the toy entered him, making my bandmate groan. "Normally you'd need lube, but since he's open and had a good fuck... well." I watched as Tundra's ass took the whole shaft, much easier than I would have expected and Darran let go. "Now, fuck him with it."

I swallowed and started to move the toy, enjoying the sounds Tundra made at every thrust. Darran was moving, doing things out of my sight, but at the moment I didn't mind. I kept moving the dildo in and out of him, steadily building up a rhythm. I could definitely see the appeal of this, even though my cock ached. I used my other hand to give it a quick squeeze through the rubber.

Darran appeared in my field of vision again beside Tundra. "Open wide." I looked up, watching as he pushed a rubber ball gag between his lips, buckling it up behind his head, running his fingers through his hair. "Such a pretty little slut." He smiled, Tundra's sounds of pleasure becoming muffled instantly.

Darran moved again and then I felt him press up against me, the rubber squeaking. "You like this, don't you?" He breathed in my ear, his hand stroking down my chest. "You like fucking him with the toy but..." He reached down, giving my cock a squeeze through the rubber. "I bet you want this in him instead."


I felt him bite at my neck and I groaned. "Yes what?" I blinked, searching for what he meant and he squeezed my cock hard. "Yes what bitch?"

"Yes... sir."

"Better." I felt him breathe against my neck. "Take out the dildo and hand it to me, then you can fill him."

I nodded eagerly, removing the toy and giving it straight to him, lifting the skirt and lining up with Tundra's opening. I pressed my dick against his open, twitiching hole, sliding in to take the dildo's place. Fuck he felt amazing, so warm and the way he twitched made me ache all the more.

Almost as soon as I did so I felt fingers at my own ass. I swallowed, taking a deep breath as I felt his slick fingers enter me. I wasn't quite a virgin, but I preferred to fuck I hadn't had anything inside me for awhile. Nonetheless, his fingers pressed inside me, opening me up with practised ease. Even thugh I'd not had any in awhile it soon felt like I was ready to take something. I groaned as his fingers retreated, pulling back to try and keep them in me, but I realised that meant being out of Tundra so I thrust back inside him.

The empty feeling didn't last long though, as I felt the rubber dildo against my hole. I cried out as he pushed it in me, the length inching it's way inside my body. I wondered if he was going to do what he'd gotten me to do to Tundra, fuck me with the length, but I felt something that made me doubt it. I felt his hand wrap straps around me, securing the dildo in place, fully seated inside me. "Now, be a good bitch and fuck him." He breathed against me, when he was done.

I found myself nodding as he pulled away, starting to thrust in and out. Every thrust I amde inside Tundra caused the dildo inside me to move just a little and I groaned, the rubber catching my spot. I let out a moan, increasing the speed of my thrusts, so I was jackhammering in and out of him now, the sound of skin against skin being mingled with our moans.

I caught sight of Darran again as he climbed onto the bed, unbuckling the gag and pulling it from Tundra's lips. His hand next pulled his fly open, grabbing his length and rubbing it over Tundra's face. I watched as Tundra gave him head for a second time, this time from a better angle and fuck, it was even hotter now.

The sight, combined with the feeling of the dildo and Tundra's insides constantly squeezing around me, tipped me over the edge, a groan leaving my lips as I filled him. That was so fucking... I would definitely try and do this with him again.

Before I had chance to recover I felt a hand in my curls, pulling me down so my sweaty chest was pressed against Tundra's rubber clad back. The reasoning became clear as Darran pulled out, shooting not just across Tundra's face, but mine as well, his seed splattering acrosss my cheeks.

He panted breathlessly above us and we looked up to his grinning face. "You both look so perfect like that. My little slut." He ran his hand through Tundra's hair. "And my new bitch." He ran his other hand through my curls. "If you want to be." He looked right at me, his dominant character breaking a little. After all, only Tundra had signed up for this, I'd just come along for the ride.

I swallowed, getting my breath back. Really, there was only one answer that I could give. "Yes... sir."
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