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Pairing: Luke Johnson/Moose
Rating: NC-17
POV: Luke
Warnings: Fisting, BDSM
Notes: I blame lc_ffaf for sending me this pic which led me to these thoughts.

The thing I liked about the Welsh was that they were all such pervs. I found that out not long after joining Lostprophets and it was soon confirmed as being a trait held by their other countrymen too. So whenever something came to mind I knew all I'd need was a Welshman.

And that bought me to Moose's place.

Moose, who I knew was a kinky fuck and would at least listen to my ideas. Well, he'd not yet turned one down yet anyway but there was always a first. "Well." He looked at me as he took a drink from his beer. "I assume you came here for more than just a beer and a catch up." He looked at me, eyes practically sparkling. "So, what is it?"

"Huh?" I smiled and he waggled his eyebrows.

"Don't play coy Luke, I know something's on your mind." He licked his lips, reaching down to cup himself. "So go on. What is it?"

"Alright." I set my beer down and licked my lips, looking at him. "Fisting."

He chuckled and leaned forward. "Giving or recieving?" He asked and I squirmed a little at the tone of his voice, noting how his fingers flexed.


"Ah." He smiled, downing the last of his drink before setting it on the table. "Well then let's get to it then."

I was always surprised at how willing he was to do things just like that, seemingly without even thinking. He stood and pulled his t-shirt up and off him, leading me to his room. Well, not his room exactly. He had two. One was his bedroom, which was pretty much like a regular one. Then there was another, which he called his fucking room. The name was appropriate as it was dedicated to pretty much every sort of fucking. There was a swing, chains, a bondage bed, cages... the works. I'd never seen a larger collection of toys anywhere, even sex shops. The first time I'd seen it is was quite intimidating, but not anymore.

I took my own clothes off, watching as he finished doing the same. "Right then, I assume you've not done this before?"

I shook my head slightly. "You?" I asked, sensing that I knew the answer already.

"Oh of course. Both, though mostly giving." his eyes looked a little glassy for a moment and I could tell he was dazing. "Bless Jay." He shook his head a little to clear the thought and returned his attention to me. "Right." He walked across to the swing and smiled, running his fingers over it. "Want me facing you?"

I swallowed, nodding a little and came to him, lifting him into it amd strapping his legs so he was spread open for me. i licked my lips. He looked so good like that. "Oi, stop staring and get to it." I shook myself a little and nodded, heading to the lube dispenser on the wall. I was surprised that no one else did that. I squeezed some onto my fingers and headed back to him, looking him over briefly before getting between his spread legs. I pressed a finger at his openig, but he shook his head. "Two fingers, I'm not a pussy."

I smiled and nodded, pressing another finger alongside the first, pressing them into him. He groaned as I pushed my fingers deeper into him, the digits sliding in easily. No surprise, he was hardly a virgin. He wasn't a complete cockslut like a few I could name, but he took it often enough. I worked my fingers in and out of him, scissoring my fingers a little inside him to open him open.

He groaned, swaying on the swing and he looked at me. "Add another." I pulled them back, pressing the third alongside him. "That's it..." He moaned, the sound coming out as a purr. "You just keep it up like that." I nodded, moving them in and out, alternating between fast and slow movements. "When I look open enough, work the rest in."

I nodded and looked down at his ass, the sight of his hole being stretched by my fingers causing my hard length to throb. After a few more thrusts, I felt he looked ready so I pressed my little finger and thumb alongside my other fingers, watching his opening stretch to accomodate them. I let out a gasp of my own, easing my hand in as well. He groaned louder and I looked up to see his head tipped back, his hands gripping the chains that held the swing in place.

I pressed my hand the rest of the way inside of him, marvelling that I had the whole thing inside of him. I swallowed, circling my wrist, keeping my movements inside him slow and careful. "I know you've not done this before." I heard him mutter, his body swaying a little more. "But you don't have to be that fucking gentle."

"Ok." I replied simply, starting to move my hand steadily inside him. This felt so strange, but I guessed it should. I was used to feeling the twitch of his arse around my fingers or dick, but not wrist. I looked him over again, at the way his hair clung to his face, the way his chest rose and fell. His aching dick twitching. The bulge from my hand. Fuck. I wiggled my fingers, watching as he moaned, his hips thrusting up.

To be honest, I'd not been exactly sure what to do when my fist was in him. I mean it was so fucking hold to see and it made me glad that Moose had camera's in here set up to start the second the door opened. However, I'd not known if I'd fuck him or whatever. Right now, though, I just enjoyed the feel of him around me and how... odd it all was.

"Fuck..." He muttered as my fingers stroked his insides and I figured out why pretty quickly. I kept rubbing the area, watching as he jerked and swayed. My eyes were on his dick, watching it bob and twitch between his legs until he thrust up. I watched, enthralled as he came over himself without being touched.

"Fuck..." I muttered, removing my hand from him slowly, licking my lips again. I quickly walked around his hanging body, noting how his head was at just the right height. "Taking it slut." I growled when I was in position, holding his chin so his mouth was at the right angle to take my dick. He wasn't the best cocksucker to begin with and since he was recovering from his own orgasm it just made him sloppier, but that didn't bother me. The warm wetness of his mouth and his twitching tongue against my length was enough.

I didn't need too much before I let go, shooting down his throat. The sight had just been too much for me to last much longer.

I pulled out, panting heavily and he smiled up at me, lazily licking his lips. "So what did you think?" He asked, flicking his tongue out towards me.

I just nodded. "Yeah, it was so hot." I smiled, running a finger through his cum and wiping it over his lips. "Maybe we'll do it again."

He chuckled and nodded, swaying a little. "That's the spirit! You learn something new every day." He grinned, his eyes sparkling up at me. "Now, how about you let me down and we get another beer?"
Tags: bullet for my valentine, fic, fucking room-verse, lostprophets, luke johnson, luke johnson/moose, moose, slash
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