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Pairing: Jamie Oliver/Lee Gaze
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jamie
Warnings: Sex
Notes: AU. This is all Leerkat's fault. First for saying Lee's name meant Meadow and then for the image of him being a dancer and for some reason I just had to do it. I never expected for this to become so long, but here it is. It would've been done earlier if not for heading out/films. Also unlike other prophets fic, this'll be unlocked for awhile.

It was the last Friday of the month which I always looked forward to. I'd always come here, to this strip club in Cardiff. I came on Fridays for a specific dancer. That wasn't to say the others weren't hot and they were many who were attractive, like the one with the gun tattoos on his hips or the one with the lizard on his back. However one stood out to me that made me keep coming back.

His name, or stage one anyway, was Meadow. He had bleached blonde hair that swooped across his face and the sight of him always made my dick twitch. I glanced up at the stage from where I sat, waiting for him. Usually I'd sit further away in a booth, but this time I'd felt a little braver so I sat close to the stage.

I shifted in my seat, taking a drink from my beer bottle as I waited. Right now there was another dancer finishing his act, though I was only paying half attention to his body grinding against the pole in the middle of the stage.

I glanced up when he seperated from the pole, his long hair clinging to his skin as he made his way off stage. Soon.I shifted a little more as I waited, the gap between the act before Meadow's and his always seemed the longest.

Finally he came onstage and I stared at him, his bleached blonde hair swooped across his face. He didn't wear much and tonight it was all turqoise. He wore a thong, which bulged from his length. Covering his upper half was a skin tight top, with beads and sequins sewn into it. I squirmed slightly, watching as he sauntered across the stage to the music, swaying his hips.

When he got to the pole he gripped onto it with both hands, pressing his hips against it, making the men around me woop and make other such noises. I swallowed at the sounds. I never really saw the point in making such noises and I was always quiet. I watched as he rolled his hips against the bar, his head tipping back. I watched as his body arched, curving away from the pole. Fuck. He always made it look so effortless.

He smiled at us, moving around the pole, grinding his hips as he did so. When he had his back to us, he turned around so that it was his arse that was pressed agaisnt the pole. The sight made my own ache. His fingers reached down to the base of his top, pulling it up teasingly slow. I swallowed again, watching intently as he revealed his body to us. I wet my lips when he pulled it up high enough to show off his nipples. They were hard little nubs, sticking out from his slender chest. The sight caused more men to hoot. He smiled at us when he removed the top and his eyes seemed to linger on me. I shook myself mentally. No, I was being absurd, it was only in my mind. But then when he tossed his top out, it landed on my table. I swallowed, wondering if it did mean something or not but how was I meant to know?

I shook myself again. No, just enjoy. Keep your concentration here and now. So I gave the material a squeeze and then smiled at him, but he was already turning around.He was back to arching again, a sight made all the hotter by his upper half being on display. He ground against the pole, his dick clearly becoming harder from the movement.

I watched, transfixed as he did the rest of his dance. He arched more, pressing his crotch against the metal pole. He did a few more twirls and, once his song was done he flashed a smile at us all and seperated, heading offstage, giving us a wave before going.

I sighed, adjusting myself and lifting his top up, giving it a quick sniff before finishing off my drink. Now that he was gone that was my cue to leave also. To head home and wank to what I'd just witnessed. This would certainly help with that.

I stood and made my way towards the exit, weaving through the tables with my prize in hand. I could hear the music start for the next dancer as I reached the exit and I turned back just to see who it was. Lizard boy. I slipped out as the cheering resumed.

The air was cool against my heated skin, but I shrugged it off and made my way home. I lived close enough to walk, which suited me just fine. I walked down the street, hearing the usual sounds of Cardiff at night, but there was something else. Footsteps, moving fast. I shrugged it off and kept walking, until I heard a voice. "Wait!"

I stopped, turning round just in case the voice was calling for me. It was a man, though it was hard to tell in the dark. He was wearing a hoodie with the hood pulled up so I couldn't make out his face. I pointed at myself and he nodded, slowing down until he stood before me. "Er.... who are you?"

He lifted his face up so it caught the light and I gasped. Meadow. he smiled at the clear recognition on my face. "I... er... do you want this?" I held up the shirt and he smiled, shaking his head.

"I've noticed you." He stood beside me and nodded slightly. "Keep going, I'll walk with you." I nodded and found my feet moving on autopilot, the route so well travelled I memorised it. "I've seen you. Every month on the last Friday for at least a year now. Well, a year since I noticed you at first anyway. I tried to see you a few times, but I've never been quick enough to catch you before." He smiled a little and I almost melted. "You're slippery."

"Well I er..."

"Just come for me?" I blushed, nodding a little.

"When you looked at me, I thought it was nothing but you were really... looking at me weren't you?" He nodded at me and I swallowed. "So er..." I swallowed again, finding my voice. "Why are you here? Not... not that it's not nice to be talking to you or anything."

He smiled and nodded a little. "I want to go with you to your place and then... I'm yours."

"I... what?" I blinked, not sure if this was real. "Am I dreaming?"

He chuckled and reached over, pinching me. "Nope." Fuck.

"Well er... here we are." I mumbled, still not quite believing it when we reached my place. I fished my keys out my pocket and opened the door, leading him in. "I... do you want anything to..."

He caught me off guard, kissing me and pushing me against the wall. i found myself kissing back almost immediately, still doubting this was real. I was kissing him, the man I'd thought about so much. The man I dreamed of. That I'd jerked off thinking of. It felt like a dream. He pulled away from my lips, a smile on his face. "What's your name?" He whispered, running his hands over my chest.

"J... Jamie." He smiled that smile of his that made me go weak, then kissed me again.

"Come on Jamie, show me to your room." I nodded and he let me go, letting me lead him up to my room. I was a little embarassed by the state of it. After all, I'd not expected any company so everything was scattered around.

Thankfully he didn't seem to care, as he kissed me again, pushing me towards the bed. I ran my hands under his hoodie, surprised to find bare skin beneath. He smiled, seperating from me. "I knew I had to run pretty quick to get you." He smiled, looking down. "I just had time to throw this and my jeans on." I swallowed, pulling down the zipper to his hoodie, marvelling at how the skin I'd been watching for so long was so close I could touch it. I kept pulling it down, then pushed the material off him, gazing over his body as I cast it aside.

And then something clicked. This was, after all what I'd wanted for so long. I may as well do it like I'd dreamed of. I rolled him over and straddled him, leaning down to lick along his neck. I reached down as I did so, undoing his flies, groaning softly when I felt that he still wore the thong from earlier. I seperated from him completely, pulling his jeans down from him to his ankles, realising neither of us had removed our shoes at the door. So I took the chance now, removing his slip ons so I could fully remove his jeans. Fuck he looked beautiful, even more so up close. I reached up his legs, my fingers running along his skin. I grasped the thong, pulling it down his legs, setting it down beside him, my eyes on his dick. He parted his legs a little more so he was on display and just... fuck. He looked perfect. Even better than I'd imagined.

"Aren't you a little overdressed?"

His words broke me from my daze and I looked down, realising that while he was naked I still had everything on. "Er... yeah..." I nodded and reached down, starting to work on my own clothing. I couldn't do it like he did, making it look sexy. I was just... awkward. I quickly removed my jacket, then my shirt, trainers and jeans, leaving me just in my bulging underwear. The whole time he was laying there, his lubed up fingers working in and out. of him, the sight making my fingers turn to jelly. I swallowed, then hooked my thumbs in it and pulled them down as well, my dick slapping against my belly. I blushed as I saw him looking at me with hunger in his eyes, his tongue snaking out across his lips.

"Fuck me Jamie." He smiled, parting his legs even more so I got an even clearer view of his fingers darting in and out of him. "Please."

I swallowed again as he tossed me the lube but I quickly spread it over my aching dick. I tossed the lube back on the bed, then approached him, watching his slim fingers slip out of him so that I had access. I pressed myself against him, looking into his eyes as I did. He groaned, the sound filling the air along with my own sounds of pleasure, of getting what I'd wanted for so long. I leaned down over him, kissing him as my hips pressed against his ass. I let my eyes lid, enjoying the feeling of being inside him, of his lips on mine, of my hands roaming across his pale skin. All of it. It was all I'd pictured it to be and so much more.

Reality caught up with me when he squeezed around me. I started to move my hips, pulling out of him until just my head remained, before thrusting back. I parted from his lips, but onnly to hear the sweet sounds he made as I fucked him. He looked so pretty, his head tipped back a little, his lidded, lips parted.

I shifted a hand down his body, my fingers wrapping around his length. I started to pump him as I thrust into him, watching him twist and writhe beneath me. His hands balled against the sheets and his whole body arched like it did on stage. Fuck. I kissed him again, catching his lips with my own. I lapped at him, begging for entrance as I snapped my hips against him. Our tongues met and danced, the kiss all hunger and lust.

As wonderful as this was, I knew it wouldn't last for too much longer. After all, this had been my fantasy for so long that the reality was just too much. I could probably try and stop myself, make myself last longer, but the truth was I just didn't want to. So when I felt myself start to tense up, I just let myself go, shooting deep inside his warm, tight heat while moaning his name.

Thankfully I wasn't alone and I felt him twitch in my hand, shooting across our bellies. The feeling made me smile and I'd have cum if I hadnt already just from the knowledge that I'd gotten him off. It was a wonderful feeling and one which left me dazed.

I laid down on top of him, giving him a few brief kisses as we me both came down, my hands now holding him loosely. "You were... amazing." I whispered against his skin, when I finally thought it was safe for me to form words.

"So were you." I looked up, seeing a warm smile on his lips.

"Thank you... Meadow." I returned his smile, resting my head against him. "I er... hope we can do that again."

I felt his fingers comb through my hair and heard him chuckle a little. "Oh we will. Definitely. And it's Lee." I looked up at him again, that same smile still on his lips. "My real name."

I nodded and returned his laugh. "Well, my real first name's Richard, Jamie's my middle name, but I prefer it."

He stroked my hair and I hard him make an affirmative noise. "I do too." I nuzzled against his sticky chest and felt him kiss my hair. "Mind if I stay?" I shook my head, glad that he wanted to. I certainly didn't want him to go anywhere. "Good. And maybe tomorrow we can get to know move than name's." I smiled and kissed his shoulder, nodding again.

"Yeah..." I murmered, feeling myself start to drift off against him. "I'd like that." I felt himself settle too, his slim arms holding me close against him. I really hoped that I'd wake and this wasn't just the most realistic dream I'd ever had.
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