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Pairing: Darran Smith/Tundra/Virta
Rating: NC-17
POV: Virta
Warnings: BDSM
Notes: Again for the awesome lc_ffaf. I thank her so much for sending me info and stuff, and i'm very pleased with this one. I see Tundra in this.

"Where are we going?" I asked as I followed Tundra through the streets of Cardiff, his black PVC outfit billowing out behind him. This was all a mystery to me. Firstly there was his outfit, one that he'd not wore since before I'd joined the band as far as I knew. Secondly was where we were going. I didn't know that, but he seemed awfully sure. The thing was we'd not toured in south Wales before so unless he'd come alone he really shouldn't know anywhere to go. Unless he had no idea and was just trying to get me lost.

"Soon." He muttered, glancing around and then down at his phone. Did he even know where we were going? "Nearly there." He pocketed it and led me down a street, which was certainly residential. Did he know someone here?

He stopped, eventually at a house and he checked his phone again. It seemed nice enough, nothing terribly special. It didn't stand out from any of the others. After checking his phone, he reached up and rang the doorbell. I heard the faint ring inside and looked at him. "So this is it I take it?" He nodded, dark hair and braids swaying. I shrugged and waited with him, wondering exactly why I was here. Or, for that matter, why he was.

I heard movement and the door opened, revealing a man covered in black rubber from the neck down. I blinked, a little confused, as the dark haired man smiled at Tundra. "Tundra, you made it!" He spoke in English, his accent clearly local.

Tundra returned his grin and nodded, the man looking at me. "I'm Darran." He said, looking me over. "Virta right?" I nodded, still confused. "Come in." He stepped back and I followed Tundra inside. What happened next puzzled me all the more. As soon as the door was closed Tundra got on his hands and knees. He crawled after Darran as he led the way to the living room.

Darran sat down on one of the chairs, spreading his legs and I watched as Tundra got between them. "From your face I can tell he hasn't told you why you're here. Please, sit." He gestured to the sofa and I sat, clueless about what as going on but curious to know more. "We met online." He began, brushing his fingers through Tundra's hair, occasionally tugging on it. "On a rubber fetish site. He wanted someone to indulge him but he didn't know anyone who would. So we got to talking, but there's only so much you can do with words." He smiled, almost wistfully. "When you guys arranged the tour he made sure that your date here was near me, with a day off so he could visit."

I felt my dick stir a little at the sight of them. "So what does that have to do with me?" I asked, watching.

Darran smiled a little, looking up from Tundra to me. "Ah of course. Well two main things. first he wanted someone here in case things between us didn't go well. Second to help with any issues linguistically." So I was basically here to play translator? Great.

He looked back at Tundra, pulling his head up a little. "Are you ready?" Tundra nodded and Darran smiled. "Ok, tell him what the signal is."

Tundra spoke in his native tongue, but didn't move his head. "This means stop." He stuck out his three middle fingers of his right hand, tucking his thumb and little finger against his palm.

"Ok." I replied, watching curiously, settling back to watch what was going to happen.

Darran gripped his hair tighter and growled. "Ok slut. Get my cock out." I watched, fascinated by how he'd changed, Tundra starting to move. "No hands." I heard him make a whimper, then heard the sound of a zipper being undone. I swallowed, images of Tundra using his lips filling my mind. I found myself wishing I could get a better view. I shifted a little closer on the sofa, but knew this would likely have to do.

Without clear visuals I had to guess what was happening from the sound. After the sound of the zipper there was a soft sound of skin on skin, like a slap. "You know what to do." Darran spoke and that was followed by the unmistakable sound of cocksucking. I shifted, my dick hardening. Fuck. It was turning me on and I couldn't even see.

I partly watched, partly imagined what was going on. He bobbed his head up and down, his soft hair swaying from the motion. Darran made little groans, his fingers gripping Tundra's locks. The sucking sounds just made my dick ache more. I gave my bulge a squeeze, unsure if I should do more. It was best to hold off. After all there'd be better sights and maybe I'd even get some sort of action.

After a few minutes Darran pushed Tundra's head back off him. "Enough slut. All fours." I watched as he moved around in front of him, shifting until he was on all fours with his ass facing Darran and his face faced me. Fuck. his lips were wet and a little swollen, his hair even messy than usual and just... fuck. If I hadn't been hard before I definitely would be now.

Darran stood and reached around, undoing the zipper to Tundra's fly. I watched as he pulled the pvc down, my view obscured by Tundra's jacket. I wondered why he didn't just take it off, but it didn't seem like he would. I bit back a gasp as he moved a plug from Tundra's ass, and not a small one at that either. He'd worn that the whole way and I'd had no idea. "Good boy." Darran muttered, petting Tundra's hair as he cast the plug aside. I managed to catch a glimpse of Darran's dick. Not quite as big as my own, but still on the hefty side. Good job he'd used the plug.

Darran moved between his legs, pushing the jacket up and lining himself up. I settled back, watching as he thrust forward, burying his length deep into him. A groan left Tundra's lips as he was filled. the rubber squeaking as he fucked him. The sound would've been amusing in any other situation, but now It just made my dick react.

Another squeeze of my crotch. I watched as Darran fucked him, his rubber clad hips slapping against Tundra's ass. My gaze was drawn to Tundra's face, his lips parted as he moaned from the thrusts. I couldn't help but wonder what he'd look like sucking me off. Not the first time the thought had crossed my mind, but now it seemed very vivid. Maybe I should ask when they were done.

Darran groaned and fucked him harder, his fingers threading through his hair, tugging on the locks. The sounds made him groan, a few words leaving his lips. "Fuck sir..."

"What did he say?" Darran growled and it was only then I realised he'd not spoke English.

"He said 'fuck sir'." I replied, watching as Darran slammed, a smirk on his face.

"So good slut." Darran muttered, spitting on his rubber covered back, thrusting his hips harder. "Fuck..."

It was like watching real life porn, only these were attractive not unrealistically buff. In fact this was so much better thn any of the porn I'd seen online. Darran growled and he slammed hard into him one last time. I sensed he was cumming, though I couldn't see it and obviously didn't know what he looked or sounded like when he came. He did look good, eyes lidded, head tipped back, dark hair swiped across his face.

Clearly my suspicion was correct as he pulled out soon after, smiling and zipping himself up. "Good boy." He patted Tundra's ass, returning to his seat. "Now, I think you should sort your friend out. We wouldn't want his cum going to waste."

Tundra nodded, his hair swaying and he crawled over to me, gazing up at me. I parted my legs, watching as he got between my legs with speed that was a little surprising. He did to me what he'd done to Darran, pulling my fly down with his teeth, his nose brushing against my aching dick. Unlike Darran I'd worn underwear, so he had to shift my hand up to work me out of my boxers. I heard him gasp a little once he'd got my dick out, but soon my thoughts were gone as he took me in his mouth. "Fuck..."

"Good isn't he?" I heard Darran speak up as Tundra took me down his throat. "Even better than I'd expected. I'm surprised you've not made use of him before." I nodded dumbly, Tundra's mouth doing wonders as he started to bob up and down. "That's something we'll have to change." I let out a moan at that, Tundra's tongue working over me. Oh yes, I'd definitely want to do this again.

I let my eyes lid a little as Tundra sucked me off, his lips and tongue working my heated flesh like it was something he was born to do. He took me all, which wasn't something most could do first time. I wanted to give him some words of encouragement, to let him know how amazing he felt, but I just couldn't find the words. All that I could seem to make were moans or incoherent groans.

My hands reached for him, tangling in his hair as I grabbed handfuls of hair and braids, feeling myself get closer. I could probably force myself to last longer, since cumming now would be much quicker than I usually did, but I just didn't want to. This whole thing had been just so hot so surreal. I let out another groan, gripping him tighter as I released down his throat. He took it all, his eyes flicking up to me, watching as I released. "Fuck..."

I fell back against the sofa, letting go of his hair and panting. I felt him slide of my length with a wet pop, looking down at him once more. Fuck he looked so good.

"Have fun?" I nodded at Darran's words, breathless. "Good. You should make use of him when you tour. I can't be there after all." He looked at Tundra, who returned his gaze. "But we will do this again. If you want."

Tundra nodded and it had to be the most enthusiastic nod I'd ever seen. "I do. And we still have all day." He smiled, then muttered. "Fuck..." He looked at me, like he did in interviews. "Explain." He said, in english.

I chuckled and looked at Darran. "He does want to do it again. And he said that we do have the full day off." I smiled, looking between them. "Do you want us to stay?"

"Absolutely." Darran smirked, licking his lips. "There's plenty more for us to do." He paused and looked between us. "But first, lunch I think." I nodded in agreement, realising I did feel slightly hungry. However, I couldn't help but wonder what else this man had in mind. I certainly couldn't wait to find out.
Tags: aleksi virta, darran smith, darran smith/tundra/virta, fic, finntroll, funeral for a friend, rubber-verse, slash, tundra
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