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A Thousand Words

A Thousand Words
Pairing: Luke Johnson/Moose
Rating: NC-17
POV: Luke
Warnings: Slight BDSMness
Notes: Ok so Moose's cock pics inspired me to do this, coupled with the fact that prophets were doing a video shoot in London as Bulelt were doing press, so this was born. Also this is the first Xmas fic to be done. For the awesomes lc_ffaf

Lately watching Bullet's twitter pages had become a haven for Moose's cock. It seemed every few days there wasa picture of it or him with something phallic between his legs. I wasn't quite sure why he was doing it, but I knew it was turning me on.

Thankfully we would be in shooting in London today and, as luck would have it, they were there too, doing press. I smirked and sent him a text. All I had to do was wait for tonight. I licked my lips lightly, then headed off for the shoot.


Several hours late I was back at my hotel room, waiting. I'd had a reply back during the shoot, so I knew he'd be here. I turned my head to the door when I heard a knock on the wood. I crossed the short distance to it and opened it without bothering to see who it was, I knew it'd be him.

Indeed it was. He didn't look much different fom when I last saw him, only at least he wasn't wearing a damn hat. He just had on a jacket, jeans and some band tee on instead. Not that he'd have them on for long. "Come in." I stepped aside, and he came in. "I'm glad you could make it." I smiled and kicked the door shut behind him.

"Me too, I didn't expect to see you so..." I pushed him to the bed, catching him off guard. He turned his head, surprise clear on his face. "What.."

"Shut up slut." I growled, slapping his arse hard, a moan leaving his lips. "I've seen all those pictures. Showing the world your fucking cock." I shook my head and smirked. "So it's clear you want something, you want some action. What's up, your bandmates not putting out?"

He opened his mouth and I hit his ass again, not giving him a chance to reply. To be honest, I didn't care if he'd fucked, got fucked or been blown by them. He probably had, at least the last one. It was pretty common knowledge that Jay was mad for dick.

"Here's what you're going to do. You're gonna strip naked and lay on the bed and then, well, you'll see." I backed off a little and watched him as he pulled his jacket and t-shirt off, tossing them aside in the general direction of the room's nearest chair. Next his fingers worked on his flies, undoing them quickly and pushing his jeans and boxers down. I noted, absently, that he was wearing the exact same things he had been wearing in the picture that got posted earlier. That one hadn't been an excuse to show off his dick directly, just him in his underwear. "Good boy. Now, bend over the side of the bed."

He looked at me for a moment, then did as he was told anyway. He leaned over the bed, so that his arse was exposed. I licked my lips at the sight of those rounded cheeks and couldn't resist giving them a quick slap. He yelped, the sound causing me to do it again. Pity I not bought something more heavy duty.

I spat on my fingers, reaching down between his cheeks to find his hole. I roughly pushed two fingers into him, smirking as he grunted. I quickly worked my fingers in him, my digits working him open. This wasn't exactly our first time, so I knew he could take it, probably not as easily as other Welshmen but still well enough. I curved my fingers a little to catch his spot, smirking at the moan that left his lips at the little touch. I retreated my fingers from him, a small noise leaving his lips and I slapped his arse again.

My fingers now shifted to my crotch, undoing my fly and pushing down my jeans. Knowing he was coming, I'd already removed my underwear. However, I still needed some form of lube, which was why I'd gotten him over the bed so that his head was at the right height. I moved so I was before him and gripped his hair, yanking it back so he was looking up at me. "Now be a good boy and lick my dick." I shoved my cock in his face, purring when I felt his tongue on me.

I watched as he lapped at my large dick, his tongue swirling over my heated flesh. There were two simple reasons why I'd just got him to lick me. First, I knew he'd likely choke and, more importantly for me, I didn't want to cum just yet.

When I was satisfied I was wet enough, I pulled back and returned between his legs. I pulled his cheeks apart, lined myself up and, without a word of warning to him, rammed into his hole. He cried out and I growled, pulling out of him as quickly as I thrust into him, an idea forming. I took a few steps to where he'd left his jeans and boxers, then picked up the grey material and walked back to him. I ran his boxers along his crack, then bought them up, stuffing them in his mouth. Now when I thrust into him, all that left him was a muffled grunt. Much better.

I started to fuck him properly, thrusting in and out of him hard and fast, spitting on his bak every now and then. I made sure to let him know what I thought of his recent antics, first by slapping him again, then by dicking my nails into his fleshy cheeks. "You're such a slut Moose, almost as bad as Watkins. You're worse though, posting pics on the others accounts." I tutted, thrusting at every other word. "At least he didn't do that. Then again, I wouldn't put it past him to try." He groaned behind the makeshift gag and it was hard to tell if it was from my dick or the images my words were conjuring. I had to admit they were giving me ideas of things I could do with him but they'd have to wait.

I returned my focus to Moose, to his tight, twitching, warm hole. Fuck he felt so good. I gripped him tighter and fucked him hard, groans leaving my lips. He clenched again as I slammed deep into him. With every thrust I knew I was getting closer, but I knew his arse wasn't where I was going to shoot.

I pulled out of him again, quickly reaching for my phone before moving back to his head. I set my phone beside him, taking my slick dick in hand and started to stroke myself. My other hand gripped his hair, yanking his head up again as I had before. The slut looked so desperate, eyes clouded with lust, hair clinging to his face, boxers wet with drool. "Fuck..." I muttered, hips thrusting forward as I came, releasing across his face in hot spurts. This was where the phone came in. I let go of my dick, took the phone in hand, then quickly took a few shots of his face, which looked perfect like that. I let go of his hair and then, with a few taps, the best pic got uploaded for all to see. "Now everyone will see you for the slut you are." His eyes widened and I smiled, taking another shot.

I moved back and rolled him onto his back sitting beside him. "You should be thanking me." I smiled, taking his dick in hand and stroking him slowly. "That pic'll get you loads more action. You won't know what hit you." His hips thrust up and I smirked, a muffled sound leaving him. I felt his dick throb in my hand. "You'll get so much dick..." I purred out the words, watching him cum over his belly.

I let go of his dick, taking another shot of him like that, before reaching up and pulling his boxers, using them to mop up his cum. "I expect you to wear those when you leave." I smirked as his panting form, my dick twitching just a little. If I'd not just cum...

He just nodded in response, panting a little on the bed. I'd considered just throwing him out when I'd done this, but now, I'd give him a little while. 5 minutes at least.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, fic, lostprophets, luke johnson, luke johnson/moose, moose, slash
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