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Something More

Something More
Pairing: Gustav Wood/Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Rating: NC-17
POV: Gustav
Warnings: Slight AU
Notes: Christmas fic for lithiumqueen. Hope its ok... Also posting it early cause it's midnight there.

Awards ceremonies were always fun. Crazy, but fun. You never knew what was going to happen or who as going to be there. I mean there'd always be bands, that was a certainty, but which ones would always differ as well as other non-band people too.

"Hey, who's that?" I looked at Simon, then followed his gaze. There was a guy with dark hair who suddenly seemed to take great interest in something in the other direction.

I shrugged, looking back at Simon. "No idea. Why?"

"Because all night he's been looking at you." He grinned, returning my gaze. "I think he likes you."

I turned to look back at the mystery guy, but he was gone.


The rest of the night was spent keeping my eyes open for him. It had meant I spent the night rather distracted from the events. If you asked me who won what I'd be unable to answer without taking stab in the dark. However, I did manage to come across him in the after show.

"Hey." I smiled, sitting next to him at the bar. "Sorry about my bandmate, he doesn't know how to point things out subtlely." He smiled a little, cheeks flushed. "So, you were watching us?"

He shook his head a little. "Just you. I like your music and I... err.... think you're attractive."

I smiled at him, looking him over. "You're not so bad yourself. How about I get you a drink?"


The night went well really. We mostly ended up talking and, but the end had exchanged numbers, but nothing happened other than a kiss and even that had been quick. That was a little strange really, especially when compared to the more debauched happenings that everyone else was involved with.

He seemed like a nice enough guy though and yeah, he was easy on the eyes. Maybe things would go somewhere. We'll see.


"You should stop staring at the phone." Si teased, nudging me. "You should just call him, else all that'll happen between you is the air of you having staring contests with your phones."

Yeah, he did have a point. I picked up my phone, flicked through to his number and pressed the number to dial. "Hey Jonathan..."


I'd decided to his and I was glad we had over going out somewhere. Sometime's staying in was better than going out. We'd had a pizza and sat on the sofa watching a movie, which was probably a better night than heading around town from one place to another to do the same thing.

As the credits rolled, I felt him turn to me. "So er... does this mean you're gonna be going?"

"Not unless you want me to." I returned his gaze and leaned in, kissing him. I pushed him back against the cushions, running my hands over his chest. I felt comfortable him and yeah, I wanted him, but I also felt there as something else. Something more. I seperated from him, looking into his eyes. "Do you want to..."

"Fuck yes." He replied, nodding before I even had the chance to finish. I smiled and parted from him, letting him get up and lead me to his bedroom. It looked nice enough but I wasn't in there to take in the details. I was there for him. He kissed me again and I felt his hands on me, removing my clothing as I started on his. We parted only to pull shirts over our heads and to step out of our lower clothes.

"How should we do this?" He asked when we were full naked, our bodies pressed against each other, the words ghosting over my lips.

"Well I usually top... if that's ok with you." He nodded and I smiled, watching as he seperated from me to grab the lube. He bent over the bed, sticking his arse out and set the lube beside him on the tangled sheets. I took the tube and popped the cap, spreading some on my fingertips. I reached down and held him open, pressing my wet fingertips against his hole. He gasped as I pushed one into him and I steadily worked him open.

Soon he was ready for the second, then the third and it left he as a groaning mess against the sheets. "Please Gustav..."

I smiled and removed my fingers, squeezing some lube over my dick and rubbing it in. Satisfied, I lined myself up and pushed into him. He groaned, as did I and I held onto him as I filled him inch by inch, his insides squeezing around me. I stayed within him for a few moments when I was balls deep inside him, then started to move steadily. Each thrust of my hips made him groan and each of his groans sent shivers of pleasure through me.

I snaked a hand around his waist, taking his length in hand as I started to pump him. I wasnt good enough with my hands to do it in time with my thrusts, but I knew it was better than nothing, especially as each stroke seemed to turn him more into a quivering mess beneath me. Each stroke of my fist also made his insides twitch more around me.

I kept thrusting into him, my movements becoming harder and faster now, each thrust getting me closer to the edge. I was sure he felt the same, incoherent sounds leaving his lips as his length twitched i my hand.

We both fell apart together, cumming at practically the same time, our lips moaning the other's name. I stayed inside him gripping his side and reaching around, licking the traces of his cum from my hand.

After a little while I pulled out and the pair of us tangled on the bed, curling up together. He rested my head on his chest and I smiled, stroking his hair. I could get used to this.
Tags: fic, gustav wood, gustav wood/jonathan rhys meyers, jonathan rhys meyers, slash, young guns
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