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The elephant in the room

So I've not made any comments on Ian here, so I guess this'll be it.

First, my thoughts.

I don't believe he's guilty (accept maybe the animal porn thing, which I think is the most realistic). Most of the charges just seem borderline insane and I can't believe he'd do that. I know he has ex's that are out to get him and I think they're behind this.

Plus I'm a big believer of the whole'innocent until proven thing'.

Of course I'd change my mind if some hard evidence shows up, but I'm just not seening that. As for him being not allowed bail well, it's a serious charge and likely the judge didn't want to seem soft.

Personally though, I think it's wrong they released his name yet neither of the women which I think was done more to tar his name than anything.

If, however, he does turn out to be guilty of the serious stuff (I donn't care if he's guity of the animal porn obviously) then I'm not gonna destroy their stuff. I won't stop listening to them either. I also won't delete any of the Ian fic I have (partially due to me being too lazy to go through it all) but I likely won't do anything with him if he is.

But yeah, that's my basic position on it all and stuff.
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