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Night Of The Final Day

Night Of The Final Day
Pairing: Jay James/Padge
Rating: NC-17
POV: Padge
Warnings: Sex
Notes: Set in Termina during the events of Majora's Mask, so there's some spoilers for that. It won't necessarily matter if you've not played it but if you have you'll notice. This was done mostly because Majora's Mask music got posted and it just ended up giving me the idea. It is also so hard to write a sex scene without actually using any swear words.

I stared out over this land, our home. It was clear that something was wrong, more so than it had been in town. Ah the town, a place here fools remained even now preparing for something that would never come.

It was clear that something as wrong though, even if you ignored the moon that grew in the sky every day. In the far distance there was Snowhead, mountain home of the Gorons. Snow now covered the mountain which was obviously strange since normally snow was present only toward's it's peak. Below us the swamp's water was distinctively wrong, it's colour an unusual shade of purple. There were rumors it was poison. In the et there as something off with the ocean. Rumors alone, nothing visible. Looking to the east, to the deserted realm of Ikana something used seemed... off.

Not that it really mattered. The moon alone meant we were doomed. Nothing short of a miracle could stop that thing from destroying the town at least, if not more. The people of the town had, apparently, elected to ignore their obvious impending doom. I sighed, looking up at it. It was closer now, growing closer each day. How long before it fell from the heavens? How long before it completed it's task of dooming us all? Days. No, less.

I remembered tales of the old gods. Guardians who were honored by the impending carnival. Was it a coincidence that this as happening now? Had they been forsaken in some way? I shook my head. No. The face of the moon, there as something about it. Some evil, dark magic.

I sighed again, glancing back inside. The cabin as small and simple, but it was high up in the mountain above the swamp and so it would serve its purpose. Would we be safe here? I did not know but it was as good a place as any.

I stepped inside and looked over, smiling a little. No one else had believed me, but he had. He ventured all this way with me and, to be honest, I was glad it was him. "How does it look?"

I shook my head slightly. "There's not long left." He nodded from where he lay on the bed, eyes on me. Those eyes. I swallowed, glancing away. For so long now I had had feelings for him. Whenever I was with him I felt complete, whenever he looked at me my heart beat a little faster. Screw it. "Hey, I wanna tell you something, you know before this all ends."

"What is it?" He asked, worry in his voice. I couldn't meet his gaze, not yet.

"For a long time, I... I've felt something for you. But I didn't want to ruin things between us. I didn't want to lose you as a friend and I didn't know if you felt the same. But the world is ending and I don't want to die without knowing if you feel it too." I paused and took a dep breath. "I love you. And if you don't that's ok but I just wanted you to..."

I was caught off guard by him planting his lips on mine, which both ended my sentence and answered it. "I do too." He whispered against my lips, wrapping his arms around me as he kissed me again. He pulled me to the bed, hands working to remove my clothing. My own hands moved to his, tugging the material off him. If this was any other time, I'd have told him to slow down, I'd have wanted to take it slow. Not now. Not today.

We parted from each other, but only enough to finish removing our clothes, discarding them across the floor. "Have you done this before?"

I shook my head, blushing slightly. I'd not been with anyone, man, woman, Zora, Goron or Deku. He smiled and nodded, taking my hand. "It's ok. I know what to do." I wondered if that knowledge came from experience but I didn't care. He slipped down to his knees and I gasped, feeling him wrap his lips around my length. He started bobbing his head up and down, his tongue twirling around me. I groaned, pleasure moving through me. It was the best thing I'd ever felt. I threaded my fingers through his dark hair, holding him loosely as he did... whatever it was he was doing. Did it even have a name? I didn't care, but it was amazing.

However, all too soon it was over and he pulled away. I whimpered, not wanting him to stop though I had a feeling he had something better in mind. He shifted, bringing his hand to his lips and sucking his fingers into his mouth. I watched as he gave them as similar treatment as he did to me for a few moments, then they left his mouth. Before I had chance to question why he'd done that, other than to get me more turned on, his lips returned to me. I felt his gasp around me, so I looked down, his hand behind him, his fingers between the cheeks of his ass. I wondered what he as doing, but the question was swallowed by the pleasure from what his lips were doing.

A few moments later and he stopped, his lips pulling away from me again, although this time it was a little more certain that it was over. He shifted back and looked up at me. "Do as I say ok?" I nodded and he shifted to all fours before me. "Move behind me." I nodded, shifting so I stood between his legs. He reached back grasping a cheek of his ass in each hand, pulling them apart. I gasped softly at the sight of him like this, exposing himself for me. "See that hole? Taht's where you have to enter me ok?"

I nodded and bit my lip, holding my base with one hand and lining myself up. I pushed into him gently and a groan passed my lips. As I pushed into him I coud help but think howw amazing this all was. Was this better than his mouth I wasn't sure, but it was still damn good. "Now... start moving." His words came out slightly breathless and all I could think of was that was me doing that. I was making him sound like that. So I nodded and started to move, slowly at first, just to be sure with what I was doing. Every groan that left his lips made me more sure of myself, made each thrust become a little faster. My hands held onto him as he shifted his own back to brace himself against the floor and I closed my eyes, pleasure rolling through me again.

Suddenly I felt one of his hands on mine, guiding it gently around his waist to his on length. I smiled and wrapped my fingers around him, starting to move it steadily just as I'd found myself doing to myself before. I hoped it was as good for him as it as for me. From the sounds he made I had to be doing something right.

I focussed on him as I moved, on hoe beautiful he was, on how glad I as he felt the same. On the way each breath left his lips, every groan ad moan. The way beads of seat rolled don his skin. The way his head tipped back as I thrust hard. The way his hips met my hand. The feeling of his insides twitching around me.

I knew it would soon be over, but what an end. Everything seemed to happen in slow motion. He released over himself, with a low moan of my name leaving his lips. His insides twitched and clenched even more around me, drawing my on release from within me, his on name passing my lips.

I pulled out feeling that as what I shoud do and I fell beside him, just laying on the cabin floor, watching him pant in comfortable silence. We shared a kiss and I smiled, brushing a hand down his face. "You were amazing."

"So were you." He murmered back, a smile on his face.

We remained like that for a while, in a comfortable silence just content to be beside each other. "Come on." He whispered, taking my hand and pulling me up to my feet. I let him, folloing as he led me to the doorway. The moon looked closer now, so close it was practically touching the town, a faint glow surround it. I bit my lip and squeezed his hand, worried this ould be the last thing I ever did.

But something was different about this picture. In the distance, the snowhead no longer seemed as snowbound as it was earlier. The waters of the swamp looked murky, but not the purple that it was before. What had changed?

And that was when they appeared. "What the..." I muttered, giving his hand a squeeze. The guardian gods of old appeared. Four giants that appeared as if from nowhere, called in our hour of need by some unseen force. They moved closer to the town and in their great arms they held the moon, stopping it in it's tracks. I glanced at him, a smile on my face and I kissed him hard, pulling him close.

Maybe this wasn't the end after all.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, fic, jay james, jay james/padge, padge, slash, the legend of zelda
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