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Far over the Misty Mountains rise

So I just saw The Hobbit. Here's my thoughts.

Behind a read more kerjigger causa spoilers

Ok this'll be mostly bullet points.

I'm really glad I saw it. It's the joint most awesome film along with Avengers Assemble.


First we had only a trailer for Life Of PI (fuck Im sick of that film) ad 20 minutes of ads. Especially annoying sice wehen I saw Avengers there were NO ads so I missed the firs t 2 minutes, ugh.

Onto the film itself:

*As I suspected, Kili is hot, like guh
*Seeing every LOTR character cthat comes back made e squee inside
*The Lego sets mean two scenes were either cut or simply moved. One with barrels ad one with the doom spiders
*I thought that wizard was the 7th Doctor and I was right!
*The meeting at Rivendell just made me think they were setting up an intervention for Gandalf's fixation with little people
*I know I'll be humming the dwarf's tune for days
*I'm glad that there's three plotline's left dangling for the next film to tie up (Smaug, the necromancer, the pale orc)
*I like how Thorin went from doubting Bilbo till praising him
*And how brave Bilbo actually was.

I'm sure there's more thoughts, but those are the main ones. I wat the next film now!

Other things that have happened. The boiler fucked up but now it's sorted. I got Darksiders 2, which is awesome and Zeldaish <3.
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