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I'd Rather Have You

I'd Rather Have You
Pairing: Gavin Butler/Gustav Wood/Sean Smith
Rating: NC-17
POV: Sean
Warnings: Some BDSMy stuff
Notes: 3rd Xmas fic, though the first posted since it's sisbean's birthday, yay! Sequel to Relief.

I slipped back into the venue, sighing softly to myself. I should've known better than going for fresh air. I'd been mobbed as soon as I left the place and I ended up having to deal with fans. I didn't see dealing with fans as a chore, but sometimes it did get annoying. Sometimes i was jealous of the others, since they didn't get mobbed in the same way I did.

I sighed softly, heading through the venue, debating what I should do instead since outside was a no go. I stopped in my tracks when I heard a moan. i stopped, listening for the sound of skin on skin, trying to work out where it was coming from. Our dressing room. I headed to the door, which was already slightly open, and slipped into the doorway.

The sight that greeted me was a pleasing one. Gavin was on all fours, getting fucked by Gustav Wood, the singer of our support. I licked my lips lightly, watching them fuck, my dick appreciating the view.

However the view soon changed. Gustav pulled out and moved around Gavin's prone form. I made sure to stay back, hoping I'd not be seen just yet. He gripped Gavin's hair and pulled him up, stroking himself a few more times before cumming.

"Fuck Gavin!" I smirked as he turned to look at me. He looked quite good with a load of cum across his face.

"You wanna use him?" Gustav asked me, voice breathless from his orgasm. "I'm done with the little cocksucker." He glanced down at Gavin, chuckling. "Seems the little slut wants it..."

I stepped inside, shutting the door behind me, making sure to also twist the lock. something they'd wished they'd done. "Actually, I'd rather have you."

Gustav blinked, looking at me with those blue eyes of his. "What?"

"You heard." I licked my lips, looking him over. "After all," I spoke, starting to undress, swaying my hips as I did so. "I can have that cockslut anytime. You, on the other hand..." I smiled, pushing my jacket off, tossing it aside. His eyes were on me the whole time, so I gave him a show as best I could. I wasn't known for my patience, so while I tried my best to appear sultry as I stripped, it probbably wasn't coming off. Maybe if there was music but I couldn't be arsed to sort some.

I pulled my t-shirt up, managing to make myself go slower than I wanted. I let it reveal the ink on my belly, then pulled it higher to reveal more of skin. Once it was past my nipples I just pulled it off and chucked it the pretense vanishing. I reached down and undid my fly, pulling the zipper down slowly then popping the button. I swayed my hips, pushing my jeans down and letting gravity take over to do the rest. My boxers followed, freeing my aching dick.

I took a few steps towards him, licking my lips. "Now you should..." There was a groan and I turned my head to Gavin. He had his hand between his legs, stroking himself. "Who said you could wank slut?" He instantly stopped what he was doing, moving his hand away from his crotch. I thought fast as how to punish him with what I had to hand.

I stalked over to him, but went past him to get a few things. "Hands behind you." I used a discarded belt to bind his wrists together. Next, I picked my boxers up and pulled them down over his head, blocking his view of us. It'd do. "Don't worry, you'll be punished properly later."

I smiled and went back to Gustav, smiling. "Now, where were we? Ah yes." I reached around him, squeezing his arse. "I'm gonna take this. Has anyone fucked you before?" He nodded and I put my finger to his lips to silence him. "We don't want him to hear would we?" I whispered against his ear, dragging my tongue across his skin. I shifted my hands, pushing his jeans down all the way. "Against the wall."

He nodded and head to the wall without much protest. Good. Maybe he was worried I'd tell the others, or that I'd took shots of him on my phone. I wished I had, but I wasn't going to tell him I hadn't just in case. I pushed him against the wall and he braced himself with both hands, pushing his ass out. I licked my lips, wetting two fingers quickly before bringing them down to his cheeks. I pushed them along his crack, my tips pressing against his opening. I gently pushed them into him, smiling at the sounds he made. It was clear that, while he had been fucked before, it wasn't recently. I worked him open with my fingers, going much more steadily than I would otherwise have done. I curved them inside him, moving them in and out, stretching him until I was satisfied.

I removed my fingers from him, purring against his neck. "I'm gonna fuck you so hard." I smiled at the sound he made, undoing my fly and pulling out my stiff cock. I dribbled onto myself, the spit landing on my length, then lined up with his hole. I groaned as I filled him, his tightness enveloping my length. "So good." I purred, licking along the curve of his neck again. I eased in until I was balls deep, remaining like that for a few moments as he squeezed and pulsed around me. Fuck he did feel good. Better than that.

I pulled out slowly, then rammed back into him. He groaned and I bit at his neck, starting to fuck him steadily. Fuck, his ass was amazing. I gripped onto his hips for leverage, starting to set a pace in him. It was rough and hard, each thrust of my hips make him groan. He made such pretty moans, almost as pretty as those eyes. I almost considered turning him around so that I could look into them, but no. Too much effort and I was too horny.

I groaned myself, fucking him harder, increasing my pace. He'd already came, so I just held onto him and enjoyed the ride. His arse squeezed around me regularly, making me ache deep inside him. I gripped him a little tighter, and, with one last hard thrust, released inside of him with a moan.

I gave myself a few moments before pulling out, turning him around and giving him a quick, hard kiss. "You were good Gustav, hope to do it again."

He nodded, a little breathless. "What about him?" He nodded to Gavin and I smiled, licking my lips and leaning in close.

"The others will have their fun." He gave him a wicked smile and pulled back, heading to get my clothes. Not that I'd care or even know what they did, but I'd be sure to ask them to make sure little Gavin didn't have too much fun of his own.
Tags: fic, gavin butler, gavin butler/gustav wood, gustav wood, gustav wood/sean smith, slash, the blackout, young guns
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