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So Professor Cox is gonna be on QI tonight

Which makes me wanna see it anymore cause he's amazing. And yes, he is hot. But he's so smart and he's made science so accessable even mum can understand and enjoy it.

But also, he's probably the main reason for me doing what I'm doing. I'd never properly considering doing a degree. Partly because I'd never thought of it, partly because I didn't think I'd be smart enough but a large part of it was... well I thought that the gap between school and starting (and my age a little) would work against me. But I remember reading this article with him when I was still thinking of it, and how he'd done his stuff while he was on tour and I thought too myself: well if he can do, than I can too.

And now I've passed my first major bit and I'm all set to do the second and I have to say a large part of me doing it in the first place is cause of him so... yeah.

Hopefully one day I'll be able to meet him and say it in person if I don't end up blushing and claming up like an idiot.
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