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The cake is a lie

Time for some form of post methinks.

Well in the last week I've not done much and most of that will be covered in this post, which is mostly three parts.

Part the first. In the Black Friday Stream sales one of the games was a pack of Portal and Portal 2. Having heard about them I decided to download the demo, which led me to download the pack. I'm so glad I did. I finished Portal a few days ago and it's so awesome! I also want a companion cube (someone get on that) andf I can see why they've made a big version of the gun. I just started Portal 2 the night after finishing Portal and I was giggling so much that mum wondered what was so funny.

Part the second is about what came last week: the WiiU. I've not been on ZombiiU much yet so I don't have full thoughts (cept that getting killed is such a bitch). I've been on it twice so far and plan on doing more this weekened though.

However, I've been on Nintendo Land so much and I'm so glad I got the pack with it (which I would've anyway cause it's the better pack). Nintendo Land really is fun and surprisingly addictive. My main thoughts from playing them in Birmingham still stand mostly. I've finished only one attraction, Falcon's race, which took awhile to do. I still hate Octopus dance. I still think crash course is the work of some demon. I even got mum on it a few times (which surprised her) and we actually had fun doing it. Also getting coins for the ? boxes is addictive. I'd be surprised if there's not gonna be either an update (with more attrations) or merch. This game is made for it! Who wouldn't want wind-up's of the enemies from the Pikmin levels or plushies of things from the Zelda ones.

Point the third, mum's off for the weekend again, woo! So I have more peace to game and watch stuff. Yay! I may watch some of the pile of dvds I have down here.

Lastly, off to work on the first xmas fic now. As said before (for those that missed) only two people will get xmas fic as it stands. However, anyone that does me one, will get some sort of fic for it (bar a few exceptions).

And with that, off I go.
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