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Go on! Eject me! See if I care!

You know your days gonna be awesome when oone of the first things you see when you come online is welsh cock. moose, you are the best thing to happen to twitter.

Then what comes?? The WiiU! YAY! First thing I did was set it up and get the update of doom started. The gamepad's so light and pretty and ee! I can't wait to go on it more. I've only had time to set it up and do the first bit of Zelda on Nintendoland.

Today's been mostly spent in Birmingham though.

It was so cool to go to Kerrang Radio! Loz was there (from the morning show) and he introduced them. They did three songs and it was amusing because Nathan was bare foot (because of a swelling apparently, yeah swelling in his brother' pants morelike). Then there was a signing and aww, they're so nice and sweet. Especially the twins. Always so enthusiastic and nice.

Then I went to Game and got ZombiiU, yay! Then I got the Who ep from CEX, yay! Alas, no new Who figures at Smiths. Boo.

Then I went to see Skyfall cause everyone's making a fuss over it. The trailers efore it were mostly eh apart from the Hobbit one, which looks so awesome. Skyfall itself surprised me. I wasn't sure if the hype was just that. However, it was so good! The new Q's so hot. And the car! So much awesome.

After that I had fries and got batteries... then everything went a bit, wrong.

I got to the venue only to find the ticket had gone. The envelope it was in was still there, but the ticket itself? Vanished. I have no idea what happened to it. I tried to find my booking mail on my phone, but could I? No. I had to buy a new ticket to get in. Thankfully the merch guy was nice and still sorted me out with my stuff, even though it took awhile. Apparently the tee's gonna be mailed out, but still.

As such I missed supports. Mateo came out for one (and I saw that) and the oter band weren't too great. Madina were awesome though. So glad to hear River People live! And Matthew and Nathan really are like duracell bunnies (as an interviewer once called them). Sadly there was so much smoke stuff it was haard to get a clear view, but it was still awesome. Nathan was still barefoot and acted like a monkey.

The gig finished earlish, so I got the earlier (and oddly full) train home. Puzzlingly, there was a kid on there there who realised I was on Pokemon which was just... odd. Mostly since he was some distance away and I was hardly using the most known Pokemon.

Anyway, watching The Keep now and then shall go on NintendoLand soon some more. Likely on Zelda some more.
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