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The manner of your return

The weekend turned out to be fairly productive. I did manage to finish Twilight Princess which was the main thing I wanted to do. I'm glad I did the replay of it cause I'd forgot how good it waas. Want Zelda WiiU already. And Hyrule Historia cause the cover looks awesome and I just know I'll end up with more tattoo ideas.

Friday my package of doom from Morgan came. Not ate any of the sweets or opened anything other than the turtle and legos.

Also Friday, Sisean came which was good cause we spent the day watching stuff. Blue, Dark Water, Tangled and a Who ep. Woo. It was good to see her again.

Glad that 4 is actually playing new Simpsons eps at last.

The rest of the weekend was spent watching stuff. The Host (at last), Trollhunter and some old Who. Mostly I was glad for the peace.

Of course that chaged yesterday when she returned and turned into a fucking rage monster. That and my ousin turned up and now he's here again. I'm sick of mum's foul attitude, that she seems to want to argue all the fucking time. I'm sick of it.

To follow on from the last post about Christmas fic, the same's happening to birthday ones. It shouldn't be a surprise really, I said before they'd be conditional but I just never followed up on it. Now I am.

Meh. I just want it to be Friday. And for the WiiU to turn up.
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