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Cursed mirror

Not made a post in awhile so here it is.

Not done too much since the last one. Mostly been on Twilight Princess (about to head to Snowpeak) and not much else.

This is perhaps the best pic ever. Thanks for that Moose.

My first course stuff arrived... over two months early. Madness.

Due to stupid people I've now locked my prophets fics, so they've joined my MCR ones.

This is normally the time of year I make a Christmas fic post, where people would post what they'd want andd I'd do it. This year I'm not doing that. Two people are getting Chritmas fic and they've been informed. No one else will.

Mum'ss fucking off for this weekened so I'll have peace and time to finish Twilight Princess. Also to see sisbean Friday.

Finally ended up giving Finntroll a proper and ended up listening to them for hours. It' trange hearing music in other language so I'm clueless but it's good. Plus so many songs make me think of Zelda, which is always a great thing. That and they use all the instruments!
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