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Remove For Me

Remove For Me
Pairing: Jay James/Moose/Rich Boucher, Matt Tuck/Padge/Rich Boucher
Rating: NC-17
POV: Rich
Warnings: Penectomy, BDSM
Notes: Ok so I saw this pic and it got stuck in my mind and wouldn't go away. I wasn't gonna fic it, but lc_ffaf said it sounded good so... ta da!

"I bet you wonder why I've gathered all you bitches here today." I looked over the group gathered before me. It was most of my past conquests, which was quite an extensive number. I was surprised so many had turned up. I guessed they all still wanted a piece of my cock. And who could blame them. I surpassed most of them easily. "I have done so because I know you like cock and can take it. I want bitches. Full time cunts. To be my bitches you have to do something first. One, or a group of you must get a penectomy. You'll bring your dicks preserved and also have dildos made of them beforehand." I smirked as they looked more than a little surprised by what I said. "You have one month."


To be honest, I didn't expect anything to happen from it. I mean, sure they were all cockloving sluts, but I didn't think any of them would sacrifice their own for it. But it had been something I wanted and the thought had been playing in my mind quite a bit, so it was worth a try.

All I had to do, was wait and see. And if not? Well.


It was two weeks after the gathering and I was roused by the doorbell ringing. Sighing, I got out of my seat and headed to the door, expecting it to be some delivery I'd forgotten about completely. Instead when I opened the door I found four men standing there. Jay, Matt, Padge and Moose. I was surprised and confused by their presence, but not in a bad way. They were all pretty good fucks after all so maybe today got a lot more interesting. They were all wearing loose fitting three-quarter lengths with t-shirts and each of them held a bag. "Can we come in sir?" Matt spoke up, which didn't surprise me.

I nodded and opened the door, watching the four of them come inside. I shut the door after them, watching them march their way into the living room. "So, what're you cunts doing here?"

"We have something for you sir." Padge this time, as I returned to my seat, looking them over as they stood before me. Strangely, they were behind the coffee table.


They bent down and opened their bags, each of them putting two things on the table before them. The first one was a dildo which I realised had to be from their own dicks. I licked my lips as the they placed the other items down. There were four jars, each of them filled with a clear fluid. Within each, bobbing in the middle, was a dick. Their dicks. I found it hard to surpress a gasp. Instead I just looked from the jars to them. "Strip."

"Yes sir." The four of them muttered, reaching to remove their clothing.

"Put it all in your bags." They nodded again, stuffing whatever they removed in the bags. Soon they were all in their boxers and I marvelled at them. There wasn't a single bulge. I licked my lips again, watching as, one by one, they pushed the material down. Each looked the same. There was no dick, just a small hole and their balls hung low and now useless between their legs. My dick leapt in my jeans. I can't believe that someone actuually did it. Better yet, four of them. This was more than I could have ever hoped for especially since two of them were also known to fuck as well as take it.

"Well well..." I smiled and gave my bulge a squeeze. "Looks like I now have four bitches." They all smiled and I smirked. "You've done well. Now come here." They moved around the table until they were before me and I gestured for them to kneel. When they did, I reached into a bag I'd set aside next to my seat on the off chance someone did it. Trouble was, I'd been caught off guard by there being four of them. I'd prepared for two so I only had two collars ready. Thankfully I had other things. "These will be for the two of you I think do best." I held up the collars for them to see, setting them down on the chair's arm. "The other two will have to wait for their collars, but will get these instead." I reached back in the bag and pulled out two rubber hoods. They groaned at the sight and I licked my lips. Sluts already.

I stood up, unding my fly and pushing my jeans down, kicking them away so I stood before them. "You two first." I pointed at Moose and Jay. "One sucking my dick, one licking my arse." I already suspected which would go where and I was proven right. Jay shifted between my legs and took my dick between his lips, while Moose moved behind me. I let out a low groan at the feeling of them. There was no doubt that Jay was good with his mouth. He was an amazing cocksucker, the best I'd ever had. Most guys couldn't take my dick first time, but he did and he knew exactly what he was doing when he did. I always looked forward to hooking up with him due to that fucking mouth.

I closed my eyes a little, trying to focus on the feeling of Moose's tongue inside me. He had had a pretty big dick and, as such, wasn't a bottom all the time. Unlike Jay. It shown with the way his tongue worked. He was more enthusiastic than skilled. But that wasn't necessarily a bad thing. He still made me moan and it still did feel good.

I let them continue for a few minutes, then groaned, pushing them away. ay's lips looked so could, all wet and shiny. I steped to the other two, before I got too distracted. "Now, you two."

Matt went between my legs and started to suck me, which Padge took over from Moose. They were like the pair before them: the slut on my dick, the one that fucked guys taking my arse. Matt was good, but he couldn't compare with Jay. He couldn't take me whole right away and he was in general more sloppy. He wasn't bad, by any means though. I'd had far, far worse.

Padge, on the other hand. Holy fuck. I was surprised by how good he was. I'd not had his tongue up my arse before and I'd expected him not to have a clue. However, he was amazing. He seemed to know the right places to lick, the right way to curl his tongue. I groaned, knowing which two I'd pick.

I didn't wait as long as I did before, mostly because I knew I was close to blow but also that I knew I had to get this done. "Right sluts." I moved from them and grabbed the hoods first. "Time to put these on." I slipped the first over Matt's head, doing only one of the buckles to secure it. It suited him. The other rubber hood was forced onto Moose just as quickly. The collars were much easily to attach and I smiled. Of course, I'd have to get an extra pair of hoods too, so I'd be able to put them all in them.

"Now, you two, in front of me." Jay and Padge shifted so they were in position and I smiled. "Suck me." They nodded and leaned in, the pair of them licking and sucking my length. Fuck it was so hot. It was worth it just for that. Jay strated to take my cock back between his lips, so Padge shifted down and lapped at my balls. "Fuck..." I muttered, feeling myself get closer every second. I growled, gripping their hair and pulling them back in time to shoot across their faces.

"Mmmm.... good sluts." I smirked, panting and slipping back into my seat. "Now, clean each other up." The sight of Padge and Jay licking cum off each other would be burned into my memory forever. My softening dick twitched at the sight. Soon.


Almost two weeks later I heard the door again and growled, irritated. "Someone get that!" I settled back in my seat, resting my legs on Padge's back. I heard the sound of rubber and smiled. Tuck. He looked so good in rubber I'd gotten him into a full suit. I turned my gaze to the sight of Jay and Moose before me. Moose was on all fours, his wrists and ankles held in place with spreader bars, while Jay fucked him with a strap-on of Moose's cock. I chuckled as Moose moaned, my dick twitching. "It's someone to see you sir."

I looked up as Matt came in, followed by Ian. "What're you doing here Watkins, I didn't call for you."

"I er...." He blushed and I looked at hm, raising an eyebrow. He reached down and fumbled with his zipper, pulling down his fly. I laughed at the sight. He'd gotten rid of his dick too! I'd not thought to tell the others not to bother. Oh well.

"Well as you can see whore, I already have enough sluts. But I do know someone who'll take you off my hands." I smirked and looked at Matt. "Check that he's got all I want and tie him to something. I have a call to make."

I looked away, hearing Ian get manhandled out the room and reached for my phone, flicking through the numbers. "Hey Luke? You know how you were admiring my new sluts? Well it's your lucky day..."
Tags: bullet for my valentine, fic, funeral for a friend, jay james, jay james/moose/rich boucher, matt tuck, matt tuck/padge/rich boucher, moose, padge, rich boucher, slash
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