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Pairing: Gavin Butler/Gustav Wood
Rating: NC-17
POV: Gavin
Warnings: Slight BDSM
Notes: For sisbean, who pestered me much for Gustav porns/fic. Ta da!

Touring was, for the most part, fun. The trouble was, it could also be rather stressful. A form of stress relief was always necessary and everyone had a different one. Video games, a punchbag, smoking, drinking, or just getting out. For me, it was dick. Trouble was I coudn't get any from the band at the moment.

Bob was getting angry at his phone likely over twitter people being stupid. Snoz was playing on some football game. Sean had vanished. Rhys and Matthew were too busy sound checking.

So support it was. I wandered round the venue in search of someone, anyone would do right now. I turned the corner and literally bumped into someone. I started to mumble an apology, until I realised who it was. Gustav. Yes, he'd do. He'd do nicely. "Hey Gustav, sorry about that." He smiled and nodded, shrugging it off. "I was wondering if you could..."

"Could what?" He asked, looking at me with those eyes of his. They were just so... blue. "Gav?"

"Er... I mean... if you'd let me suck you." I muttered and he smiled, flicking hs tongue across his lips.

"Come with me." He led me down the corridor, opening the door to his dressing room. "The others have gone out for the day so it'll just be you and me." He pushed the door closed behind us and moved so he stood before me. "You want me? Strip."

I reached up and undid my shirt buttons, pulling it open and sliding it off. Next I bent down and removed my shoes, setting them aside. I swallowed and straightened up, my fingers grasping the zipper of my fly and pulling it down. I could already feel the bulge of my dick straining beneath. I nimbly pushed my jeans down, kicking them aside, then gripping the waistbaand of my boxers, sliding them down. My dick flopped out, stiff and aching. I wasn't the biggest, but not small either.

He looked me over, nodding a little. "Good boy. Now get on your knees. Show me what a drooling cockslut you are."

I swallowed and sank to my knees in front of him, gazing up at him. Fuck, he was turning me on so much. I found myself drooling just because he said so and I felt my lips and chin becoming slightly wet from it. I watched as he reached down, undoing and removing his belt. The sight made my dick twitch and I thought that maybe I'd get what I wanted already. He lifted the belt up and cracked it down, making me yelp as it lashed my chest.

"That's not slutty enough." I whimpered, trying to think how to look sluttier. I tipped my head back slightly, parting my lips and running my tongue over them. "Better." He smiled, but still hit me again, this time on the other side of my chest. I groaned, pushing my hips forward and he smirked. He reached down, this time doing what I'd hoped he had earlier, undo his fly. I licked my lips again, watching as he pulled his dick out and fuck, what a dick. It had to be one of the biggest I'd ever seen, close to Stu's. The sight made me drool more.

"Well, what're you waiting for? Don't just look at it, suck it!" He growled and I nodded, not needing to be told twice. I leaned forward and parted my lips, taking his head into my mouth. The second I did, he lashed my back, growling. "Faster." I took the hint, relaxing my throat as I took him down. He moaned above me and I smiled around him, starting to bob up and down around his length. This was exactly whag I needed. You wouldn't think of it to look at me but loved nothing more than to be like this, on my knees with a cock between my lips. I kept sucking him, taking more of him down each time until I had my nose buried in the curls that surrounded him. I smiled a little and then let out a gurgled as he hit me again. "Faster!"

I sped up my movements, bobbing steadily, getting into a rhythm. I hummed around him, just randomly, nothing specific and I was rewarded with a moan from him. Fuck he had some sexy moans.

I felt him thread his fingers into my hair and I was surprised when he gripped my hair and pulled my head away from him. "Enough." I whimpered, which earned me another blow from his belt. "On all fours slut."

He backed away and I planted my hands in front of me, so that my arse was in the air. I heard him move behind me and heard him spit on his fingers. I swallowed. I wasn't exactly a virgin. I mean, come on, I was in a band with Sean. I fet his fingers probe me and, whout warning, he pushed two into me. I hissed, but he just hit me with the belt again which made me bite my lip. It did hurt a little, but I got used to it after a little while. That's all I really had, a few thrusts and just enough movement so I was ready to take him.

Once he removed the fingers he lined himself up and slammed into me. I cried out, unable to hold back and he just moaned. "Fuck what a nice tight arse you have." He didn't bother giving me chance to adjust to being filled with him, he just kept moving, his balls slapping against me. Every few thrusts he'd hit me again, though I was sure he was just doing it randomly now, not because of anything I did.

I reached down to touch myself, my dick aching all the more now, but the moment he did I felt him drop the belt on my back and he pulled both my arms behind me. "I didn't say you could touch yourself slut." He growled secure my wrists together with the belt. It wasn't the best restraint and I could likely break free if I tried, but I didn't. I just focussed on the way his dick pounded me, his head slamming aganst my spot unintentionally. His hands gripped onto my sides, moans leaving his lips as he fucked me harder. "That's it slut..."

He growled and he slammed hard into me one last time before pulling out of me. I wondered if he'd cum already, but he stepped around me, pulling my head up so I was eye level with his large dick. He stroked himself twice and then came, the he came. I parted my lips a little in hopes to catch some, my eyes lidding as it landed across my face.

"Fuck Gavin!" I almost jumped, turning my head to the door, surprised to see Sean standing in he open doorway, a smirk on his lips. Bastard. I wondered how long he'd been there and how much he'd seen.

"You wanna use him?" Gustav spoke up, his voice only slightly breathless. "I'm done with the little cocksucker." My dick twitched again at his words and he chuckled. "Seems the little slut wants it..."

I swallowed, hearing Sean step inside, the door closing behind him. Fuck.
Tags: fic, gavin butler, gavin butler/gustav wood, gustav wood, slash, the blackout, young guns

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