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I've seen the future

Yay! My OU funding's sorted, yay!

So this post will be mostly gaming related.

First: Pokemon! I got Black 2 when it came out and just got my eighth badge and am about to start victory road. Yeah, I coulda done it a week or so ago but sickness stalled me a bit. My team is fully evolved now and it#s: Ampharos, Driftblim, Samarott, Magmortar, Lucario and Abomasnow. It's done me good so far, so... I love Join Avenue and interacting with people from all over. I've had people from Germany, Indonesia, Japan and Australia on it! Best of all, though, I scored big time on the raffle today. I got a master ball! Woo!

Second, I've restarted Twilight Princess. This is mostly (and solely) due to Twilight Symphony, which is an awesme thing with the music from is orchestrated. The previews made me want to restart so I did Monday. I'm now at Kakariko about to see the Gorons, not bad I say. I love the Gorons, they're awesome.

So today we went to Birmingham for the WiiU showcase. So, here's my thoughts on the WiiU and the games there.

The WiiU controller.

It is (as most people said) lighter than I expected. Functonally, it seems to work rather well. It's also pretty easy to use (once you get the hang of it) and I'm glad Nintendoland is included in the premium pack, because it seems the perfect game to demonstrate it/get you used to it.

Speaking of, here's my thoughts on Nintendoland. I was lucky, I managed to go on all the attractions (in three seperate bursts) so I can have thoughts on all of them. This'll be done in order I went on them. Note that I went on all the games using the pad, not the wiimote so I have no thoughts that wise.

Zelda: This was the first one I went on, for obvious reasons. It was easy to control and pretty fun. the environment is different, but it's surprisingly cute and I hope for stitched tys of Zelda stuff.

Pikmin: Pikmin, again, was pretty fun. Pikmin are adorable are it's pretty fun. The enmies being wind ups made me think of Pokemon rumble.

Balloon trip: This was one I didn't expect to be othered about, but it was pretty good. Nice and simple and surprisingly fun.

Octopus dance: This was the one that I seriously disliked. Really, it was annoying. I think it's partly due to it being music related and the music wasn't loud enough, but it was still ugh. I think I'll go on it once, then not again when I get it.

Yoshi: This was a surprisingly good one. It was a simple premise, but worked quite well. I just have to get used to the line drawing thing.

F-Zero: This is a racing one and it really makes great use of the gyroscopic controls. It was actually quite fun.

Ninja castle: I dunno why this was slated so much. it was much better than I epected. Different than the others, sure, but they all are different.

Metroid: metroid's the one with the most controls so it'll take getting used to. But it was fun from the first attempt.

Donkey Kong: This was so infuriating, mostly because it's so fucking easy to die. I can tell this one'll take awhile to get right.

Animal Crossing: I loved playing as the two guards, even though it was tricky ccontrolling two at once. I'd like to play it the other way.

Luigi: I loved playing the ghost on this. It was so fun to sneak around and attack the other person (the Nintendo girl).

Laslt, Mario: Another surprisingly fun one,. It sounded like a... well, dull concept, but running and hiding was actually challenging. I got to 16 seconds before being found and caught.

So all in all, Nintendoland's fun and it'll be good to see mum on it.

There wasn't just Nintendoland though (even though there were 4 unitsof it). There was also Mario, which was standard Mario fare, though it was fun. I'd not mind it, but it's not a high priority.

ZombiiU was a main one I wanted, so I'm glad it was there. Cmpared to the others, it has a lot of controls and, sadly, I died a few times. I blame there being two r buttons, which meant accidentally pressing the wrong one. However, it was uite creepy (being in what looked like a preschool place) and I manged to do some gamepad stuff (looting and lockpicking) so it does look awesome thusfar.

So yeah, productive day WiiU wise!

Also I got my Bullet ticket and I'm glad I got it that way cause it was £18.50, which was a huge saving comapred to online (£20, plus booking fees, plus postage).

The rest of the day was generally looking around, including having Mcdonalds and getting books from Smiths.
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