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My Bespoke Psychopath

My Bespoke Psychopath
Pairing: Matt Tuck/Padge
Rating: NC-17
POV: Padge
Warnings: Cannibalism
Notes: This was meant to be the second Halloween fic but it's now almost a week late. Oops. This can be blamed on this pic Padge posted, which served as the main inspiration. This also had me combining some noted down ideas, as well as, oddly, becoming fluffyish.

Halloween. An underrated holiday in my opinion, but one we were slowly catching up on. Every other house I passed now had something Halloween related in the windows or outside, even if it was just a carved pumpkin.

Still the good part was that we didn't have kids running around after sweets. Not here anyway. I pulled up at home, smiling at the decorations. They were more than most, but not too excessive. A skeleton, ghost, a few pumpkins, a fake tombstone. I hummed to myself as I got out the car and walked to the front door. "Halloween, halloween..." I whispered, unlocking the door and stepping inside. I inhaled, the scent of cooking filling the air. I followed my nose to the darkened dining rooom, illuminated only by candles, and smiled at what I saw. There were several plates, all covered, but I knew what was on them. Well, I kinda did. There were also two glasses, filled with ruby red.

"Ah, you're home." I smiled and turned to see him, naked and stained with blood. Matt. "You're far too overdressed for dinner. Now fuck off and get rid of those clothes." I smiled and nodded, heading out and up to my, our, room.

As soon as I was inside I worked my clothing off. Shoes, jeans, jacket, shirt... all came off. I hummed as I removed them, tossing the clothes over a chair in the corner. Fuck I loved this. Coming home, shedding my clothes and having him waiting for me. i still found it stange that I'd found him. A like mind. I smiled and made my way back down, stopping in the dining rom doorway.

"There we go, much better." I smiled at his words, shaking my hips as I entered the room again.

"Something smells good."

He nodded, kissing me briefly, guiding me to the seat. "Oh it is." I smiled, settling into the chair, glancing over the table. He moved into a position where he could lift both covers in a flourish and I groaned softly. I'd known what it would be. Meat, more specifically human flesh. There was a pair of hearts and a hand on one plate. On the other there was a brain. All were still bloody and I suirmed, my belly rumbling.

"Mmmm it looks great." I smiled, feeling my mouth water. "So, who are we having?"

He smiled and leaned forward, lifting up the cover from the middle of the table to reveal a severed head. Glassy, lifeless hazel eyes stared back at me. Dark hair hung either sde of his face. His lips were parted wide, lick he was about to suck dick. I licked my lips lightly at the sight. "Ian."

I smiled and nodded a little. I didn't recognise him, like I did with some boys. This was one Matt had gotten himself, which he insisted on doing for Halloween. It seemed a good choice. "He had tattoos too. Pretty guns on his hips among them." He nodded towards the wall, where skin was stretched out and pinned down. On the skin was the gun tattoos he mentioned. They certainly did look nice. Something we'd keep. We always kept such momentos.

I smiled, starting to eat the meat placed before me, my mind drifting back to when I first met him.

it was just over a year ago and I was in a local bar, looking for guys. Well, victims. I'd been taking guys home sporadically for years. That night I found Matt. He was the most attractive guy there that night and at first I saw him as my next victim. But somehow I got the sense he was different.

He was insistant that we went back to his and I was insitant he come to mine. It all came to a head when we got in my car and he pulled a knife on me and that's when I knew. He was the same as me, a predator.

And that was the start of something beautiful.

I looked up at him, licking the blood from my lips and I finished my meal. "Mmmm so good." I leaned over and kissed him, tasting Ian on his lips. He smiled and pulled back from me, running a hand along my face.


I nodded, standing and watching as he blew out the candles around the room. The flickering flames died, relaced with wisps of smoke, each one making the room darker. When they were all out he grasped my hand, pulling me out the room, up to our bedroom.

The room was darker than it was earlier, illuminated only by light up pumpkin from the window. Matt laid down on the bed, sprawling himself over the sheets, looking amazing. He still had some of the bloodstains on his skin, which made my dick ache. "I need you." I smiled and got between his legs, lining myself up with him. I knew he'd be ready for me. What he'd used to open himself was unclear. Could've been a dildo, plug or a part of Ian. I was sure he'd tell me later.

I pushed into him steadily, holding onto his hips, looking down at him. Fuck he looked so hot. I thrust into him, looking him right in the eyes. He smiled back at me, a moan escaping those lips of his. I started fucking him hard, groans leaving me as twitched around me. He was so fucking good. Amazing in fact. He knew exactly how to please me.

I grunted, watching as he reached down to stroke himself. I slowed my movements, so the thrusts became steady just so I could watch him wank. His hand moved in firm strokes, his fingers giving his length the occasional squeeze.

I groaned and slammed into him, the sight becoming too much for me. He was just so perfect and I was so glad I'd stumbled on him. How many people had a chance to be with someone who was made for them? I growled, thrusting once, twice and then he came. I lasted only a few seconds long, spilling in his clenching insides.

I slowed down my movements, but stayed inside him, probably much longer than was necessary. I only pulled out when I started to soften and, when I did, I almost instantly collapsed on the bed alongside him. It was then that I did what I always did after fucking him. I smiled at the lifeless eyes that watched us, from the heads on the walls that served as our trophies. Soon, Ian's head would be among them, prepared by Matt just like they were.

I kissed him briefly, panting softly. I didn't need to say the words. I knew how he felt, as he knew how I did. "Is it in?"

He smiled in the dim light, nodding. "Of course beautiful." He reached for the bedside table, for the remote for the tv, turning it on and the starting the disc inside it. As soon as it started he settled against me, resting his head on my shoulder.

"Twas a long time ago, longer now than it seems, in a place that perhaps you've seen in your dreams...."
Tags: bullet for my valentine, fic, ian watkins, matt tuck, matt tuck/padge, padge, slash
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