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Just a sad song

I had this post in my head whle I was out. I'm gonna try and do it the best I can.

So a few things. First the slightly odd news that there'll be more Star Wars films. I've gone through at least a dozen emotions over it snce I heard, but now I'm cautiously excited. I just hope it ges the way of Avengers and comes out awesome. Though I still feel like it's not quite real. Because it sounds so insane.

Halloween was ok. I watched Nightmare Before Christmas, the treehouse Of Horror dvd and Trick r Treat. Other than that I was in my vamp outfit, minus fangs which vanished.

Today I went to see Lostprophets. Didn't do much beforehand in Wolverhamapton, but who was working merch? Jay Smith. He was even in his bobble hat! He gets everywhere. I didn't get anything though. The money I have got out, will pay for more Welshness in the form of Bullet's tour.

First act were Pure Love. There were ok. I'd never heard of them before though. There third song was pretty good. And their guitarist was hot.

Second were We Are The Ocean. They didn't seem as good as usual, likely due to the set and not playing Confessions.

Last were Lostprophets and it was an odd set. First, Ian wore gloves for the first two songs which made me think things. Lee has nice hair again and Stu's not sexy blonde. And Luke's arms... ugh. Ian kept waving his hands about, making lots of gestures and fiddling with his hair. The set itself was an odd mix. Some songs were the wewer ones, but a lot were much older including Fake Sound ones (which I only realise now is not on my pod for reasons unknown). I'm sure a major song was missing too. Plus, they didn't do an encore which was odd.

In short, I dunno

I'm glad all my other gigs are in Birmingham because it was a bitch to get back. I almost had to walk again, ugh.

Next Friday I'll be on the WiiU. Woo..

But I hated coming home. Mum was up which was strange because he doesn't usually wait up. But it was because Sean had died and she didn't wnt me not to know. I can't believe it. He seemed out of sorts, but I didn't think he was gonna go. I just...

So now I'm sat, cuddling little Ian and just...
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