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Their Blessing

Their Blessing
Pairings: Jay James/Matt Tuck/Moose/Padge
Rating: NC-17
POV: Matt
Warnings: Slight BDSM stuff, slight cross dressing
Notes: I blame Matt for this. In the Axewound thank you's he said 'And of course thank you to my three wives in Bullet for giving me their blessing!
And wow, I didn't realise there'd been this much of a fic drought. I guess doing the assessment and stuff took more outta me than I realised (and get block hasn't helped too much). However, expect more fic soon. Like, Halloween soon at least.

"I'm going to do a side project." I figured that was the best way to come out with it to them, pure and simple. The guys looked at me from where they kneeled on the floor. The three of them were mine and it wasn't like they were in positions to tell me not to. Jay certainly couldn't because he had a gag between those pretty lips of his, lips that I knew were made for taking dick. He was naked about from the collar around his neck and the pair of lacy panties he wore. In fact the three of them were all wearing similar attire, just as they always were during our downtime. Well, sometimes I made them wear panties when we were onstage too but the collars were reserved for this.

"You are sir?" I glanced at Moose, who wore his trademark grey hat.

I nodded. "Me and a few other guys are getting together to do an album. It won't interfere with us of course. It'll just be a week in a studio, a few gigs, maybe a small tour." I paused, flicked my tongue over my lips. "But I won't be leaving my favourite bitches for too long. In fact, you cunts can even come service us." I smirked at the thought, knowing that Jay would probably like that most. After all he was a cockslut. I was surprised he hadn't had pictures turn up like Watkins. Maybe I should leak some.

"Yes sir." They all said in close to unison, apart from Jay of course. He just sort of gurgled.

"Now cunts, I feel it's appropriate to gain your blessing for this." I licked my lips, smirking. "And by blessing I mean..." The three of them watched me, eyes eager. I pulled out a piece of paper I laid it down before them. The clearest thing was their names, written in large letters one under the other. They looked little confused and I smirked, leaning down to pull their panties down to remove the rings that strangled their cocks. "I'm gonna let you sluts cum for a change. By your names. That's how you're gonna give me your blessing."

Moose nodded and grnned, his hard dick twitching. I knew he'd be first, he was always so eager. "On your knees in front of it." He nodded again and shuffled into position. "Now, stroke." I smiled, settling back as Moose started to stroke his dick. "Whore." I looked at Padge. "Pick a dildo, suck it and shove it up his arse."

"Yes sir!" He scurried off, quickly returning with a large rubber dildo between his lips.

"Good boy." I smirked, watching him suck the shaft, his hand moving it in and out. It was strange, but for some reason watching him do that was probably more obscene than watching Jay do it. Maybe it was because Padge looked more manly. "Enough."

Padge nodded, letting the toy slip from between his lips with a soft pop. He took the slick purple shaft and moved behind Moose, using one hand to spread his arse cheeks, while the other pressed it between them. I heard Moose let out a low groan, his hips jerking forward as it filled him. Fuck I was so lucky to have such sluts. Sluts that would put on such a show for me whenever I wanted. I couldn't remember the last time I watched porn. There was no need to with these three around to act out whatever crossed my mind.

Moose groaned again as he stroked himself, tipping his head back a little. I growled at him. "Remember what you're doing slut." He nodded and looked back down again, his hand pumping steadily. His angle changed slightly, so that he was aiming right at the spot by his name. Good. He grunted as Padge slammed the dildo in and out of him and then it was overfor him. His dick shot at the sheet and he made sure that it landed where I wanted it too. I didn't blame im for not lasting too long. I didn't expect them to, especially since they'd not had the chance to cum in over a week.

"You're next whore." Padge nodded and took Moose's position when he shifted aside. His strokes were slower, more firmer. I licked my lips at the sight, then turned my gaze to Jay. "Cunt, get behind him and make use of those fingers of yours." He nodded, drool escaping his lips from where the spider gag held them stretched open. "And your tongue too."

I shifted over a little for a better view, watching as Jay raised his fingers to his lips, easily coating them in saliva. Like Padge had to Moose, he used one hand to prise his cheeks apart as he worked two slick fingers into him. He knealt down as Padge moaned, leaning in as he pushed his fingers in deep. I caught his tongue darting out, hearing Padge moan at the feeling. I couldn't make out much else from where I was. Even if I was closer I knew I'd not able to make anything out. All I could tell were the way his fingers moved in and out.

I did however, lament Jay's lack of a stud now. Even after so long I still missed it. Regretable that he'd had an... incident with it. Pity.

Padge grunted, aiming his dick as he let go, shooting a few thick spurts. Again, I wasn't too surprised by his speed, especially since he had Jay's tongue in him. Even without the stud, Jay had a talented tongue that could work fucking wonders.

I got up from my seat and moved behind Jay as he pulled back and straightened up. "Wank cunt." I growled the words and he did so, snaking a hand down between his legs and stroking hmself. I pulled my own cock out and lined myself up, slamming into his opening without a word of warning. He made a sort of gurgling sound which went straight to my dick. I grabbed a handful of his hair and yanked his head back, glad he'd grown it out again. "Fucking whore...." I growled against him, watching as more drool escaped his lips, adding to what was already there. His face was glistening now, from a mixture of his own saliva and Padge's sweat. I let go of him, but only so he'd be able to keep a good aim. That and so I could spit on his lizard tattoo. It looked so pretty when it was wet and shiny. I'd lost count of the amount of times I'd blown a load over it.

Not today though, I had other plans.

I slammed into him as hard as I could, making sure to try and angle towards his spot. Each thrust caused him to let out this gurgling moan, which was way hotter than it probably should be. However, when I heard him let out one closer to a growl that's when I knew it was over. I managed to look over his shoulder just in time to seem him add his load to the sheet.

I pulled out quickly, knowing if I got squeezed by him as he came I likely would too. "All of you fuckers, side by side." As they got into position I moved away, quickly to cover the sheet in a layer of sticky back plastic, preserving the stains before they'd dried too much.

Satisfed, I then went back to them, where the tree of them were kneeling beside each other. I took my cock in hand and started to wank myself, watching them as they looked up at me. They looked so eager, so pretty. Moose and Padge now had their mouths open wide and had leaned in so their heads were on Jay's shoulders. The sight of them each spilling, along with the way Jay's arse had worked around me, meant that I was close to the edge in a handful of strokes. "Fucking whore..." I grunted, shooting. I made sure to get some on each of them. The first shot landed across Jay's face and I just had time to move so that the second landed across Padge's cheek. I wiped the last fe dribbles over Moose's lips, smiling at the sounds of appreciation they made. Tongues swiped out to try and get at any of my cum and I couldn't help but chuckle. "Needy sluts."

I smirked and flopped back on the sofa, knowing that I'd have to do a song for them. And add an appropriate dedication. And I knew just what to say. Now to figure out a way of working slavery into a lyric...
Tags: bullet for my valentine, fic, jay james, jay james/matt tuck, jay james/padge, matt tuck, moose, moose/padge, padge, slash
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