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El picture posto

Time for pictures now. So here's some, mostly from yesterday and a few from today.

The sticks tank. Taken mainly to try and sow the one at the bottom shedding (but I don't think it's come out well)

Now pics from the exibit

Borg arm

Phaser rifle and Nagus staff

Cardassian uniform and O'Brian's

Porthos in his tank

Dax's uniform and Kes'

Klingon stuff: phasers, datapads etc

7 Of 9 and Admiral Janeway!

Bajoran stuff

Enterprise uniform and the other... I don't think there was a thing for it

Data's head

Federation stuff

Various padds


One of Kirk's uniforms and pretor Shinzon's

Various uniforms that I can't rememeber whos is whose


Mirror Enterprise uniform

MACO and EV suit

Orb container

Klingon outfit

Spock's spacesuit, Troi's uniform and the container again

Suliban cell ship

A statue made of various Trek ships

A Star Wars lamp

A model of the centre

El signed stuff

Tiny cupcakes from tiny Morgan!

Birthday stuffs now

Lego! Scout trooper on speeder bike

Ewoks and their fort tree!

El cake

I'd have a pic of card... but I forgot
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