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Where no one has gone before...

So today was a busy day. Was up unreasonably early and couldn't sleep again so came down at 6ish. I got Kerrang before I got on the coach and it annoys me that the Bullet poster is just Matt. Actually it annoys me more that it's Matt from an Axewound shoot so it should be listed as an Axewound poster if anything, but he's licking an ax so it's hot. The trip down there was ok, but traffic made the coach arrive late.

However, I did manage to see Sisbean, yay! It was nice to finally see, poke and pester her, ever if it was only a short time.

I got to the venue at about 2:30 and fucking hell. The line for ticket collection was about half the length of the main concourse. It was insane! I was stuck in there for over an hour, but at least getting the ticket was ok.

I wasn't completely sure what to expect with the event itself. But if I'm being honest? I was a little underwhelmed. The exhibition thing could've done with being about twice the size. It did have some cool stuff though and I got lots of pics from it.

The first thing I did was get Q's autograph. He was the one I'd set myself to get definitely and I managed to get it no problem.

Next I went to get Janeway's, but she was doing a photo shoot so I had a wander around the place. I got the only event thing that I got, the collectors Trek magazine (which is pretty cool). I also saw tribbles which I wanted but £50 each is fucking crazy. It did the purring and shaking too which made me squee but still, so much.

After a few circuits Janeway was back but her number hadn't changed. So after a few goes round I went to ask the ticket girl... only for two people in front to ask. They were let straight in, so I was too. While waiting in line I looked over... and couldn't help but notice Picard's shiny head (and mentally quoting B4's remark on it). And so I got auto number 2!

I had enough for another auto, so did another circuit to ponder. I eventually settled on getting Kira's, and I'm glad I did. She was so nice and we had a little talk too. Sadly the picture taken didn't save (same happened with the one earlier of sisbean) which sucks.

I hung around for the producers talk (the only talk I got to see sadly) which was pretty good and then headed home.

The trip back was uneventful.

Pics later.

It's my birthday now an I'm gonna spend it sleeping off today's travel madness.

Edit to add: 1: Yay! New Bullet song being played monday!
2: Jay's been on twitter 6 minutes and he's already giving me unreasonable images
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