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What a bother

Well the past few days have been hit and miss. The things fall into good and bad catergories, which I'll list seperately.

*Pokemon Black 2 came Thursday! It is so awesome! I love that Cheren's a gym leader. And I love the second gym. I also love that my team didn't go to plan thanks to Dream World and Dream Radar. I just got badge number 4 and I just... guh I love it so. Pokemon is just so awesome.
*Tiny Morgan was nice enough to get me an awesome present: a ticket to Destination Star Trek on Friday. Yay! But more on that in section 2: ie the bad.
*Going will mean meeting Sisbean early, yay!
*Axewound's album came before the last post and I've been lsitening to it a fair bit lately. It's better than I expected (I may have said that already but I'm too lazy to go back and check)
*I got free bingo so went Monday. Alas, won nothing
*I've won something, but don't wanna squee too much till I have the confirmation mail which hasn't come yet.
*The other week I got a venus fly trap! Life goal achieved!
*The Supernatural run is back to progressing
*The tribble Star Trek eps are awesome

*Having a massive fight with mum Saturday which was so fucking pointless and ruined the whole day.
*I fell today on the way back from printing stuff at the library and my knees still hurt.
*Monday the cunt at pertemps put me on a stupid course so now I have to go in there for monday-wednesday for two weeks. It sounds like what I've already done though, ugh.
*I still need to sort my courses for next year, which I meant to do Sat (couldn't causa fight) and today (couldn't causa fall) ugh.
*Today the ticket people decided that they need an authorisation letter fsigned by the card holder... which can't get here in time for when I go. We're trying to sort it, but it pisses me off.

So.. ugh. Rightt now the bad outweighs the good slightly.
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