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Who thoughts

Well it was the last ep of this part of the series of Who earlier. My thoughts?
*The Angels are back and are creepy. They seem more like they were in Blink.
*Poor, poor Rory. Ii'm actually far more sad to see him go than I am to see Amy go.
*Oh River, your life is a tangled mess isn't it? It's so timey wimey, not just because the back and forthing but causa the Doctor messing with things
*I think the Doctor erasing his name unwitingly leads to the thing the Silence were trying to prevent
*The statue of Liberty being a giant angel didn't seem to work. I mean it didn't have much point did it?
*Baby angels are creepy
*River's words at the end pretty much match Donna's from awhile back.
*One thing bothered me about the Angels though. The whole plot of Blink wasfor them to get the TARDIS. This time the TARDIS was left unguarded, in a house were Angels could get in (and, indeed, they did) and yet they ignored it! Why?

Thoughts on this part of the series as a whole?
*I think it certainly suffered from being unusal. By that I mean the Doctor coming and going instead of having someone wth him all the time. Especially since with everyone else (who is labelled as being friends just as much) he didn't even bother with half as much.
*So while the eps were pretty good, they'd have been better I feel if they'd been like a regular season.
*Best ep? Hard to say. I don't think I have an answer to that yet. I mean they all had good parts (apart from Mercy). Possibly The Power Of Three or Dinosaurs.

End rambling. Now to watch Resident Evil so I'm ready to see the newest one Tuesday.
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