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Thoughts on Who (a bit late).

Good things first:
*Professor Cox! So awesome! < 3
*Rory's dad was back and he's so amusing, with staying in the TARDIS for four days and his log
*Kate Stewart! I really hope she comes back because she was awesome and I loved all the mentions about her dad and old Who, which I'm glad I was able to pick up on and appreciate
*I love the cubes. They were so awesome
*11 on a Wii!

Ok, onto the main negative. There was so much build up with the cubes that there was going to be a good chance the ending wouldn't match up with it. Sadly, this happened. The ending, as many people on Whoo sites have commented, seemed a bit rushed which was a pity.

Next ep has the Angels and River. And also the Ponds leaving. I'll be honest, I'll be more sad about Rory leaving than Amy.

Now back to iconing, then shall do more to assessment.
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