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Red And White

Red And White
Pairing: Gerard Way/Mikey Way/Ray Toro
Rating: NC-17
POV: Mikey
Warnings: Fisting
Notes: Yes I know I just did a bandan code fic about fisting but damnit. Blame this post on tumblr. (And yes, I'm breaking the MCR embargo just this once but this'll be nice and locked so, fuck it.) Also, this is for bloodyhands. I hope this makes your bad week a bit better.

Bright red. It flashed as he moved across the stage, the colour all the more obvious because of the black he wore. I realised what it meant fairly early on in the gig and fuck, was I glad I had my bass to hide how hard I was. Not that that wasn't normal. Pretty much every gig involved me getting hard at the sight of my big brother.

Midway through the gig, between songs, I went to Ray who'd stopped to drink from a bottle of water. "Our hotel room, an hour after the show. Be there." I stuffed my key card in his pocket, then smiled and moved away frm him before he could answer.

Yeah, tonight would be fun.


The hotel was, thankfully, near the venue which meant we could get there pretty quickly after the gig was over. Bob and Frank stayed behind to see the fans, which made me feel a little guilty about slipping away like this. Only a little though. It had been awhile since the last hotel night and fondling on the bus just wasn't enough.

The second me and Gerard were in the elevator and the doors had closed, I kissed him, thankful it was empty. "Mmmm I noticed what you wanted big brother." I purred when our lips parted, my hand cupping his ass. "And you're gonna get it." He moaned softly and smiled, our bodies parting as the doors opened.

I quickly led him to the room, waiting for him to open it. "I have a surprise for you." I purred into his ear, pressing against him so he could feel my hardness through my tight pants.

"Oh?" He asked, shivering as he pushed the door open. There, standing rather awakwardly by the bed, was Ray and I smiled, pushing Gerard inside and shutting the door behind us. "Toro what are you..."

"He's the surprise." I smirked, leaning in to whisper. "You want fisting, well Toro there has a nice big fist for you." He shivered again at my words and I pulled back, licking my lips. "Right, strip, both of you." Gerard nodded, reaching down to undo his belt. Ray, on the other hand, took a few more seconds to get on the ball, but after a stare that said 'I'm totally fucking serious' he began to remove his clothing too.

I sat on the edge of the bed, watching them intently as they undid their flies. Before they went further, I tutted and shook my head. "Better idea. Kiss and strip each other." They nodded, Ray biting his lip before the both kissed. I smirked, watching as they pulled their pants down, my brother giving Ray's cock a brief squeeze before stepping out and kicking his pants aside. Ray did the same with his own, pushing Gerard's jacket off to the floor. "That's it. You pair of sluts." I smiled, palming my hardness through my pants. Their lips parted and Gerard moaned, hands working to pull their t-shirts off. They kissed again, bare chests pressing tgether, their hard cocks rubbing against each other. My brother was obviously dwarfed by Toro's dick, which only made it hotter.

When they parts again it was to remove the only thing they had left, their shoes. They took them both off themselves, setting them aside. Now they were bare assed naked, the only thing showing being the end of the plug Gerard wore. I smiled a little at the sight. He didn't always wear it of course, only for nights like this. Still. it turned me on imensely. "Now slut, why don't you tell the nice man exactly why he's here."

Gerard's cheeks flushed. "I err..."

"Quickly now, we haven't got all night!"

"I want you to fist me." Gerard muttered, the words coming out as a whisper.

"What was that slut? I don't think he heard you."

"I want you to fist me!" He repeated, louder this time.

Ray looked a little shocked and I smirked. I almost made Gerard repeat it once more, but I refrained. "Well Ray, what're you waiting for?"

Ray swallowed, then looked at Gerard a few moments more before starting to move. "Over the table." Gerard nodded, bending over the nearest table, spreading his legs as wide as he could. The slut was well trained after all. Ray reached between his legs, removing the plug slowly. "Er, do you have any lube?"

I nodded to the bag proped by the closet. "Top compartment."

Ray nodded, setting the black plug on the tabletop carely, before heading over an gryying the bottle of lube. I was glad I'd dropped the bag off before the show. It contained all we'd need for a hotel night. Lube, cuffs, toys. The basics. Ray squeeed some lube over his fingers, then set the bottle beside the plug. He shifted his fingers down to Gerard's ass, pushing three in without warning, making my brother gasp. I smirked a little at that, watching as Ray moved his fingers in and out of him. Ray, I'd noticed, had very nice fingers and I had wondered how they'd look opening my slut up. I leaned forward a little to get a better look, licking my lips at the sight.

Ray made fast work of him, opening him enough to work both his little finger and thumb into him after a few minutes of finger work. He looked at me and I gave him a small nod, watching him work his hand inside. Gerard made more of those gasping noises and I smirked, the sounds going straight to my dick. I'd been tempted to get Ray to gag him before going to work, but I was glad I'd considered against it. Those sounds were much too good to be muffled.

I glanced at Ray, smiling at the wonder in his eyes as his hand disappeared into my brother, a moan leaving his lips. "This feels so fucking strange..."

I smiled and nodded, squeeing my bulge. "It does." He turned to face me, realising that I was speaking from experience. "Move your wrist." He raised an eyebrow, but did it anyway, moans leaving both now. I chucckled, climbing off the bed and moving to remove my own clothes at last. "Good isn't it? Keep it up." I tossed my tee to one side, undoing my pants quickly as he did it again, another set of moans following. Sluts.

I moved behind Ray when my clothing was shed, running a slow finger down his back. He shivered, though I wasn't sure if it was from my touch or from his hand. "You've been fucked before right Toro?"

"I... errr..." He groaned, Gerard's doing. I smiled, pressing my finger between his cheeks. If I was being honest I wasn't sure which answer I was expecting. Sure, he had a big dick, but that didn't necessarily mean he didn't like being fucked. I didn't expect an answer to be forthcoming, so I trailed my finger back up along his back, sliding it around his neck, his thick curls tickling me. I stopped when my finger reached those thick lips of his and I extended another finger out alongside it.

"Suck." He didn't hesitate, parting his lips and taking both digits inside, sucking intently on them. Had he done this before? I wondered, picturing what those lips would look like wrapped around a dick. I made a mental note to file that under 'things I need to do before this tour is over' and returned my attention to the task at hand. I slipped both fingers out, satisfied they were wet enough now. "Good boy." I purred in his ear, shifting them both beteen his cheeks. I quickly found his opening, easing both of them in together. He let out a gasp and my first thought was how tight he felt. It didn't mean he'd never been fucked of course, just not lately. Not a surprise due to our touring schedule. I'd certainly have known if anyone had gotten fucked on the tour bus. I smiled a little, curving my fingers into him, enjoying the sounds he made. "Keep your wrist moving now. Don't let my fingers distract you."

He nodded, his curls brushing my face as he moved his wrist again. Not much, but enough to make them both make another set of noises. I chuckled softly, moving my fingers in and out a few more times, just enough to be sure I was ready for him. With my other hand I reached round, snatching the lube and popping the top awkwardly with my teeth, squeezing some onto my dick before replacing it on the table.

My fingers slipped out and, before Ray could even let out a sound at the loss, I buried my length inside of him, letting a moan out at his tightness. "You're mine now Toro." I purred against his neck. "Just like my slut of a brother." He let out his own moan, nodding and seemingly unable to form any coherent words. "Here is what you are going to do." I pulled out and thrust into him, hard. "On my next thrust, you're going to get your hand out of my brother." He nodded, removing his hand out as I pulled out. He just about managed to get it out in time for my thrust into him. "By my next one you're going to slam that great big Toro cock into my brother." He nodded again, awakwardly shifting into position as I moved out. He'd gotten his head inside as I slammed in, causing him to bury his full length into Gerard;s ass, both of them moaning like fucking whores. "Now." I purred into his sweaty neck, inhaling his scent. You're gonna wrap a hand around him and start jacking him off. That's what the little whore wants too." Another nod and another quick set of movements from him. I watched as he snaked a hand between Gerard's body and the table, clearly taking him in hand. I slammed into him when I was sure, and started moving quickly.

As i fucked him I graed my teeth along the curve of his neck, biting his skin in several places hard enough to leave marks. His curls would hide the marks effecctively, but they meant he'd still know who he belonged to now. As I watched him fuck my brother, his large dick slamming into his stretched hole, I cursed myself for not doing this sooner. I could've seen this many more times if I'd done so. Still, there'd be time to make it up, especially when this tour cycle ended. I growled, slamming hard into him. Ah yes, the things I'd do to him. Things that probably had never crossed his mind. I bit him again at that thought, thrusting hard and deep inside him.

My thoughts were broken somewhat when I heard Gerard let out a familiar groan, the type he made only when he came. I'd heard it often enough that it was obvious to me now. Pity it was against the table and not splatted across his chest. Still, we'd make do. "Good boy." I purred in Ray's ear as he moaned. Gerard's ass must be doing wonders for his cock, even after a fisting. "Scoop up his cum and suck it off your fingers."

He did so without a thought, his fingers quickly moving, unseen from my gaze until he raised them to his lips. His fingers were smeared with my brother's cum and fuck, they looked so hot. He parted his lips and took his middle two fingers between them and that was it for me. I came hard inside him as he sucked my brother's cum off his fingers.

I rode my orgasm out in him, then slowly slipped out when he was done, but I wasn't blind. I knew he wasn't done. I smiled, slipping my fingers back into his hole, curving them and pulling him back slowly, so that he was pulled out of my brother. He whimpered and it looked like he was about to protest but I cut him off. "Lay on the bed, face up fucker." I circled my fingers a little, collecting my cum and working them out of him.

He did as i was told, his cock bouncing with every step he made on his way to the bed. "Slut, suck him off." Gerard moved so quickly he got them just seconds after Ray had settled into position. My brother, the filthy little cocksucker. By the time I got there, he already had Ray's length between those skilled lips of his. I smiled, offering my wet fingers to Ray. "Suck."

He nodded breathless, parting his lips and taking both fingers, his tongue swirling around them the second they were in his mouth. Fuck he was eager. Almost surprisingly so. The thought crossed my mind again if he'd done this before. "Fuck it." I muttered to myself, removing my fingers the second they were clean, mounting the bed and squatting above his so my dick was at his mouth. Sure I was softening now, but dick was dick. He took it without having to be told, his tongue dancing over my dick. The real test would be with a stiff cock of course, and I certainly couldn't wait to try that. Still, if he was half as good as he appeared...

He groaned and I pulled out, shifting aside so I could look down between his legs. "Ugh fuck..." He thrust his hips up, Gerard's throat bulging a little from his dick and then he made this... noise. It was a strange sound that was half grunt, half groan but it was pretty obvious what it meant. "Good boy." I purred, running my fingers through his hair, my other hand doing the same to Gerard's.

I laid back beside Ray, gesturing for Gerard to lay beside me on the large bed. Ray was panting still, clearly breathless and his eyes were filled with questions, questions he couldn't seem to find the wods for. I was sure tomorrow I'd be bombarded by them, but for now I just kissed him, then Gerard. "Rest now." I smiled, my fingers slipping into their hair again, content to just lay there with the only sound being our breathing.

I smirked smugly to myself, resting my head back against the pillows. Best idea ever.
Tags: fic, gerard way, gerard way/mikey way/ray toro, mikey way, my chemical romance, ray toro, slash
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