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Birthday Boy

Birthday Boy
Pairing: Jay James/Padge
Rating: NC-17
POV: Padge
Warnings: Latex
Notes: This was based on a throwaway thought I had when it was announced Padge had surgery, that Jay'd be his nurse. I didn't think about it again until last night and this was born for Padge's birthday. Hope this helps cheer up lc_ffaf < 3

I looked up from my bed as I heard the door open. I had a feeling it was the guys come to celebrate my birthday. Not that I could celebrate in my usual manner. I was still healing from the surgery and had been commanded to rest, which sucked. Still, I guess we could have fun of some form.

Matt and Moose soon turned up in my doorway, both grinning. "Hey birthday boy, how you doing?"

I smiled a little at them, shifting a little. "Better than I was. Still not allowed to leave this bed though." I grumbled at that, my iritation clear.

"Aww that's ok." Matt smiled and I shuddered a little. That was the smile he had when he was up to something. I wasn't quite sure if that something would be good or not. Often it meant the latter. "We bought you a present."

I looked at him and raised an eyebrow. "Very funny man. I can see neither of you are holding anything." I looked between them, just to be sure they didn't have any bags slung over their shoulders or anything, but there was nothing.

"Nah it's not something we're holding, you'll enjoy it though." He shifted from the doorway and waved someone in.

"Fuck..." I whispered my jaw dropping. It was Jay, who'd been conspicious from his absence and fucking hell. He was wearing one of those slutty nurses uniforms. It was made oof white latex which clung to his otherwise bare skin.

"Don't worry now. Nurse Jay isn't gonna be giving you bed baths or any of that shit are you?"

"No sir." Jay replied in that sweet, soft little voice of his. He was swaying his hips and I noticed he looked a little taller than usual. I leaned up a little and fuck, he was wearing matching heels. "Now, now sir, you should be laying down. Let me take care of you."

He smiled and stepped close to me, wobbling just a little. Enough to tell me he'd worn heels before but not often enough to get confident. He pulled the covers off me revealling to them that I was naked. Well I wasn't fucking bothering with clothes if I was being made to stay in bed was I?

He smiled and his eyes twinkled the same look he got whenever a cock was put in front of him. He licked his laps and I smirked, parting my legs a little. Whatever he had in mind was gonna be my first bit of action since the surgery and I was intent on enjoying it.

He tutted a little a shook his head. "This isn't good at all."

"What isn't?"

"That cock for yours sir. It's been neglected. I simply can't let that happpen a moment longer." He got between my legs and, before I knew it his lips were wrapped around my half hard cock. I groaned softly as he sucked me bobbing his head up and down my hardenig shaft. I groaned and let my head fall back, content to let him work his magic on me. I'd had my dick sucked by quite a few people, not wuite as many times as others in this room though but out of all of them Jay was the best. I was quite sure he was made to take dick, since he was just so good at it. It was just a pity that he didn't have the piercing any more, though I understood why he didn't have it. Let's just say tongue and cock piercings didn't mix.

i gripped the sheets as he pulled off my cock with a soft pop, my length now rock hard. I almost whimpered in disappointment at the loss, but before the sound could even leave my lips his tongue was on me again, licking from my head down along my shaft. I moaned as he traced a path lower, through the thick curls of m pubic hair, down to my balls. He purred the sound and the feeling of his hot breath on my sensitive skin making me shudder. I gasped as he traced his tongue over them briefly, before taking both of them between his lips. He was gentle with them, twirling his tongue against me in all the right ways, making me moan desperately.

All too soon he was off them too and this time he shifted up off me. I had a feeling if I'd been able to move he would have continued his path down towards my arse. The thought alone made me squirm. He straightened himself up and reached underneath the rubber dress, pulling down a set of white rubber panties that made me let out another groan. He pushed them down his legs and stepped out of them. I moaned even more when i noticed that the rubber has a plug attached. Fuck where had they got all this stuff?

He smiled and climbed onto the bed, crawling up until he was in position over me. "Could you hold your dick up from me now sir?" I nodded wordlessly, reaching between my legs to grab my dick and hold it up. I'd had my hand down there a lot these past days. What else was I supposed to do in bed? He smiled and shifted down, taking my cock with familiar ease a groan leaving his lips as he did so. He started to move the second he took me fully bouncing on my dick like the wanton whore he was. I tipped my head back again clawing at the sheets as he fucked himself on me. Fuck he looked so good like that.

His arse clenched around me with every other bounce and I was fucked if he expected this to last long. Between that and the sounds he was making, I was already too close, so I didn't hold back. I last a few more of his movements, before cumming hard up his ass, a low grunt leaving my lips as I did so.

It was then, in my post orgasmic daze that I remembered that it wasn't just us, that Tuck and Moose were still here and had been watching the whole time. They were tugging on their dicks moving to flank the bed. Within moments, i felt cum land across my face from either side as they shot their loads. "Happy birthday Padge." Matt smirked and, before I could say anything I heard a camera shutter go off. I didn't get chance to object though, because Jay started working his tongue on my face, licking the mess they'd made off me. "Have fun with your present!"

I heard him chuckle as he left. Oh I would. i was sure I could think of plenty to do to my little nurse that didn't involve movement on my part.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, fic, jay james, jay james/padge, matt tuck, moose, padge, slash
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