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It's Not A Fashion Statement

It's Not A Fashion Statement
Pairing: Jay James/Matt Tuck
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Warnings: Fisting, BDSM
Notes: Bandana fic. First I've done in awhile. Inspired by both Jay and Matt having a bandana on during the Reading gig. Also first Jay/Matt in awhile. I blame Matt;s personality on lc_ffaf :P

The bandana code was something I learned awhile ago and it certainly made things interesting. Every few gigs one or both of us would wear one and then we'd act on it. It had provided for some very fun nights.

Today we were playing Reading and the first thing i noticed when we took to the stage was a bandana hanging from Matt's back pocket. Red. Fisting. i groaned softly, recognising that since it was in his left pocket that meant he'd be the one doing it.

I glanced at my right wrist, where I'd wrapped a black bandana before coming on stage. BDSM. Bottom.

Seems tonight would be an interesting one.


It was best doing this sort of thing during hotel nights. After all, it was very awkward to do these kinds of things on buses. Well, some of them anyway. It was surprising how many you could make work in the limited space.

Since tonight was a festival, we had the luxury of a hotel and all the space it provided. However there was a slight downside. Since it was a festival gig and not a full tour, we hadn't bought much in the way of toys or equipment.

As soon as we entered the room he smirked at me, licking his lips. "Strip cunt." I nodded, teasing down the zipper of my fly. He growled, glaring. "Faster you little shit I haven't got all night!" I took the hint and quickly pushed my jeans down, my boxers following. I reached up and pulled my sleeveless tee up and off. "There, much better. I don't even know why you fucking bother with clothes." He sneered, giving me a once over. "If it was up to me you;d be like this all the fucking time." He started circling me then and I felt his eyes on me, examining every inch of my bare skin. "Bend over the bet you piece of shit, hands behind you."

I nodded, wordlessly doing as I was told. I laid over the soft sheets, pushing my arse back out for him, then placed my arms back behind my back. I felt his hands on me almost as soon as I was in position, though they were working higher than I expected. He undid the bandana I'd wrapped around my wrist, then I felt him retie it, only this time around both my wrists. When he was satisfied he moved his hands lower, to where I'd expected them to be. "Such a fucking slut." I heard him mutter ans his fingers pressed against the plug. I shoved it up there to save time whenever I wore a bandana. It saved time mostly. He pulled out the plug and I made a little groan. "Fucking slut, clearly gagging for dick." I heard him toss the rubber toy aside, hearing it bounce somewhere.

Next I felt something soft against my ass, being brushed between my cheeks. I wondered what it was, but then my question was answered. He stuffed his red bandana in my mouth, tying it around the back of my head. "There, now you won't make so much fucking noise."

He seperated from me and I heard him cross the room, where I presumed he was heading to his bag. The sounds I heard confirmed it, which sounded like rummaging. I squirmed against the sheets, which provided a small amount of friction for my hardening dick.

I felt him settle things down beside me and then heard him growl. "Take a step back slut." Puzzled, I did as I was told, then fely his fingers between my legs, slipping a cock ring on. "There." He shoved me forward as I was back where I started. "Now your little dick won't be making a fucking mess."

I whimpered and felt him slip the collar we always used around my neck. He buckled it in place, then his hands left me again. I heard him do something, but didn't dare look back. A few moments later I felt his hand holding me open. the fingers of his right hand probing me. Since I was plugged he wasted no time, pushing his middle three fingers into me in one go. "Such a fucking slut." He started thrusting his fingers right away, curving them slightly inside me. I was certain he was pressing his fingers against my spot on purpose. I groaned behind the makeshift gag, my dick aching with each movement of his fingers.

I groaned again when he worked his little finger alongside the other three. "Such a fucking slut. For anyone else it would take way longer than this to open them up this much. but you? Minutes." He thrust his four fingers inside me hard, making my eyes lid. I felt him spit on my back, growling. "Such a fucking whore..." His fingers moved inside me, stretching me open the last little bit.

I groaned again, feeling him tuck his thumb alongside his other digits when he removed his fingers from me. The next thrust forward buried his whole hand inside me, another moan being muffled by the bandana. "Fuck yeah... take it slut." I groaned again as his hand started moving inside me, less rough than his fingers had been. The stretch made me ache and it did hurt, but the I focussed on the dull pleasure instead. I knew it would subside soon enough. He spat on me again, rotating his wrist. "You look so good all stretched open." He purred and I felt his eyes on me, on his hand inside me. He pushed a little more and I felt more of him enter me, the feeling of fullness making my cock twitch.

He growled, flexing his fingers. "I was planning on keeping this up for longer, but fuck it." He retreat his hand, thrusting it once more before sliding it out fully. He quickly got in position between my legs and pushed his length inside me. He filled me in one thrust, not surprising with the amount of stretching he'd just given me. He gripped my sides with both hands, fucking me roughly, my hips slapping against the bed each time he slammed into me.

He spat again, groaning. "Such a fucking whore." He fucked me hard and fast, though the stretching meant I didn't feel much of him. He growled again, thrusting hard one last time before I felt him shoot into me, a loud groan leaving his mouth as he did. "Ugh yes you fucking whore..."

He stayed inside me for a few moments before pulling out. "I guess you did well enough to deserve a chance to cum." He reached up, undoing my bandana from around my wrists. Once again I felt soft material between my cheeks and then I heard him growl, though his voice was a little breathless now. "On your back filth."

I shifted, rolling over until I was on my back. He was right there, my bandana in hand, smeared and stained with white. He pulled his red on from my mouth until it covered my chin, then replaced it with my own, the taste of him filling my mouth. He didn't bother tying it off. Instead, head reached down and popped off the cock ring, wrapping his fingers around my shaft. "Such a pathetic little thing." He sneered as he pumped me quickly, his eyes on me. "Come on you fucking slut." I jerked into his hands, sucking his cum off the material in my mouth and I knew. I knew I wouldnt last. He squeezed my cock and then it was all over, I came all over my belly and he sneered again. "Well at least you didn't get any on the bed slut."

He released me, wiping his hand in my hair before turning away from me. "I'm gonna have a shower, clean yourself up by the time I get out." I nodded, but he was already walking away and all I could do was stare at his arse as he went into the bathroom. Fuck I loved our nights.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, fic, jay james, jay james/matt tuck, matt tuck, slash
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