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It's an ark!

This time I'm making a post right after the episode, yay!

That episode was so awesome! I mean obviously there were dinosaurs, but also amusing robots and Rory's dad being awesome. And 11 kissing Rory!

The least awesome thing was the villian who I really loathe. I'm glad the Doctor let him die. He really deserved it. I mean killing all those Silurians and the triceratops of awesome. Bah. I mean it may have been a bit out of character for the Doctor to let him die, but come on, he committed an act of genocide and that's not something the Doctor forgives.

The whole idea of the ship being a Silurian ark was fantastic and makes so much sense!

Rory's dad at the end was so cute though. That was adorable!

Gah that episode had so much awesome to it.

I don't have high hopes for next week though.
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