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Belated Who related post

So not much has been going on since the last post. Thigs that have happened will be in bullet points:
*Frightfest has finished now, boo. I watched a surprisingly large amount of the films (pretty much all the ones I intended) and it was so awesome, especially to see the new ones I'd never seen. Some were really good (and, equally, some were awful).
*Bullet at Reading was on tv! It was awesome to see my boys on tv!]
*I've become fixated with Skyrim. I can't help it though, it's so awesome! However I'm so not bothering with the main quest. Not in the slightest. I am focusing more on doing the college quests, although the last time I was on I ended up getting drunk accidentally and waking in another, strange city. So I'm doing stuff there now.
*I have a new fish. He's a golddish and he's mostly unamed
*I have two tiny stick insects.
*I got Old Republic Collectors edition, though I've yet to properly look at all the things.
*The past few days I've been feeling icky. Bah.
*I've been watching Supernatural, but Frightfest delayed it slightly.

I think that covers most of the things. As always, I'm sure I've missed some.

Anyway, there's two main things left though.

Friday was a Doctor Who day in Birmingham for the release of the sonic screwdriver remote. I almost didn't go because of how sick I felt, but I ended up going anyway. I ended up getting a load of cheap figures and having a nice day wandering round, but the main thing was there was a prize draw. I figued I may have a decent chance, so I went back close to the time and entered. And I won second prize! Yay! It's still strange to know that I did. Woo!

Saturday was new Who, and I should have posted then, but didn't for some reason. Personally I thought it was a pretty awesome episode, though thinking back on it there are plenty of unanswered questions.

1: The Doctor's supposed to be dead, but the Daleks find him easily enough. If they can, who else can?
2: Is erasing the Doctor from the Daleks memory really a good thing? The Daleks aren't stupid and surely the second he was gone they'd look into who this Doctor person was and find out fairly easily.
3: Is the new companion related to Oswin, since they are played by the same person?

But yeah, I thought it was awesome. The Daleks were quite creepy, there was a mention to old Who and it ws just generally awesome (and Rory was so cute). Next time, dinosaurs!

Off now to do some more reading. Tomorrow, Weston. Not looking forward to it too much though.
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