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Pairing: Aleksi Virta/Jay James
Rating: NC-17
POV: Virta
Warnings: Slight crossdressing
Notes: For lc_ffaf HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

I looked around, smiling. I liked coming to places like this, where the fanbase was small. Don't get me wrong I love our fans and I'm more than happy to take pictures with them and sign things, it's just nice to go somewhere where you can have a break from that. Plus there was also the bonus of being able to do what I wanted.

That was why I was glad we were touring the Uk again, which was a place exactly like that. I'd even come a few days ahead of the others to enjoy the relative calm. Our first date was in Cardiff, Wales, so that's where I was staying. I didn't want to stay somewhere else, then get stranded the day before the tour started after all.

Right now I wanted some fun, which I knew the Welsh were skilled at.

To accomplish my goal I was sitting in a bar, casually scanning the best of what Wales had to offer. Since I felt like fucking I kept ignored the ones that looked too butch, like the dirty blonde in the corner, the bleached blonde that was chatting up a pretty little thing or the guy with hat. There were plenty of other guys to choose from though.

There was another bleached blonde, who I immediately discounted as he seemed to be talking a mile a minute to another guy. There was another who was very pretty and dressed all in black. I considered going after him, but before I could even get out of my seat another guy had swooped in and made off with him. I sighed, though I knew there were plenty of others.

I was about to resume scanning for a new boy when my ge landed on someone. I almost discounted him right the way, after all he did have some strong looking arms, but there was something about him. Something that screamed 'I like dick'. No, make that 'I love dick and I need it now'. I smirked and decdided how best to approach him.

Turns out, I didn't need to.

He came to where I sat at the bar, clearly aiming to get a drink, but I got there first. "Hey." He looked over at me, smiling. Fuck that was a nice smile.

"Hey." He replied, in a voice softer than I expected.

"Now look, I could offer to get you a drink and make small talk. But I'm not from around here, nor am I gonna be here very long, so how about we cut that part out. I want to fuck you. You up for it?"

He blinked, taking the words in. For a moment, I'd wondered if I'd accidentally spoken in Finnish instead of English which would've been a complete fuck up. He smiled again though and nodded. "Yours or mine?"

"Yours." I smirked a little. "Unless you want to fuck in a cheap hotel."

He chuckled and nodded. "Ok. Come on." I followed him out and we made our way there.


We got there by taxi and we spent the trip exchanging basic information while my hand was on his leg. By basic information, I meant we got out names and then I kissed him to avoid too much small talk. His name was Jay snd that was all I needed to know.

When we got to his, he paid and then we heded inside. It seemed nice enough, though I didn't really care to look around. "Bedroom, now."

He nodded and led me up the stairs allowing me the great sight of his jeans clinging to his ass. This was gonn be fun, it had been while since I'd fucked someone since Vreth had been more in the mood for giving than recieving lately.

He flicked the light on and I smiled, looking round the room. There were toys and bondage gear on display which made me smirk and my dick twitch. I gave a nod of approval then looked at him. "Here is what's going to happen. You are going to do exactly as I say. No talking back no hesitation. And you'll call me sir got that?"

He nodded, almost like he was used to this. Probably was. "Yes sir."

"Good. Now, strip." I sat myself on his bed watching him intently. The first thing he did was pull his t-shirt off and I licked my lips liking what I saw. He had strong arms, which I'd noticed before, which were covered in ink. He had something on his chest, though the script made it difficult to read. His belly was nice and rounded but not too fat. He had stretched ears and from the kiss, a pierced tongue, but no other noticeable piercings. He reached down between his legs, undoing his fly. I stroked my crotch, watching as he pushed the jeans down his legs. I smirked more at what I saw underneath. He was wearing panties. Black lacy ones that were stretched out obscenely by his cock. He didn't look terribly big, but still it looked so hot.

When he stepped out of the jeans and reached back, I shook my head. "Leave em on." His cheeks flushed, just a little and he nodded. I gave him a quick glance over, licking my lips again in approval. I gave my stiff dick a quick squeeze, then spread my legs, undoing my fly and pulling my hard dick out. "Now, how about you get on your fucking knees and get those slutty lips around my cock."

He smiled and sank to his knees before me. There was something about him in that position, like it was how he was meant to be. I watched as he shifted into place, parting his lips to take me. I let my eyes lid a little as he took me down, that tongue of his working wonders on my dick. "Fuck..." I muttered under my breath, threading my fingers through his dark hair. I let out a low groan, my head falling back a little. Fuck did he know how to give head.

He bobbed up and down slowly, squeezing his lips and wiggling the pierced tongue of his against all the right places. I let go of his hair, reaching up to remove my t-shirt from where it clung to my skin. I pulled it off quickly, tossing it carelessly aside. I shivered slightly at the feeling of my soft hair cascading down my back. "Fuck..." I pushed his head off me, growling. "Take my jeans off."

He nodded, his lips wet and swollen, his face flushed and so fucking pretty. He reached up and I lifted my ass off the bed enough so he could pull them down, so that I was now fully naked. Perfect.

I promptly pushed his head back to my dick, purring as he resumed sucking. I licked my lips, watching as he set both his hands on my thighs. Fuck he looked so hot with a cock between his lips. It almost made me sad this'd be a one off. I'd have to ask him for his number so I could arrange something.

I pushed him off my dick with great reluctance, but knew if I didn't I'd shoot before fucking him. "Finger yourself." He nodded, licking hiis wet lips. He grabbed some lube, dspead it on his fingers and then leaned forward a little, reaching back behind himself. I licked my lips, watching as his fingers slipped under the waistband of his panties, his fingers obviously curving to enter him. He gasped, a sure indicator that he'd found his opening. I settled in place to watch as his fingers moved in and out, the only indactor being the way the lace stretched when he withdrew them and the soft sounds he made. Fuck.

"I'm ready sir." He whispered in that soft voice of his and I wasn't sure how long he'd actually been doing that. Part of me thought it had only been a minute or two, another part felt like it had been an eternity.

I swallowed and nodded, patting my thighs. "Sit on my dick then slut."

He smiled, removing his fingers and pushing the back of his panties down just enough to expose his ass. He then got up off the floor, with surprising grace, before climbing on top of me, his knees either side of my thighs. I watched as he shifted down, lowering himself onto my aching dick. Fuck, he felt amazing. He groaned softly, settling down until he was fully seated on my lap. His ass was almost as aamazing as his mouth, squeezing me in all the right ways.

i ran my hands over him, exploring his chest and pinching his nipples as he started to move. His movements were fairly slow and steady to start with, but it was enough to drive me crazy. "Sir can I..." He reached one hand up from where it had been clutching my side for balance. "Touch it?" I looked at him confused for a momment, but then he played with a strand of my hair.

I chuckled softly. "Sure slut. As lomng as it doesn't distract you." He smiled and nodded, running his hand through my mess pf curls. "And move faster!"

I gasped breathlessly as he did just that, leaning in to suck at his neck, mirking at the noises he made. I reached down, cupping him through his underwear, squeezing him as my teeth grazed his neck. The sounds he made me amazing and went straight to my dick. Fuck he was the best choice. I was so fucking glad I'd chosen him. He was fucking perfect. I jerked my hips up, growling as he slammed himself down.

"Sir..." He groaned breathlessly and I seperated from his neck enough to look right at him.

"What is it slut?" I muttered, giving his covered cock enough equeeze. "Is it this? Do you want to cum?" He nodded, clenching around me. I groaned, then leaned in. "Alright. You will count to 10. If I cum during that time, so can you. If I don't, well.." I squeezed him again and he nodded. "Well, get to it then"

"1..." He whispered, squeezing around me before moving up.

"2..." He slammed back down on me, a groaning leaving my lips.

"3..." He stayed in position, circling his hips in a way that sent shivers through me.

"4..." He started moving up again, his head tipping back a little as he tugged on my hair.

"5..." He crashed back down, his ass slapping against my thighs.

"6..." His hips pushed up, meeting my hand as he clenched again.

"7..." My eyes lidded and it all became too much. I couldn't hold back as he squeezed me again, my dick shooting deep inside him. He moaned, remaining on me as I came, my hands gripping tight on his arms, holdding him tightly. Fuck he was amazing.

When I came down a little I glanced down, smirking at the wet feeling in my hand. He'd came when I did, staining his panties and making them stick to him. "Fuck.." I muttered, cursing myself for my jeans being so far out of reach. That'd have made a great screensaver. He panted, resting against my chest for a few moments, looking at me with those hazel eyes of his. "Goos slut... now, get up for a second."

He nodded and stood, a perfect chance. I reached for my jeans, pulling out my phone and took a few shots of him. One of his trapped, wet dick, one of his pretty face and an extra few more. "Now, clean my dick."

He smiled, pulling his panties up then he got back on his knees, licking along my length. His tongue swiped over it, gathering the traces of cum off it into his mouth. I noticed his adam's apple bob ith each swallow, biting back a low groan. If I hadn't just came...

When he was done he looked up at me and I couldn't resist taking a shot of him with his tongue on my dick. "Take this." I muttereed, handing him my phone. "And save your number as Welsh cocksucker." He nodded, leaning back and tapping his fingers away across the keypad, absently darting his tongue across my lips. When he finished I smirked, shifting back to lay on his bed, an idea springing to mind. "You free Tuesday?"

"Sure... why sir?"

Excellent. That meant I could get him at the gig and show off that amazing mouth of his.
Tags: aleksi virta, aleksi virta/jay james, bullet for my valentine, fic, finntroll, jay james, slash
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