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Pairing: Jay James/Padge, Jay James/Matt Tuck
POV: Jay
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Gore, death
Notes: I got this fic in my head when I saw the Kerrang photoshoot which had Matt with an axe. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to do something with it. This was originally from Matt's pov but I couldn't quite get it to work so I switched it to Jay's.

The place where we were finishing off the album had been Matt's choice, which was fine by me. It was an old house in the middle of nowhere, which was a little odd though I could see why he'd picked it. The place was fully stocked with everything we'd need for our time here, so we wouldn't even have to leave for food.

The first thing I did was drop my stuff off in the room I'd chosen. It had a nice view over the nearby mountains, which was half the reason I picked it. The other was the large bed, which I knew we'd be making use of and I also knew it'd be best if I claimed possession of it.

"Bastard! How do you always get the fucking best bed?" I grinned at Padge's words, sticking my tongue out at him.

"I'm more than willing to share if you'd like." He growled and practically pounced on me, shoving me back against the bed. Yeah, I'd definitely made the right choice picking this room. I giggled and he growled again, kissing me roughly, his hands pushing my t-shirt up. I squirmed slightly, pushing my hips up, my dick starting to stiffen on my jeans.

"Mmmm maybe we should christen the bed." I purred and he flashed me a grin, reaching down to undo my fly.

"Always the eager little slut." He licked my lips, pushing my jeans down, another set of hands working on removing my t-shirt. I glaced up as I lifted my arms, seeing Moose was the one doing it.

"Where's Matt?" I asked him, noting how he was absent, expecting him to at least watch. Moose just shrugged, but before I could even think about questioning it further, Padge's lips were wrapped around my dick and Matt was the furthest thought from my mind.


The next day was spent looking around the place, having an explore. It was always interesting to me to find out the layouts of new places and this one was no different. The building itself was a large house, with five bedrooms and the basement converted into a recording studio. There was a large kitchen, with an equally well-sized living room area which had an awesome large screen tv. I had a feeling we'd be watching a lot of stuff on that between sessions.

The area around it was nice too. The studio didn't really have a garden as such, but the forest was right there and it certainly did look beautiful. Within walking distance there was a river too, which was probably the furthest we'd venture.

Collectively we decided to spend the remainder of the day getting drunk and watching a few movies, which sounded great to me.


We'd now set our stuff up in the living room and we'd spent the day trying out a few ideas. mostly random stuff, nothing really concrete but it was early days yet. Although to be honest, I wasn't even sure we'd need this extra time. I mean the album was all ready to go, so this seemed a bit unecessary to me, but Matt thought we should get a last session in to be sure.

Padge stretched, setting his guitar down, propping it against a chair. "I think we've done enough for now." I smiled, nodding a little as I saw Matt follow suit, setting my bass aside. "I think our productive day calls for beers all round!"


I ended the first night in Matt's room, my lips wrapped around his dick as I sucked him off. I figured he deserved it since he missed the show the other day. Not that he hadn't gotten one after the beers started flowing, I'd been quite the slut already tonight, but I felt he deserved some additional attention.

I smiled around him, bobbing up and down on him as he ran his fingers through my hair. His head was pressed against the pillows, so I couldn't read his face from my position, but that was ok. His hand in my hair was telling me he was enjoying it.

I hummed softly, flicking my tongue a little against his underside, my eyes lidding a little as I focussed on him. I heard him grunt, his hips thrust up against my face and then it was over. I smiled, swallowing every drop he had to offer. Now I felt much better about him missing out.


"Where's Moose?" I asked as I entered the living room. I'd decided to have a little walk around outside, which I realised was a good idea as it looked like a storm was coming. Padge was lounging on one chair, while Matt occupied a chair.

"He's not feeling too great." Matt replied, looking up from his notepad.

"Oh." I looked upstairs, feeling concerned. He seemed alright last night. "Maybe I should take him something."

"No." Matt said, his tone surprising me a little. "He's sleeping. I checked on him just a bit ok." I nodded a little, before taking a seat beside Padge. Matt was right, it was best to leave him and let him rest.

"So what're we up to?"


I laid in bed, alone. I'd managed to get an hour's sleep, even though we'd had an extensive session of playing and, well, other activities. I sighed, staring up at the ceiling. Maybe I'd feel better once I knew Moose was ok. I turned to the window, disturbed from my thought by the sound of rain. Seems the storm had hit.

I sighed, knowing I wouldn't get much sleep now anyway, so I slipped out of bed and padded out into the corridor. The sound of the rain was even more noticeable here, the pitter patter or the rain drops hitting the various windows. I shoered slightly, debating putting on clothes but decided against it. After all I was only going down a few doors.

I stopped at Padge's door when I heard noises from inside, smiling a little at the grunting sound beyond. Seems they were fucking. I smiled at the sound, then continued on to Moose's.

i grabbed the door handle, twisting it carefully to push it open. It wouldn't budge. He must'e locked it to be left alone. "Moose?" I called to him, keeping my voice loud enough to be heard but quiet enough so it wouldn't disturb him. "You ok buddy?"


I sighed softly, but guessed the silence was just from him sleeping. Still, though, it seemed strange. Strange that he'd lock the door like that. When he'd been sick when we were recording or on tour he'd leave the door unlocked so I could slip in and check up on him. And suck him off. I smiled a little at the thought. He said that a good blow job off me was better than any medicine.

Plus he seemed perfectly fine the other day.

I sighed again, shaking my head. I was overthinking things. It could just be he had a really bad hangover or some 24 hour bug thing. Yeah that was it.

Sighing again, I headed downstairs to get a drink, thinking it may help me sleep. If not? Well, there was always late night tv.


The rain was still coming down when I awoke the next morning. If anything, it had gotten worse. The clouds were so dark that it seemed more like evening than morning. What a day this was.

I turned off the tv, which I'd fell asleep watching, then slipped out of bed. I shivered again a little, this time decidding it would be best to put some clothes on: just a t-shirt and boxers, before heading out the room.

I jumped a little when there was a flash, followed by the sound of thunder a few seconds later. As if the rain wasn't bad enough. I sighed and headed down, noting Moose's door was still shut.

"Hey." I smiled, seeing Matt fix something up in the kitchen. "Where's Padge?"

"Still in bed." Matt replied simply. "I think he has what Moose has."

I nodded slightly. "I guess it'll be just us today."

"Yeah." He smiled and nodded. "How about we skip the work and just watch stuff instead? There's no point without the others and the weather's too distracting."

"Sure. Sounds good to me."


I stirred slightly, yawning as I awoke on the couch. I must've fell asleep while watching the films. At least this wasn't a tour bus else I'd likely have dicks drawn on me and strange things inserted inside me. Or things shaved.

"Matt?" I asked, looking around the room. He wasn't anywhere in sight. I guess he must've gone somewhere. Maybe upstairs. I shoved myself up, off the couch, sighing softly at the sounds outside. "Still fucking raining." I muttered to myself, stretching my arms above my head before padding up.

There were a few strange red splotches on the floor. I rubbed my eyes, but shrugged it off. Probably something that I'd missed before or maybe it was ketchup or something. Thinking nothing more of it I stopped, noting the door to Moose's room was open. There was another thunderclap which made me jump from the sound. I took a few steps forward, opening the door the rest of the way and peering inside.

The room was dark although the bed was obiously empty. "Moose?" I called out anyway, stepping inside. "You here?" There was a lightening flash and I jumped again, only this time not because of it. The bed was empty, but the flash of light exposed the red stains on it and the mark in the bed. "The fuck..." Something deep in my stomach told me something was wrong, very wrong.

I backed up out of the room, leaving just as the thunder from the flash sounded, heading straight for Padge's. His door was open too, only this time it was much wider. His bed was empty too, with the same stains. "Padge?" I whispered, though I didn't get a response, which didn't surprise me. The feeling I felt in Moose's returned and i knew what I had to do. I went straight to Matt's.

I didn't make it.


I groaned, my head groggy as I woke. There was a throbbing in the back of my head, whicch I knew was from whatever hit me. I opened my eyes, glancing briefly around. i was in an unfamiliar room, though I had a feeling I was in the basement studio. My clothing was all discarded, leaving my skin bare. I was tied to something so that my arms and legs spread eagled.

"Ah you're awake, good." I looked up, splotting Matt. He had a smirk on his face and was completely naked, red stains clinging to his skin.

"Matt?" I choked out, blinking a few times. "What's going on?"

He smirked and licked his lips. "Guess." I shivered, my mind still hazy. He smirked again at my lack of response. "I hope you don't mind an audience." He nodded a little and I followed his eyeline. There, on a sofa against the wall were Moose and Padge only they were both.. wrong. Moose was decapitated, his head resting on his lap, his lifeless eyes staring at me. Padge, on the other hand, had a deep slash in his throat and his heaad hung back, blood bright red on his skin.

My eyes widened at the sight. i wanted to be sick, to struggle, to... something, but I couldn't. I was just too stunned to do any of those things. The most I could manage was to turn to face Matt once again, that cold smirk still on his face.

"Now that I've got you all together, I'm going to tell you why. After all I figure you deserve some explanation." He looked between us, then back to me. "I've had enough of Bullet. I didn't realise it, not until I was doing Axewound. I figured it was nothing at first, but then I played onstage with them and it just felt... right. And then I knew. I knew this was over. I couldn't just leave though, no, I felt i had to do something a bit more final than that."

He stood over at me, looking right down at me. As he spoke, things made a little more sense. Coming out here, to a place in the middle of nowhere. The boys being 'sick' and the locked doors. The stains on the stairs. I swallowed. "You don't..."

"I do." He smiled, a smile that seemed manic. "It'd be a shame to not finish off what I started wouldn't it? But don't worry, I'll make good use of you all."

Before I could manage to form another response he raised an axe, slamming it down through me. I screamed, the force sending the blade right through me, right through my leg. He laughed as blood spilled from the wound, my blood. I struggled, despite knowing it was useless. It was just a reflex most likely, but I couldn't stop. The blade slammed down again, another scream leaing my lips. This one went through my arm, at the elbow.

"Two down..."

"P... p..." Before I could finish, the axe blade was through my other elbow, seperating my other arm from my body. I vision was getting hazy now as I felt my blood pool under me. Through my daze I could see Matt, standing above me, his dick aching hard between his bare legs, fresh blood shining on his skin.

"Last one now..." His smile had turned into a grin as he raised the axe up high above his head. I watched, unable to look away as he swung it down, the blade tearing through my feels, breaking through the bone, sending the same waves of pain through me as each of the other times did before it. Just like with the others, I screamed as the blood poured out.

"There you go, you look so fucking pretty." He smiled, looking almost dazed. He set the axe down, then ran his hand through my blood before taking his dick in hand, stroking it. "So pretty." His other hand grabbed my hair, pulling me upright towards his dick. "Be a good little slut one last time." I groaned, my eyelids feeling heay, blood still escaping my wounds. I took his dick in a daze, almost gagging at the warm, coppery taste of my own blood. His fingers threaded into my dark hair, holding me close as he thrust forward, fucking my face harshly. "Fuck yeah..."

And that was the last I heard, before darkness overtook me.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, fic, jay james, jay james/matt tuck, jay james/padge, matt tuck, moose, padge, slash
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