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Between Demons And Insects

Between Demons And Insects
Pairing: Dean Winchester/Sam Winchester
Rating: NC-17
POV: Dean
Warnings: Sextimes
Notes: First Supernatural fic, yay! It's set (in my head anyway) around season 2. There's no spoilers or direct references (only one places it that time). I debated making it during the start of season 3, but went against it since I've only just started it.
Also this marks a break (finally) in a block I've had for ages. There was another fic I intended to do first, which i'll hopefully be able to do now.
Lastly I dedicate this to aerogroupie mainly because of poking me to watch Supernatural.

Another night, another motel room. We'd gone through so many over the past year I'd lost count. But it was nice, spending time together on the road, going from place to place. I looked over at him, watching as he remoed his shirt, tossing it aside. And seeing him like that wasn't that bad either.

I knew that it was probably wrong to feel that way, since he was my brother, but I was past caring. When you spend your life fighting demons, ghosts and all kinds of other monsters, such things seemed rather... small.

Maybe I should go for it. I could always laugh it off as a prank later. "Come here Sammy." I beckoned him over and he raised an eyebrow, but came over anyway. The moment he was close enough I leaned forward and kissed him. I hadn't expected much, fully assuming that he'd pull away but he didn't. Instead, he pulled me close and returned my kiss. I blinked a little, shocked by him doing so, so much so that he took over.

After a few moments, his lips left mine, quirking into a smirk. "What, you thought I'd not noticed you looking? C'mon Dean, you're many things but subtle isn't one of them." I felt my cheeks flush and he smiled. "I'd wondered if you'd actually ever make a move."

"Shut up." I gripped his hair and kissed him again, taking control again. I pushed him back, until he was pressed against the bed. Taking advantage, I pushed him onto the sheets, smirking as I climbed on him. My hands roamed over his chest, which I'd thought of doing for months now. Now I finally had my hands on it, on him. I licked my lips, running my fingers over his skin as I returned my lips to him. His hands weren't idle though, working on pulling my t-shirt off.

I pressed my hips against his, a groan escaping my lips when I felt his hardness. I pulled away from him, enough for him to pull my t-shirt off the rest of the way then shifted my hands lower on him. I licked my lips, popping open the button of his jeans. "So you ever done anything with a guy before Sammy?" I asked as I pulled his fly down, feeling his dick twitch a little.

He smiled, lifting his lips so I could pull his jeans down his hips. "Not recently..." He replied, his answer vague, probably purposefully. He'd probably had someone at college, experimentation and all that. Still, since he'd had someone it meant he had at least some experience, which helped things along. Although a small part of me was a little disappointed some guy had got there first.

I shifted off the bed, but only so it was easier to remove his pants. Once his legs were bare, I took the opportunity to remove my own quickly. As I did so, he hooked his fingers under the waistband of his boxers and worked them down, exposing himself fully to me. I'd seen him naked before, it was hard not to, but this was different. It wasn't a glimpse as he stepped out the shower or when he dressed. It was him laid bare for me. If I wasn't already hard, that would surely have gotten me there.

I shook myself from my thoughts, pushing my own boxers off, my eyes still fixed on him. He was smirking as he watched me get fully naked, his legs parting wide. Fuck he was beautiful. He moved between his legs, my hands returning to him, stroking up along his legs, towards his crotch. I traced my fingers briefly over his balls, before taking his length in hand and pumping it firmly. He was a little bigger hard than I'd imagined. I stroked his length a few times, enjoying not just the feel of him but the sounds he was making. "Ugh Dean..."

I shivered at the way he said my name, the way I'd long thought of. It went straight to my dick. "Come on Dean." He breathed out, the words giving me more shivers. "I want you."

I reluctantly let go of him, diving straight to my bag, looking through it for the tube of lube I kept in here. I knew it was in here somewhere, though it seemed to have fell underneath the holy water, rock salt and fake IDs. I made a mental note to keep it somewhere a little more accessable from now on. Returning to him, I took in the sight of him leisurely stroking himself for a few moments, before resuming the task at hand.

I squirted lube onto my fingers, watching him lift his leg up to give me access. Using my other hand, I pulled apart his cheeks, exposing his opening. Licking my lips, I pressed a lube-slick digit against him, easing it inside while watching his face. "That ok Sammy boy?"

"Mmmmm." He muttered, grunting a little as he got used to me. He couldn't have had anything inside him, not for awhile so I'd planned to be careful, but as I worked my finger into him it felt easier than it should have. I guess he could always have done something in one of the showers. That was another thought that went straight down, making my dick ache. I pulled my finger back, pressing in my ring finger alongside it. He groaned, but took it easily, which only confirmed my suspicions.

I kept my movements steady, working him until I couldn't take it anymore. I had to be inside him, I needed it. I slipped both fingers out, reaching for the lube, but he grasped my hand, stopping me. "No, let me." He smiled, running his tongue over his lips. Fuck I couldn't resist that. I climbed onto the bed, shifting up him until my dick was in front of his face. I expected him to take him between those pretty lips, but instead he snaked out his tongue and swiped it over my length.

"Fuck Sammy..." I groaned, his tongue doing wonders as it danced over me. I resisted the urge to just grip his hair and shove my dick down his throat. There'd be other nights to do that.

I gave him the time to finish wetting me, then moved away needy and aching. I shifted between his legs, lining myself up with him. "You ready for me Sammy boy?"

"As I'll ever be." He smiled at me, nodding slightly an spreading his legs a little wider. I flashed him a grin, pushing into him. Fuck, he felt amazing. I thrust my hips forward, burying myself balls deep within him, a groan leaving my lips. Already he felt better than the countless nameless faces that flashed into my mind. I remained still for a few moments, giving him chance to adjust to me, even though i doubted he needed it.

I started to move, thrusting steadily in and out of his sweet tightness. He clenched around me, a moan leaving my lips. "Sammy, fuck..."

He grinned, doing it again, his hips thrusting up into the air. I shifted a hand back to his shaft, curling my fingers around him again, pumping him once again. It wasn't quite in time with my thrusts, but it would do.

I bent back over him, capturing his lips in mine again, needing to taste him. Our lips parted, almost together and I lapped at his tongue. Fuck this was amazing. Best night of my life. I closed my eyes, working my tongue into his mouth, kissing him sloppily as my hips slammed into him. The movements of my hand was becoming rapidly more difficult for me, so I was glad that I felt his fingers join mine, pumping himself better than I could manage.

I leaned away, reluctantly letting our lips part so I could fuck him better. Looking at him like this, I was amazed by how beautiful he was. How perfect he looked with his back arched and head tipped back. "Fuck Sammy..." I growled, shifting my hand from his dick so I could hold him better. I dug my nails into his soft skin, fucking him with wild abandon, completely letting myself go.

I thrust deep inside him, letting out a low groan of his name as I came, spilling deep inside his sweet ass. I stayed like that, buried within him as I my orgasm washed over me, my head tipping back as I let out his name again.

"Dean..." I snapped my head back to him, my vision clearing enough to see him shoot himself, his dick arching as it sent the pearly jets to land across his chest. If I hadn't have just shot myself, I would've done then. That was the hottest thing i'd ever seen. Better then any porno.

I bent down, as soon as I pulled out, swiping my tongue over the rapidly drying pool on his chest to get a taste of him. I couldn't resist it and fuck, I was glad I hadn't. He didn't taste much different from my own loads, but there was just something... something that made it taste of him. I dunno.

I lay on the bed beside him, watching as he panted heavily, his chest rising and falling rapidly. I knew I should probably say something, but I had a feeling that the moment I'd open my big mouth I'd ruin the moment so I kept silent, watching to see what he'd do. When he calmed down, I noticed his arm moving and he bought a wet finger to his lips, sucking the fluid off it. Somehow I knew it was mine, not his and it made me wish I'd paid attention to something other than his face.

"You taste good." He murmed, the words that finally broke the silence. "And you were amazing." I smiled and he leaned forward and captured my lips in a kiss before I could reply. Probably for the best.


The next day we were on the road again, driving to Kentucky on something that could be nothing. We'd not really said much to each other and a small part of me wondered if last night was just a one time thing, something to be forgotten about. We were driving down an empty stretch of highway when he leaned over and I felt his breath hot on my ear. "Next time we should do it on the Impala. And you should be the one taking me."

His words threw me off so much I made the car swerve, although I managed to gain control before colliding with a tree. "The hell Sam! You shouldn't stay stuff like that while a man's driving!"

He shrugged, and I caught that smug look on his face. "Hey, I waited until there was no traffic around, I should get props for that at least."

I grinned, unable to keep even a slightest facade of irritation. "Ok Sammy boy, but the time after that I'm having my way with you."
Tags: dean winchester, dean winchester/sam winchester, fic, sam winchester, slash, supernatural
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