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Can you hear me?

So post the second about the trip coming up.

Last Friday we planned on having a rest day. Instead we ended up in Bath, which was nice. We did both of the open top bus rides and then ended up iin the actual baths which was pretty interesting. It's amazing how much of it is still left.

Saturday one were rest days. That basically meant watching old Who (finishing The Key To Time Boxset, then The Deadly Assassin, Face Of Evil and Robots Of Death) and morgan's activities (napping/watching Topuscus).

So we were lazy, but that was ok. Much lazyness was accomplished, woo!

Then she had to go back to America, which was sucky. Ugh. I was left alone the night, so watched Walking Dead, CSI and more old Who.

The trip back was ok. Annoyingly, though, two bits of the one Who set seem to have gone missing. I doubt it was in transit (the sets were in a bag that was in a bag and both were upright the whole time) so I'm clueless as to where they could be. I'm hoping they just scattered when I was unpacking and will turn up.

Yesterday me and mum went to southport. It was nice. We went up the pier there, which was so pointless really. It's really long and at the end there's hardly anything. Boo. We went round the town and I got two old Who dvds from CEX, stumbled on the Who tin cheap in Game and stumbled on two Star wars figs cheap, woo! I tried winning a Rabbid on the claw machines, but failed miserable. Bah.

Still, it was a nice day.

Started on the next part of the course yesterday. It's interesting and has loads of stuff that gets mentioned in sci-fi. I also have a vague plan on what study'll be next year: two long courses one Feb-October, one October-June.

Hopefully gonna fic some this week. Woop!
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