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I love my show

Well I got here ok. Travel was uneventful other than being sat by a nice lady on the main train which was nice.

The place we're staying at is real nice. There's two cute fluffy kitties!

First day was spent getting used to the area and getting Silence ship. And I have a GIR hoodie! Which is awesome and it even has his ears! Yay!

Yesterday we went to Weston. We went down the pier and to the aquarium and saw mudskippers! So cute! And horseshoe crabs! And other fish! Yay!

Today was most eventful. I squeed so hard the second we saw Welsh on signs. We went to Cardiff and saw the Torchwood fountain thing and then to the Who Experience. I used the wi-fi there which was awesome too. The first part wasn't changed much from the London one, but the rest had a few added bits which were cool.

Also about Who, new trailer! Trailer of awesome! Dinosaurs! Daleks! Angels!

Anyway, after that we went to Forbidden Planet. Sadly no old Who dvds or new Deadpool, but there were awesome guys there that commented on my hoodie. And got the little Girl Who Waited Set. Then went to the Lego store and made figures, which ended up being the Winchester brothers, yay! Then we went to Yo Sushi, which was a bit faily due to lack of avacardo but still.

Then we kinda got lost, but found things and then came back. After Tesco we went to the bus and this guy had gotten on and he was clearly unwell. He had no idea where he wanted to go/if he wanted to go anywhere and then he just.. collapsed and just... ugh. I helped him to sit but I just felt... useless.

Still, we've had Dominos and tomorrow'll be a rest day.

Team GB is doing awesomely at the Olympics! We've got golds! And we're currently 5th in the medel ranking which is just awesome
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